19th January 2012 Archive

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  • Modeling-clay iPads foisted on unwary Canucks

    'Professionally shrink-wrapped' scam nets cash and fondleslabs

    The Channel 19 00:27

  • AWS takes NoSQL database to the cloud with DynamoDB

    Solid-state drives power scaling system

    Cloud 19 01:51

  • Wacom Bamboo Fun S Pen and Touch

    Graphics tablet and trackpad in one

    Hardware 19 07:00

  • Blighty's film biz asks gov to hurry up pirate crackdown

    Anti-file-sharing measures only kick in 2013

    Government 19 08:03

  • Careless care charity loses unencrypted patient data stick

    Whoops, won't happen again

    Government 19 09:02

  • Asda peddles phones for £12.50

    Budget blower bonanza

    Mobile 19 09:21

  • Teen net addicts pee in bottles to stay glued to WoW

    Brits' screen-break aversion doesn't bode well for desk job future

    Games 19 09:28

  • Boffins dig up prehistoric popcorn in Peru

    Bit soggy now: Man wolfed down treat 6,700 years ago

    Science 19 09:42

  • Ultrabooks to account for 35% of Acer laptop shipments

    Fondleslabs? Pshaw!

    Laptops 19 09:45

  • Errands To-Do List

    Task tracking for the terminally disorganised

    Phones 19 10:00

  • Facebook, experts spar over Ramnit worm contagion

    Security boss says stalking site is free of bank account-raiding malware

    Security 19 10:21

  • LG, Lovefilm sign smart TV pact

    More tellies to get Amazon IPTV

    Hardware 19 10:27

  • HP optimistic it can sort that pesky UK downturn

    Helping SMBs to rescue the economy ...

    The Channel 19 10:42

  • Record numbers of readers flock to The Register

    Hey Mister Tally man, tally me November

    Site News 19 11:00

  • Asus tackles Eee Transformer Prime tablet GPS woes

    Buyers offered patches, refunds, extended warranties

    Tablets 19 11:13

  • Nuke support in UK hits record high

    Keeping calm and carrying on

    Science 19 11:14

  • Number cruncher charts rise of the personal computer...

    ...and its fall at the hands of smartphones, tablets

    Phones 19 11:23

  • Blogger bully site yanks MPAA's chain in poison-pen letter

    Dear Chris, *** ******* suck, lots of ****, Righthaven.com

    Hosting 19 11:28

  • EU probes 'nature of concerns' from Google rivals

    How much of a sticky mess is the Chocolate Factory in?

    Law 19 11:48

  • Second Nokia Lumia update inbound

    Finnish-ing touch?

    Phones 19 11:59

  • More Brits desert high streets to spend £50bn online

    Unmerry Christmas for Comet, bonanza for eBay

    Financial News 19 12:14

  • Apple iPhone 4S grabs back ground lost to Android

    Lead narrows

    Phones 19 12:24

  • Facebook litters Timeline with apps

    It's the fat of the interwebs land ... bitch

    Networks 19 12:38

  • Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime Android Tablet

    First Nvidia Tegra 3 five-core fondleslab

    Tablets 19 12:43

  • EU asks why credit cards are so expensive

    Reckons industry could save €300bn in six years

    Government 19 12:49

  • Japanese cops cuff six smut-scam ransomware suspects

    Victims forced to pay stiff charges

    Security 19 13:06

  • Holographic storage's corpse twitches

    Storex sniffs cash, but InPhase out of luck

    Storage 19 13:19

  • NT daddy turns his hand to Xbox

    Code wizard Dave Cutler to turn play-crate into everything-box

    Developer 19 13:34

  • 'Space Monkey' craze: Texan students 'get high' by choking each other

    Forget bongs and beer, it's nooses now for the hip kids

    Bootnotes 19 13:44

  • Spam-squirting hole found in McAfee antivirus kit

    Ironic server-side flaw exploited, patch promised

    Security 19 13:59

  • Sony Ericsson announces pre-slurp loss

    Hopes things will look up after Sony takes reins

    Financial News 19 14:17

  • Facebook registers mysterious fBoriGin domain names

    Is Zuck's network about to get in online family tree game?

    Hosting 19 14:42

  • Thousand-gamer FPS fragfest shoots for world record

    Gib to go

    Games 19 14:42

  • VCs shower WhipTail with cash

    Crain cranks up development as AMD becomes customer

    The Channel 19 15:03

  • GiffGaff mobile network goes titsup for 3 weeks


    Mobile 19 15:33

  • SOPA is dead. Are you happy now?

    It was a bad bill, but world needs IP incentive to keep producing

    Law 19 16:02

  • Kodak's moment: Camera biz files for bankruptcy

    Will $1bn lifeline be enough to save it?

    Hardware 19 16:34

  • Grooveshark croaks in Germany

    Blames royalty shakedown, but collection society says they never called...

    Media 19 16:58

  • Windows 8 will show where it likes to be touched

    A five-fingered shuffle is mandatory

    Windows 8 19 17:32

  • Dell, Nvidia insider traders nabbed by Feds

    The Big (Illegal) Short

    Law 19 17:47

  • Microsoft injects Windows 7 mojo into server biz

    Shakeup freezes out PR droids, turns on engineers

    Servers 19 18:03

  • Feds cuff coder accused of US bank source code swipe

    Alleged thief 'nicked $9.5m software to train his students'

    Security 19 18:33

  • Apple launches three-pronged education assault

    The end of textbooks as we know them?

    Applications 19 19:02

  • It's official: Google is the happiest place in the USA

    CEO Page: 'best place to work' honor due to 'family' values

    Business 19 20:20

  • Sikorsky plays killer copter sim on SGI Altix UV 1000

    Stephen Hawking sticks with Altix iron, as well

    HPC 19 20:28

  • MIT boffins devise faster Fast Fourier transform

    New technique dramatically speeds processing

    Science 19 20:43

  • Intel beats Street with record year

    Analysts underestimate Chipzilla

    Financial News 19 21:27

  • NewSat scores $AU7.5m in new deals

    Mining boom helps drive satellite demand

    Business 19 21:41

  • Ericsson's Saba heads to Indonesia

    Makes way for new Aus CEO

    Business 19 22:30

  • SOPA from a distance: multiplying the trade threats

    Congress creating an international protection racket

    Law 19 23:00

  • Canberra fire demonstrates emergency messaging limits

    Too many calls for one exchange

    Networks 19 23:30

  • Kiwis collar Megaupload kingpin, Anonymous exacts revenge

    Retaliation downs US DoJ, RIAA, MPAA

    Media 19 23:35