27th January 2012 Archive

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  • Most EU states sign away internet rights, ratify ACTA treaty

    European Parliament observer resigns in protest

    Government 27 00:03

  • Untangling the question of antimatter mass

    Boffins spin up positronium

    Science 27 01:00

  • Planet-hunting Kepler hits EXOPLANET JACKPOT

    11 systems, 26 planets added to inventory

    Science 27 01:05

  • Newt Gingrich wants Moon to be 51st US state

    Promises permanent Moon base by 2020, Mars as next target

    Science 27 01:23

  • Eurocom Panther 2.0 Core i7, SLI notebook

    Just what does a £5k laptop get you these days?

    Laptops 27 07:00

  • EU: Time running out for web companies on 'do not track' system

    Steely Neelie: Agree on it by June, or I'll force one on you

    Government 27 08:04

  • Samsung outsold Apple in world smartphone arena

    iPhone overtaken in 2011

    Phones 27 08:53

  • Maxwell: Under G-Cloud, gov will buy IT 'like stationery'

    Public ICT contracts to be measured 'in months, rather than years'

    Government 27 09:01

  • iPhone grabs 6% of world phone shipments

    But Nokia and Samsung tower over Apple

    Phones 27 09:20

  • Startup goes titsup: Beyond Oblivion's crash is beyond belief

    Murdoch, charity also face write-offs as digital music outfit goes bust

    Financial News 27 09:28

  • Samsung eyes enormofridges for see-through screens

    No beer? Tap for more

    Hardware 27 09:43

  • World Solar Challenge: The Musical

    Oz heliowheels race for your viewing pleasure

    SPB 27 10:03

  • Twitter cosies up to governments with country-level filters

    The tweets must flow, unless we're told they shouldn't...

    Media 27 10:26

  • UK sight-loss charity sues BMI

    Excuses over inaccessible website don't fly with us

    Law 27 10:47

  • Spring launch for Apple OLED TV with Siri, says retail mole

    Can it really make money when Sony et al can't?

    Hardware 27 10:50

  • Valve pumps Steam into smartphones

    Social gamework

    Phones 27 11:02

  • Google must channel SOPA rage again – against your privacy

    Once more unto the breach, dear netizens

    Law 27 11:04

  • Boffins make graphene micro-distillery

    Wonder stuff cooked up super-strength vodka

    Science 27 11:09

  • BT comes clean on Infinity modem 'upgrade'

    Replacement boxes rolled out due to faulty chip

    Broadband 27 11:14

  • BT seeks apartment dwellers to sign-up to 'superfast' FTTP trial

    We really wanna blow you some cable, dears

    Broadband 27 11:29

  • Nintendo unveils Network for console connectivity

    Wii U to get NFC tech too

    Games 27 11:42

  • 'You will download your sneakers within 20 years. Yarr'

    Plus: Fruity smugness - 'momentum is incredibly strong'

    Bootnotes 27 11:47

  • ICANN responds to smut portal antitrust lawsuit

    'We do not make or sell anything,' says $75m non-profit

    Hosting 27 12:02

  • Sony BDP-S185 Blu-ray player

    A little gem

    Hardware 27 12:04

  • Trevor goes hands-on with Microsoft Training

    Screencap recap

    Applications 27 12:06

  • Update Facebook by thrusting your hips to, er ... 'Like' things

    NFC belt buckle lets you show affection with a friendly hump

    Broadband 27 12:17

  • North Korea labels phone users war criminals

    Hundred-day ban on blowers

    Phones 27 12:22

  • Stab victim protected by Bulgarian airbag

    Jub job saved Florida woman's life, doc reckons

    Bootnotes 27 12:27

  • NAO: British bobbies wasting £80m BlackBerry stash

    Some forces share 1 among 100, some have 150 for 100 officers

    Law 27 12:43

  • Galaxy drives up profits for Samsung

    Smartphone sales fuel massive multi-billion dollar investments

    Mobile 27 13:01

  • Apple: Yes there are horrendous accidents, but we CARE

    Tim Cook sends letter after Chinese factory horror exposé

    Business 27 13:14

  • Google lets youngsters in to Google+. Officially, that is

    ZitFaceBook to offer 'nuance, richness, meaningfulness'

    Networks 27 13:32

  • Apple Italy throws up ruling on its store site

    We accept that they think we were wrong

    Law 27 13:46

  • Microsoft exec says Safe Harbor framework is 'alive and well'

    Privacy critic: 'It's dead. We just forgot to bury it'

    Law 27 13:56

  • Snake slides back onto Nokia smartphones

    Nostalgic grub gobbling

    Phones 27 14:07

  • Microsoft schtum on Dropbox snags with IE

    Possible SmartScreen dislike of Amazon caused hiccups

    Cloud 27 14:27

  • Judges set timetable for McKinnon case resolution

    Pentagon hacking suspect has been waiting for 10 YEARS...

    Law 27 14:39

  • US lawmakers question Google over privacy policy

    Politicos ask if Chocolate Factory's new rules violate an FTC agreement

    Law 27 15:02

  • Playstation Vita games match PS3 software prices

    Keep 'em steep

    Games 27 15:16

  • Spotify reckons 1 in 5 freebie-gulper eventually pay up

    Takes pop at labels for withholding

    Business 27 15:34

  • RIM slashes BlackBerry PlayBook tablet prices

    Up to 58 per cent off launch cost

    Tablets 27 15:37

  • Facebook flings clickjack spam lawsuit at ad-slingers

    Social network teams up with Washington State to hound marketing firm

    Law 27 15:50

  • Nominet puts the squeeze on rude members

    Scammers, speculators warned

    Hosting 27 15:58

  • Dumb salesmen are hurting us – Nokia CEO

    Incentivising the McJobs

    Mobile 27 16:19

  • Juniper stalled by jittery service providers, product transitions

    Switch hitting

    Data Networking 27 16:34

  • Enterprise gets social: Twitter-style data streams, engagement 'apps'

    Little numbers, big software and the data deluge

    Developer 27 17:01

  • America abandoning DSL in favour of faster cable

    Dash to fibre as people abandon twisted copper

    Broadband 27 17:27

  • Quantum shares plunge after results

    Turning the corner

    Storage 27 18:02

  • Polish lawmakers don Guy Fawkes masks to protest ACTA

    Thousands roil Polish streets – more protests planned

    Government 27 18:41

  • GaleForce control freak paints clouds KVM red

    Spanning more devices and hypervisors

    Cloud 27 18:44

  • First US CTO Aneesh Chopra resigns from post

    Logs out for possible political career

    Government 27 19:14

  • Students busted for hacking computers, changing grades

    'Very bright kids' too bright for their own good

    Security 27 23:36