7th February 2012 Archive

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  • Oracle wins round in Java patent lawsuit against Google

    Appeals court allows incriminating Mountain View email

    Law 07 00:57

  • Google limits Android support for CDMA phones

    Android power users may face hobbled handsets

    Mobile 07 00:59

  • Adobe adds Flash sandboxing to Firefox

    Hackers bypass it in 3, 2…

    Security 07 01:29

  • Czechs, Slovaks stall on ACTA

    Romania doesn’t know why it didn’t

    Government 07 02:42

  • Colorfly Pocket Hi-Fi C4

    The audiophiles' PMP

    Hardware 07 07:00

  • Suppliers get a shot at £4bn worth of gov hardware deals

    From tablets to servers and storage

    Government 07 08:05

  • Inside the mind of EMC: Is storage just a launchpad?

    I wanna be a data centre contender ...

    Storage 07 08:31

  • Prehistoric cricket love songs recreated for your listening pleasure

    Throbbing Jurassic passion returns in boffin-mungous feat

    Science 07 08:54

  • Google-hosted blogs to be censored on country-by-country basis

    But you can work around it with a 'No Country Redirect'

    Hosting 07 09:18

  • N Korea mobile phone subscribers top 1 million

    No need to be lonely in hardline communist state

    Media 07 09:37

  • Mac demand helps Apple business bloom in Blighty

    Rival PC players slump

    Laptops 07 09:39

  • Avast! Mobile Security

    Prepare to repel boarders

    Phones 07 10:00

  • Chilli crab scoffing boffins build anti-cancer claw robot

    New stomach tumour busting gadget inspired by top Asian nosh

    Science 07 10:22

  • Beware Freedom of Info law 'privacy folktale' - ICO chief

    Chicken Lickens in a flap as FOIA scrutinised

    Law 07 10:42

  • HTC wants a hug after glum Q1 estimates

    Under-pressure biz seeks 'emotional connection' with punters

    The Channel 07 11:03

  • TalkTalk loses 43,000 customers, chunk o' revenue in Q3

    Better HomeSafe than sorry, telco insists

    Broadband 07 11:19

  • Google unleashes 'Solve for X' confabs to save the world

    Boffins gathered for new TED-like talks

    Bootnotes 07 11:31

  • Parliament ponders £400,000 iPads-for-MPs plan

    Representatives to get slated

    Tablets 07 11:35

  • Has Microsoft finally killed off Windows 8 Start button?

    Era of Windows 95 finally over

    Windows 8 07 11:44

  • Toshiba releases 'world's thinnest' Android tablet

    Sales limited to a single retailer

    Tablets 07 11:50

  • High Street chains vow to play fair on warranties

    Dixons, Comet and Argos pulled over by OFT

    The Channel 07 12:02

  • ViewSonic V350 dual Sim Android smartphone

    For business and pleasure

    Phones 07 12:08

  • Nikon unveils mammoth megapixel DSLR

    D800 does 36Mp

    Hardware 07 12:12

  • Mac OS X ARM port by Apple work experience kid revealed

    Project sparks non-Intel-powered MacBook rumour fever

    Operating Systems 07 12:21

  • Nokia posts 'major' Sym... er... smartphone OS update

    Belle, end of Symbian?

    Phones 07 12:33

  • Brazil sues Twitter over police checkpoint tweets

    Threatens $290k fine... daily

    Law 07 12:40

  • YouView will launch this Spring, says TalkTalk

    Consumer trials coming

    Hardware 07 13:01

  • Hackers spunk 'pcAnywhere source' after negotiation breakdown

    'Fed posing as Symantec worker' offered $50k to activists

    Security 07 13:01

  • Conclusive PROOF of human activity causing glacier to VANISH

    Captain Prat blagger cuffed with hot ice slung in cooler

    Science 07 13:17

  • UK.gov's mega-cloud VIP biz list kept under wraps

    Suppliers find out if they're in the G-Cloud club

    The Channel 07 13:41

  • Google goggles with Terminator HUD 'coming soon'

    8GB of flash, front-facing cam, voice recog and head-tilting nav

    Hardware 07 14:01

  • Raspberry Pi ship date slips

    Crystal trips

    Hardware 07 14:21

  • Canon focuses on low-end with PowerShot snappers

    Compact definition

    Hardware 07 14:28

  • UK's digital policy seized by fanatical bureaucrats, say MPs

    'Hey... That's OUR job!'

