9th February 2012 Archive

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  • Loral set to build NBN Co satellites

    Turnbull doesn't like it, again

    Broadband 09 00:28

  • Huawei gets more UFB kiwi action

    Rolls out that fibre for New Zealand

    Broadband 09 01:00

  • Thodey chimes in on TV Now decision

    Telcos 'need clarity'

    Law 09 01:07

  • Robot surgery gets virtual at Euro Space Agency

    CAMDASS augmented reality for astronaut patch-up

    Science 09 02:00

  • Apple Stores getting petitions on ethical conduct for breakfast

    250,000 signatures for fair treatment of iWorkers

    Business 09 03:16

  • Asus UX21E Zenbook 11.6in Ultrabook

    Thin! Small! Mad! Gorgeous!

    Laptops 09 07:00

  • NHS hands out 3G slabs and phones to roving nurses

    Should help community care workers cut down on desk-time

    Government 09 08:02

  • IBM stuffs XIV array with flash tech

    Big Blue puts pedal to the metal

    Storage 09 08:33

  • Licked RIM has a lifeline: a social network in a box

    Don't forget the secret power of BBM

    Mobile 09 09:02

  • Hackers claim to have penetrated Foxconn backdoor

    We don't care about iPhones or workers, only lulz

    Security 09 09:17

  • MongoDB straps SQL to Google's MapReduce

    One toasting too many for NoSQL?

    Developer 09 09:37

  • British Red Cross First Aid

    In case of emergency, break out app...

    Phones 09 10:00

  • Lenovo slates Ice Cream Sandwich for ThinkPad tablet

    Unlock your fondleslab with your face

    Tablets 09 10:12

  • Privacy warriors sue FTC over Google's policy tweak

    Failure to halt imminent changes makes EPIC angry

    Networks 09 10:24

  • Now Siri brushes up on Russian, Japanese languages

    Mandarin lessons going well too, says Apple dev mole

    Applications 09 10:42

  • HP hands in-house Android code to TouchPad tablet hackers

    Developed as a WebOS fall-back plan?

    Tablets 09 10:49

  • Trustwave admits crafting SSL snooping certificate

    Allowing bosses to spy on staff was wrong, says security biz

    Security 09 11:03

  • Life-size Portal gun to shoot onto shelves soon

    Hole in the wall

    Games 09 11:07

  • Japan enlists foreign bloggers to revive tsunami-hit tourist biz

    Will 10 gaijin really make a difference?

    Bootnotes 09 11:24

  • Asus posts patch for Prime random reboot bug

    Tablet's auto-restart glitch fixed

    Tablets 09 11:28

  • Google drive cloud to rain on Apple, Dropbox parade

    Web giant has our email and docs, might as well hand over everything else

    Cloud 09 11:39

  • iPad 3 shell shots spied on web

    Snaps point to bigger battery. Possibly

    Tablets 09 11:58

  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

    Hit and myth

    Games 09 12:00

  • Royal astro-boffin to MPs: Stop thinking about headlines

    'Nuclear biz is screwed, chill out about carcinogens'

    Science 09 12:17

  • Google Wallet PIN security cracked in seconds

    Luckily no one important is using it

    Security 09 12:39

  • New sat data shows Himalayan glaciers hardly melting at all

    Results 'really were a surprise', say climate profs

    Science 09 13:01

  • UK cops set up new £30m bases to nail cybercrooks

    They're proper champion e-bobbies

    Law 09 13:22

  • Groupon loses $42.7m in Q4, shares tumble

    Hang on to your coupons, we'll make a profit next quarter

    Financial News 09 13:32

  • Ingram Micro CEO outlines growth plan as 2011 profits falter

    Weak Euro consumer biz and challenged Oz operation blamed

    The Channel 09 13:33

  • Ethernet standards for hyper-scale cloud networking

    Always just over the horizon

    Data Networking 09 13:45

  • Pentax pushes super sturdy snapper

    GPS-equipped Optio WG-2 pumps iron

    Hardware 09 13:46

  • How Zuck wields power over Facebook for a few hundred bucks

    CEO's voting rights and package exposed

    Business 09 14:01

  • Microsoft sets date for Windows 8 preview - at mobile shindig

    Barcelona, it was the first time that we met

    Windows 8 09 14:16

  • Alibaba! suspends! shares! amid! Yahoo! stake! buzz!

    Chinese biz counts readies to buy back web biz's share

    Financial News 09 14:30

  • Ofcom: Make it easier for punters to switch ISPs

    But could middleman plan jack up prices?

    Broadband 09 14:41

  • What downturn? Lenovo stuffs pockets with 54% extra profit

    World's number 2 PC maker buoyed by China performance

    The Channel 09 15:01

  • Vodafone squirrels cash into Blighty nightly as Europe falters

    Spain, Italy disappointing - Turkey, India a pleasant surprise

    Mobile 09 15:17

  • IBM UK's channel queen abdicates, long live the king

    Richard Potts takes the biz partner hot seat from Jacqui Davey

    The Channel 09 15:28

  • Airport bomb Twitter joker in second fine appeal bid

    Judges deliberating whether or not to quash conviction

    Law 09 15:43

  • Google will swap you a box of crisps for your web privacy

    Or anything else from Amazon for $25 if you agree to be stalked

    Networks 09 16:02

  • Appcelerator adds Titanium backend with Cocoafish buy

    I like backends and I cannot lie

    Developer 09 16:29

  • Timico Technology Group gobbles Redwood

    ISP and MSP get together

    The Channel 09 16:29

  • Hitachi GST pushes out boosted SSD

    Intel's new NAND

    Storage 09 17:04

  • Kodak to kill off digital cameras

    End in sight for snappers, camcorders

    Hardware 09 17:16

  • Googorola's desire for iPhone royalties will upset Apple cart

    Moto patents at heart of latest fair licensing row

    Mobile 09 17:37

  • AON: Give us cash, we'll emit 10TB holographic cube

    They do it with mirrors

    Storage 09 18:19

  • What's in the box, Windows sysadmin?

    What lurks inside the toolkit...

    Servers 09 19:03

  • FBI investigated Steve Jobs' reality distortion field, LSD use

    Sex, drugs and bomb threats

    Government 09 19:55

  • Oracle inhales Taleo for $1.9bn

    Blows it onto the Fusion app cloud

    Cloud 09 20:06

  • Hackett bookish after Internet sale

    Aus tech entrprenuers back new publishing house

    Business 09 21:06

  • Coming to a continent near you: America

    Also Asia, Europe and Africa

    Science 09 22:00

  • Eolas falls at first hurdle in bid to tax browser apps

    Google grins at Adobe jury’s verdict

    Law 09 22:13

  • Teradata surfs big data wave in Q4

    Big data = big bucks

    Servers 09 22:26

  • Elon Musk helps AsiaSat with new regional satellites

    Asia Pac enjoys a satellite bonanza

    Business 09 22:30

  • IBM does financing deals for Power, storage kit

    Low or no interest rates

    Servers 09 22:41

  • StreetView disappears Dutch office tower

    Because it’s Friday…

    Bootnotes 09 23:00