31st January 2012 Archive

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  • US Senator: 'Retest airport scanner safety'

    X-ray pervscanners harmless? New bill says 'Prove it'

    Law 31 01:08

  • Steerable bullet aims for mass army deployment

    Sniping’s not just for Special Forces anymore

    Science 31 01:16

  • Show us the big data money: Isilon gets Hadooped

    One-stop Hadoop/Isilon/Greenplum shop

    The Channel 31 05:01

  • Cocktail Audio X10 CD copier and music streamer

    A rip-roaring trade?

    Hardware 31 07:00

  • Council fined £140k for leaking kids' sensitive info

    First Scottish organisation fined by information commissioner

    Security 31 08:02

  • When a DNS outage isn't an outrage

    Proper IT support and a snappy postmortem make all the difference

    Servers 31 09:03

  • Newzbin barrister struck off for owning site he represented

    Fined for not 'fessing up and for Twitter outburst

    Law 31 09:43

  • iPads propel Apple to PC market top slot

    Client computer market would have shrunk without tablets

    Tablets 31 09:54

  • AirDroid

    Remote control for your smartphone

    Phones 31 10:00

  • New Nimbus flash motor nibbles just 5 watts per terabyte

    500TB of silicon will cost lot more than an E-Class Merc

    Storage 31 10:21

  • Dim-but-rich buyers targeted with million pound laptop

    Hang on, it's only a Samsung...

    Laptops 31 10:27

  • NHS unfurls condom app – for iPhone-toting teens

    Droid lovers will have to source their own love gloves

    Applications 31 10:39

  • Man recreates ZX81... in Lego

    Eight-bits and pieces

    Hardware 31 10:42

  • No 'Xbox 720' in 2012, says MS exec

    Rien ne vas plus, says French Xbox bloke

    Games 31 10:57

  • Apple lures Dixons boss Browett to run global retail biz

    Takes Cook's dollar to expand store empire

    The Channel 31 11:14

  • Sky to open net telly channels to all

    Pay to view over the internet

    Hardware 31 11:22

  • Lightning crashes: How to manage server flash caches

    Step change in complexity

    The Channel 31 11:31

  • Motorola slices out Razr smartphone bootloader lock

    'Developer Edition' handset in-bound

    Phones 31 11:36

  • New Blighty crime map will track crooks' punishment

    UK.gov also talks up new national cybercrime fighting force

    Law 31 11:43

  • German court rejects Samsung tablet appeal

    Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales ban to remain in force

    Tablets 31 11:46

  • Ten... A3 inkjet printers

    Poster campaigners

    Hardware 31 12:00

  • US shoots down key Rambus patent

    Barth trio invalidated, multimillion income stream dries up

    Law 31 12:13

  • Top RIM jobs were too powerful and had to go - inquiry

    BlackBerry biz shakeup demanded by independent review

    Business 31 12:27

  • NASA launches Facebook game for space nerds

    Cram up for tough Web2.0 rocket quiz

    Science 31 12:45

  • Phoenix IT Group to axe over 300 jobs

    Heads roll and real estate cut in cost-cutting drive

    The Channel 31 13:04

  • Paris Metro brings a bit of style to NFC

    Philippe Starck designs last Navigo card

    Broadband 31 13:19

  • Panasonic chucks rugged compact cams into the wild

    GPS, compass, barometer and more on board

    Hardware 31 13:28

  • BSkyB snaps up fewer new subs in Q2, still rakes in cash

    Promises 1,300 new jobs, drills into superfast fibre market

    Financial News 31 13:43

  • Angry Birds boss: Piracy helps us 'get more business'

    Slams music biz's 'terrible' attempts to crush pirates

    Business 31 14:01

  • iPhone doc will detect cancer, diabetes - boffins

    Touch screen literally meets bleeding-edge science

    Science 31 14:22

  • US judge rejects Oracle's fraud claim against HP

    That whole Itanium death thing rumbles on through the courts

    Law 31 14:37

  • EU snaps on glove, starts formal antitrust probe of Samsung

    Korean firm may be abusing 3G standards with Apple lawsuits

    Law 31 14:43

  • Virus-slingers abuse WordPress vulns, dose punters with exploit

    Blogs also infected with information-harvesting Trojan

    Security 31 14:58

  • iPhone 5 rumoured to be packed with pay-by-bonk tech

    NFC will have punters running for the tills

    Mobile 31 15:34

  • Cyberwar report: Israel, Finland best prepared for conflict

    Do GCHQ and the NSA have some catching up to do?

    Security 31 16:01

  • Baby Bills, Windows 8 and a Microsoft 'Zynga' stealth project?

    Nerds on the rise in a Redmond revolution

    Developer 31 16:28

  • Google dings missive to lawmakers: 'We're misunderstood'

    Chocolate Factory promises it's not locking your privates in a vice

    Law 31 16:54

  • Muscle chip strength leaves ARM shouldering meaty profit

    High-end RISC cores boost $773m revenue headline

    Financial News 31 16:58

  • Google Professor appointed in Paris

    Dr Oompa Loompa will see you now

    Media 31 17:29

  • SeaMicro adds Xeons to Atom smasher microservers

    Now sporting brawny and wimpy cores

    Servers 31 18:15

  • Nekkid Tech: Our chefs boil biz data into clouds

    Turning up the heat on dependable storage

    Storage 31 18:47

  • Red Hat now supports RHEL 5 and 6 for a decade

    Live longer and prosper more

    Servers 31 18:58

  • Why I'd pay Apple more to give iPad factory workers a break

    Time to 'think different' on production line demands

    Hardware 31 19:23

  • Amazon France leaks iPad 3 release date?

    Today's fondleslab rumor 'pour les nuls'

    Mobile 31 19:31

  • Obama washes hands of O’Dwyer piracy extradition case

    Not my fault, blame the DOJ

    Government 31 19:33

  • SGI slings out departmental filer box

    Modular InfiniteStorage

    Storage 31 21:02

  • Woolworths cuts off Dick

    Quick slice better than a slow death

    Business 31 21:34

  • The IEEE and the Electric Universe

    A podium isn’t endorsement says Victoria chapter

    Bootnotes 31 22:00

  • Quickflix adds Android with Samsung

    A Galaxy of mobile TV

    Media 31 22:15

  • Telstra upgrades coverage in West Australia

    Footprint to pass half-a-million square kilometers

    Business 31 22:30

  • NASA: Solar system may have alien origin

    The case of the missing oxygen

    Science 31 22:37

  • iiNet swallows Internode a month early

    Didn’t touch the sides

    Business 31 23:00

  • Surprise: Neil Young still hates digital music

    ‘Piracy is the new radio'

    Media 31 23:30

  • RIM's cartoon superheroes inspire caustic Tweet-storm

    Just 'a bit of fun', responds beleaguered BlackBerry biz

    Mobile 31 23:44