    Law 07 14:29

  • Blighty's PC market fell to its knees in Q4

    Consumer and biz sales slide, Apple posts growth

    The Channel 07 14:43

  • O2 quietly cans gratis Cloud Wi-Fi connectivity

    Own-brand hotspots offered instead

    Broadband 07 14:54

  • Oracle demands retrial in SAP slurp spat

    Snubs paltry $272m payout, wants full $1.3bn in damages

    The Channel 07 15:02

  • Acer sues ex-boss Lanci for shacking up with Lenovo

    Contract's non-compete clause in question

    The Channel 07 15:16

  • 2020: A Press Odyssey – reporter licensing explained

    Daddy, who's Hugh Grant? Oh, you mean Lord Grant

    Media 07 15:39

  • Channel body count hits dotcom implosion high

    Reseller bloodbath in 2011

    The Channel 07 16:01

  • USER-TRACKING Firefox sparks Mozilla civil war

    Devs spar over unique identifiers in MetricsDataPing code

    Developer 07 16:19

  • Apple eyes ISPs to sell 'iTV'

    Canny marketing as World+Dog goes IPTV

    Hardware 07 16:40

  • Google's whack-a-mole Marketplace cleans house again

    Rovio Mobile, not Rovio MobiIe

    Developer 07 16:44

  • TRENDnet home security cam flaw exposes thousands

    Just when you thought you were alone in the bath

    Security 07 17:01

  • Cloud proves that OldSQL is still cool

    Relational lives to fight on

    The Channel 07 17:31

  • Canonical kicks Kubuntu to the kerb

    Axed KDE-based Linux distro was biz non-starter

    Operating Systems 07 18:03

  • Chinese company demands $38m, 'apology' from Apple

    Convoluted iPad trademark battle grinds on

    Law 07 18:29

  • 6,300 wannabe astronauts flood NASA inbox

    Second-highest number of applications since 1978

    Science 07 18:30

  • Xeround's cloudy MySQL database goes freemium

    Rejiggers pricing, puffs up on other clouds

    Cloud 07 18:42

  • Rambus drops $35m for Unity Semiconductor

    Cash for CMOX

    The Channel 07 19:01

  • NetApp slaps down Lightning with multi-card flash flush

    Supports vMotion and DRS

    Storage 07 19:29

  • Google adds Chrome finish to Android

    Ice Cream Sandwich users only, sadly

    Applications 07 19:33

  • HP readies next-gen servers for launch

    Looks like Xeon E5 boxes

    The Channel 07 20:03

  • Stratus ruggedizes VMware clouds

    Fault tolerant appliance for vCenter control freak

    The Channel 07 21:09

  • Spacemen urge NASA to build nuke ship for Mars trip

    Nuclear rocket engines rise from the dead

    Science 07 21:19

  • VMware crafts mega-controller for public clouds

    Easier provisioning for service providers, resellers

    Cloud 07 21:54

  • Will Apple set up shop in Walmart warehouses?

    Sets sights on middle America

    Business 07 22:02

  • Global digirati head to Sydney

    LBI and ZINFI Tech set up shop

    Business 07 22:45

  • Koala food may power US Defence force

    US Navy bigwig boosting biofuel in Queensland visit

    Science 07 23:15

  • New Fedora boss pushes for the clouds

    Robyn Bergeron takes the reins

    Operating Systems 07 23:24