6th February 2012 Archive

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  • TV giant HBO invests $AU10m in Quickflix

    'Hug it out b***h' downunder

    Business 06 02:01

  • CA wins copyright wrangle against ISI

    Don't nick the source code kids

    Law 06 03:00

  • EMC crashes the server flash party

    Lightning strike with thunder to follow

    Storage 06 05:01

  • Indian court grabs back 122 GSM licences from operators

    Firms devalue to the tune of $25bn

    Mobile 06 07:02

  • MYSTERY as QLogic hurls InfiniBand from train

    Reg storage desk baffled in the case of the fibre fracas

    Storage 06 07:30

  • Hackers may be able to 'outwit' online banking security devices

    Investigators probe malware threat to 2-factor authentication

    Security 06 08:01

  • Huawei-Symantec sneaks out of US back door

    Has it been booted out?

    The Channel 06 08:29

  • Doctors sick of anonymous-coward NHS feedback commentards

    Welcome to the internet, doc

    Government 06 08:58

  • New dole system is 'digital by default', like it or not

    Claimants who do not comply will be 'nudged' by 'back office' workers

    Government 06 09:39

  • Facebook's IPO unveils plans to invade China

    Social network would love to tap that

    Financial News 06 09:58

  • Motorola: refurb tablets shipped with former owners' data intact


    Tablets 06 10:05

  • Boffins find prehistoric croc species with 'mate-attracting' skin helmet

    'Shieldcrocs' mingled with dinosaurs

    Science 06 10:17

  • PSN renamed Sony Entertainment Network

    SEN-sible name change?

    Hardware 06 10:30

  • Twitter snaps up Google Asia exec

    Service could be set for greater expansion in the region

    Management 06 10:44

  • EMC server flash rival slams VFCache

    Fusion-io thinks Lightning misses target

    Servers 06 11:02

  • IT budgets plunge in North America, Europe

    Rise in the East and Latin America

    Management 06 11:14

  • iOS 5 'crashes more apps' than Android

    Is it an upgrade problem, or a user problem?

    Applications 06 11:32

  • Micron grabs almost-retired COO for chief

    Mark Durcan will take over as CEO after death of Steve Appleton

    Business 06 11:35

  • Apple TV surfaces on Best Buy

    Spec leak - or fishing expedition?

    Hardware 06 11:37

  • Amazon lures Microsoft WinPhone chief with Kindle

    Etailer claims third Redmond scalp

    Business 06 11:47

  • Samsung Series 7 Chonos 15.6in Core i7 notebook

    NOT a MacBook clone

    Laptops 06 12:00

  • MPs rattle telcos to help kill extremist material online

    ISPs once again asked to police interwebs

    Government 06 12:13

  • Analyst touts iPad 'transformer' after CEO confab

    Dual dock ports, clip-on keyboard for laptop-like use?

    Tablets 06 12:19

  • Apple vs Amazon in ereader format smackdown

    iBooks enlists kiddies on the EPUB3 front

    Developer 06 12:34

  • Scientists weave battery into clothing

    Uses jumper leads?

    Hardware 06 12:41

  • Google and Facebook remove 'offensive' content from Indian sites

    Internet firms comply with court order

    Law 06 12:47

  • Job-seeking Marriott hacker gets 30 months' porridge

    Nabbed and jailed after Secret Service sting

    Security 06 13:03

  • Schools IT supplier RM swings to full year loss after sales dive

    We knew about gov budget cuts but we didn't really get it...

    The Channel 06 13:17

  • BTJunkie closes shooting gallery

    'My life is officially ruined'

    Media 06 13:44

  • Windows Phone 8 to get NFC, HD and Skype

    Rumours confirmed, details emerge

    Mobile 06 13:58

  • Ofcom proposes fall in BT Openreach charges to rivals

    Just wait for that nice Brussels man to agree

    Broadband 06 14:18

  • Apple tells authors: All your books iBook files are belong to us

    But you can export them as PDFs if you want

    Media 06 14:39

  • Apple kicks China's most popular browser out of iTunes

    Bans Qihoo apps from its store ...

    Media 06 15:01

  • Printed jaw lets woman swallow again

    Let's eat, Grandma

    Hardware 06 15:19

  • Google tells French watchdog 'non' on privacy tweak halt

    'At no stage did any DPA suggest pause was necessary'

    Government 06 15:36

  • An NT-powered Windows Phone? Not so fast...

    MS mulls partying like it's 1996....

    Operating Systems 06 15:57

  • Android dominates first-time smartphone buyer biz

    Apple strong in upgrade arena

    Phones 06 16:04

  • UK gov rejects call to posthumously pardon Alan Turing

    Wartime codebreaker's 'absurd' conviction must stand

    Government 06 16:23

  • iPhone 4 incapable of handling Siri, says chip chap

    Cough up for 4$ or somehow stagger on without blabberware

    Applications 06 16:59

  • Avast false alarm hits Steam's weekend gamers

    'I am sworn to carry your burdens'

    Security 06 17:23

  • Anonymous releases law firm's emails about Haditha killings

    Hacked lawyers who defended Marine over Iraqi deaths

    Security 06 17:58

  • Resellers smack down Microsoft's 'single-digit' price rise claim

    Channel sources: Volume licensing lift will be closer to 20 per cent

    The Channel 06 18:18

  • Cisco recalls suicidal UCS blade servers

    Goodness gracious, great MOSFETs afire

    Servers 06 18:36

  • Symantec: 'NetBackup 7.5 speeds backup 100X'

    Cuts 25-hour chore down to 15 minutes

    Storage 06 19:03

  • Shrunken Intel process boosts SSD performance

    The new 520 Series more than doubles 510's IOPS

    Storage 06 19:17

  • Upgrade eliminates Atlantis from Google Earth

    Data glitch explanation won’t satisfy true believers

    Media 06 19:34

  • Boffins uncloak G-rated teledildonic breakthrough

    Remotely kiss a cow, kiss a bunny, kiss your loneliness goodbye

    Science 06 21:36

  • NewSat scores $US180m in new contract win

    Aus satellite gets popular

    Business 06 21:39

  • The hole in the copy-proof fence

    The Optus TV Now decision

    Media 06 22:00

  • VMTurbo control freak spans more clouds

    Allocating virty resources, free market–style

    Cloud 06 22:02

  • ‘Oldest animals’ show up in Namibian dig

    Ancient sponge the granddaddy of us all

    Science 06 22:30

  • Chip sales definitely not down – but almost – in 2011

    Semis take a December dive

    Hardware 06 23:43