26th January 2012 Archive

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  • Citrix rides the virty desktop wave

    Thanks for Windows 7, Microsoft – can I have another?

    Financial News 26 00:34

  • Scientists shift electron orbits for atomic storage and quantum computing

    Jupiter’s orbital mechanics inspires mesoscopic physicists

    Science 26 00:51

  • Red Hat juices speed freak MRG Linux

    Shadowman gets the message

    HPC 26 01:05

  • Netflix vs Lovefilm

    Streaming giants go head to head

    Hardware 26 07:00

  • DWP's Work Programme IT already broken at launch

    National Audit Office: Functionality still not available

    Government 26 08:02

  • 1 euro in every 7 spent on a Visa card

    Digital wallet coming this year

    Financial News 26 08:58

  • Microsoft's magic bullet for Azure: Red Hat Linux

    Cloud biz falls short of $80m revenue target

    Developer 26 09:32

  • Apple takes smartphone lead

    Top of the US chart in Q4

    Phones 26 09:51

  • BBC's images of murdered infant did not breach privacy, copyright

    Court rules: Happier times snaps from trial were in public interest

    Law 26 10:02

  • Apple loses ground to Android in tablet biz

    But sells so many iPads it needn't care

    Tablets 26 10:16

  • Boffins one step closer to invisible shed

    Successfully cloak 3D object from microwaves

    Science 26 10:20

  • Foxconn tooling up for iPhone 5

    Bigger body, bigger screen, says factory insider

    Phones 26 10:29

  • Pentax peddles snapper for portrait pundits

    Taken to the side

    Hardware 26 10:36

  • Google Maps to dish out disaster alerts

    Nearest McDonalds is... oh, there's an earthquake comi-... aaaah

    Applications 26 10:39

  • Billions of net-ready boxes in homes by 2016

    Will anyone still watch broadcast TV?

    Hardware 26 11:02

  • Ten exabytes wedged into a rather large box by Cleversafe

    But with 4,500,000 drives, it's gonna cost ya

    Storage 26 11:02

  • Apple and Google ramp up proxy war

    Motorola flings another 6 patent suits at the Fruity One

    Law 26 11:14

  • TVCatchup

    Live telly beamed to your iDevice

    Phones 26 11:27

  • Flag-waving Lego Canuck soars to 80,000ft

    Canadian teens stake claim on upper atmosphere

    SPB 26 11:29

  • Symantec's profits up in calm third quarter

    Growth in security and compliance keeps ship steady

    Security 26 11:46

  • Nintendo cuts full-year forecast – by BILLIONS

    Super Mario-maker hopes Wii U release can help it power-up

    Games 26 12:03

  • EMC moves into LSI WarpDrive

    Mister Sulu, stand by to make your manoeuvres ...

    Servers 26 12:18

  • Archos 35 Smart Home Phone

    Skype savvy Android DECT set

    Phones 26 12:30

  • Nintendo confirms Wii U launch for 2012

    Clear the slate

    Games 26 12:36

  • Russian supply ship heads for ISS, space garbage crashes into Pacific

    Vittles, manoeuvring fuel up: Rubbish bins down

    Science 26 12:58

  • FetchTV owner looks for buyer

    Video-on-demand, set-top box biz up for sale

    Hardware 26 13:04

  • Small pile of cash, dying platform: 2011 is bad news for Nokia

    Sales, profits, margins, all spiralling down

    Mobile 26 13:32

  • Big biz BlackBerry refuseniks adopt Apple over Android

    Enterprise iPhone activations dwarf rivals

    Tablets 26 13:39

  • Korean boffins make e-books more like real ones

    Paperback swiper

    Tablets 26 14:17

  • Apple dishes out cheap, tasty Macs 'n slabs to staff

    Employees sink teeth into hefty $500 Macbook discounts

    Hardware 26 14:47

  • WD's MyBook takes a Thunderbolt to the chest

    2-drive external storage system for mega-fast read/writes

    Hardware 26 15:02

  • Blackhole crimeware kit drives web threat spike

    Report: Conficker also still causing mayhem

    Security 26 15:27

  • Retailer punts new videogame 'rentals' for a fiver

    Fortnight deadline

    Games 26 15:54

  • New Earth-observing satellite snaps 'blue marble' shot

    Three-month-old Suomi NPP captures hi-res Earth pic

    Science 26 15:55

  • Google exec questions Reding's 'Right to be forgotten' pledge

    Says certain aspects of article 17 are 'unworkable'

    Law 26 16:26

  • Rhapsody nabs Napster UK

    Rubber brand

    Hardware 26 16:31

  • Google emails Virgin Media subscribers ... about privacy

    Infuriated customers want to know how the Goog got their addresses

    Networks 26 16:57

  • NEC slashes 10,000 jobs – blames Thai floods, smartphone slump

    Japanese IT giant a victim of Apple's success

    Financial News 26 17:26

  • Intel bags $120m patent hoard from RealNetworks

    190 patents, 170 applications, and 'next-generation' video codec

    Hardware 26 19:05

  • iPad Fleshlight lets fanbois express their love

    Coming soon: Fondleslab f**king

    Hardware 26 19:56

  • Mellanox shrugs off Intel's InfiniBand buy

    Turns in good Q4, will grow in 2012 despite price cuts

    Data Networking 26 20:37

  • UK probes Snickers over 'celebrity' Twitter adverts

    Rio Ferdinand and Jordan fingered for promo tweets

    Media 26 21:05

  • Digislide slips into administration

    ASX listed projector start-up hits the wall

    Business 26 21:38

  • Nikon compact, only $AU100k

    Deal too good to miss

    Bootnotes 26 21:45

  • IBM demos new nanotech

    Carbon nanotube, graphene research boost transistors' future

    Science 26 22:00

  • Gongs ring in Oz tech sector

    Geeks make the Order of Australia

    Business 26 22:30

  • Two Megaupload execs bailed

    No net for Batato or van der Kolk

    Law 26 23:00