2nd February 2012 Archive

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  • Obama refuses to respond to MPAA bribery claim petition

    Poor wording breaks petition’s T&Cs

    Government 02 00:17

  • Cray shrinks XE6m supers down to a rack

    So long CX1000 Xeon-InfiniBand baby clusters

    Servers 02 00:55

  • LG HLX56S net savvy 3D Blu-ray soundbar combo

    Smart deco

    Hardware 02 07:00

  • New Trojan routes your bank's calls to CROOKS

    That's right, I really just ordered 10 plasma tellies...

    Security 02 08:02

  • Death of IE6 still greatly exaggerated, says browser hit squad

    Ex-Redmondians play to big biz holdouts

    Applications 02 09:03


    Pale, rounded bounties probed

    Science 02 09:19

  • Apple iPhone 5 to debut at developer gig

    WWDC or bust

    Phones 02 09:40

  • El Reg's comments policy? It's all in moderation

    House rules given a spring clean

    Site News 02 09:41

  • CNN

    Here is the news

    Phones 02 10:00

  • Google 'chooses' not to censor Mosley content, MP says

    We'll do that as you report it, says Choc Factory lawyer

    Law 02 10:19

  • Snaps confirm new CPU for Apple iPad 3

    But maybe not a quad-core chip, after all

    Tablets 02 10:27

  • Samsung 'Galaxy 4S' spied in benchmark results

    Galaxy S II Plus to stand in for Galaxy S III?

    Phones 02 10:39

  • Ofcom: UK broadband speed on the up as punters' packages swell

    More of a shunt than a glide

    Networks 02 10:44

  • World's first bamboo smartphone to enter production

    Concept blower branches out

    Phones 02 10:54

  • Five ways Microsoft can rescue Windows Phone

    A critical success, a market dud. Here's what Redmond should do next

    Mobile 02 11:00

  • JEDI alliance: Jellyfish overlords won't rule Earth after all

    Blancmange invader threat turns out to be, erm, trifling

    Science 02 11:13

  • Met's email hack probe turns spotlight on The Times - MP

    Scotland Yard keeps mum

    Law 02 11:32

  • Facebook warns investors of potential SPAM DELUGE

    IPO filing: Spamvalanche could kill us

    Security 02 11:44

  • Android users more likely to put out

    Open like their app ecosystem...

    Mobile 02 11:45

  • Boffins out earbuds that sound right when inserted wrong

    Left is right regardless

    Hardware 02 11:54

  • Robot rabbits take on Facebook, female orgasms

    Poked by a rabbit, figuratively and literally

    Hardware 02 12:14

  • Final Fantasy XIII-2

    Terminal illness

    Games 02 12:29

  • Sony nosedives into $2.8bn loss as Hirai grabs controls

    Full-year forecast torn up after cash-draining Q3

    Financial News 02 12:44

  • Star Wars MMO sales pip past 2 million mark

    WoW, watch your back

    Games 02 12:56

  • Demand for safety kitemark on software stepped up

    MPs want new standard plus web security schooling

    Security 02 13:03

  • Facebook IPO: Boom or bubble?

    We look at the numbers - and what's missing...

    Financial News 02 13:11

  • French court lays le smackdown on Google Maps

    Fined for unfair competition in online cartography

    Law 02 13:29

  • Fotoshop by Adobé: The miracle beauty treatment

    'My skin feels like plastic!' gasps blemish-free babe

    Applications 02 13:47

  • Kelihos botnet BACK FROM THE DEAD

    Bloodied spam-spewing zombie staggers in

    Security 02 14:04

  • Chinese admirer fancies WD's 3.5-inch hardness - insider

    Watchdogs would favour Great Wall of China's disk fab chunk slurp

    Storage 02 14:19

  • Unisys wallet emptied in rebadged server, storage cash crash

    Mainframe biz profit wobbles in Q4

    Servers 02 14:43

  • Capita bags Quartermaine to run IT Services

    Gulps down SAP management firm Smith's Consulting for £10m

    The Channel 02 15:02

  • Micro Anvika seeks channel props for CVA rescue plan

    Tot Court Road old-timer battles consumer slump and store costs

    The Channel 02 15:39

  • Riverbed lobs Granite at offices, WIPES OUT remote servers

    Revs up WAN optimisation

    Servers 02 16:03

  • Dell names ex-CA CEO as software chief

    Cloud on Michael's mind?

    Financial News 02 16:21

  • Retailer drops Eee Pad Transformer Prime, claims quality issues

    But Asus denies tablet problems

    Tablets 02 16:24

  • Symantec: We've plugged up pcAnywhere holes

    Security giant tries to draw line under source code soap opera

    Security 02 16:37

  • Apple ousts LG from world phone biz top three

    Nokia and Samsung still well ahead

    Phones 02 16:45

  • Hitachi earnings hit hard in Q4

    Blames Japanese tsunami and Thai flooding

    Financial News 02 16:58

  • Sprint gives LightSquared extra 6 weeks to get FCC thumbs-up

    Feds to consult on the issue

    Broadband 02 17:23

  • Google Music 'an oxymoron' - outbound Warner mogul

    The thoughts of Chairman Bronfman

    Business 02 17:58

  • Verisign admits 2010 hack attack, mum on what was nicked

    SEC filing shows BOFH cover-up

    Security 02 19:36

  • AMD uncloaks tablet processor plans

    Sub 2-watt x86 chippery for Windows 8 fondleslabs

    Hardware 02 21:31

  • Andreessen Horowitz raises $US1.5b

    Crisis? What crisis?

    Business 02 21:43

  • Kiwis pitch university IP database

    Get your better mousetrap here

    Policy 02 22:15

  • Jackpot: astronomers tag Goldilocks planet

    GJ 667C is practically a next-door neighbor

    Science 02 23:00

  • Wotif get ad serving smarts from Webfirm

    DIY digital ad platforms

    Business 02 23:15

  • Zuckerberg: Facebook rakes in cash... to make world a better place

    Web2.0 investors masticate wildly on Zuck's gummy bubble

    Cloud 02 23:30