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Attention tweeters: Your chance to win undying GLORY

Have you ever dreamed of having your name mentioned in the same breath as the titans of the tech world? Ever aspired to see yourself alluded to in the company of such colossi as dead cult idol Steve Jobs, chair-flinging pottymouth biz tyrant Ballmer, lovable shill dunderhead Stephen Fry – even the very BOFH himself?
Team Register, 12 Feb 2012
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Shark versus shark in Barrier Reef DEATH MATCH

Researchers have known for ages that some shark species prey on other sharks if they get the chance, but now, researchers have caught happy snaps of the killer snack.
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NSW government accused of dodgy software cover-up

The buggy FirstNet emergency department software has become the subject of a political argument in NSW.
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Telstra gets mail with Microsoft

Telstra is to dump its current BigPond email platform and supplant it with Microsoft’s Windows Live products.