17th January 2012 Archive

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  • Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition Android tablet

    Size of relief

    Tablets 17 07:00

  • Taxman two months late on cyber-crimefighters deadline

    HMRC still wants our dosh on time though

    Security 17 08:04

  • Olympics volunteers urged not to blab online

    A journo might be reading, fear organisers

    Security 17 09:02

  • OCZ refunds punter for dud drive shortly after El Reg steps in

    Pure coincidence

    The Channel 17 09:31

  • First ever private rocket to space station in launch delay

    'We'll go when we're good and ready', say Musk rocketeers

    Science 17 09:51

  • WikiHow

    The RTFM guide to life

    Phones 17 10:00

  • GAME: Our website wasn't hacked!

    Leaked account login details are bogus, says chain

    Games 17 10:18

  • AMD readies answer to Intel's Ultrabook

    'Ultrathin' PC, anyone?

    Laptops 17 10:33

  • Symantec gobbles email warehouse LiveOffice

    Cloudy archiving for just $115m

    Cloud 17 10:41

  • Steve Jobs action figure kicks the bucket

    GI Jobs KIA

    Hardware 17 10:51

  • Clouds must be transparent

    Customers want to see what they're paying for

    The Channel 17 11:00

  • Zombie Olympics ticket resale site resurrected TODAY

    Oh, you want to buy a pass? Wait until April

    Media 17 11:14

  • Sony goes SuperSpeed with MicroVault Mach

    USB 3.0 Flash drives ahoy!

    Hardware 17 11:23

  • Apple will not kill iPad 2 at iPad 3 debut

    LCD orders suggest 25m old iPads to ship this year

    Tablets 17 11:23

  • Iraq demands return of Saddam Hussein's arse

    Ex-SAS bloke in bronze rump rumpus

    Government 17 11:31

  • Xmas actually accelerates Dixons sales drop

    Hardware sellers record 5% quarterly fall in sales

    The Channel 17 11:43

  • Japanese boffins fear virus nicked spacecraft blueprints

    Tokyo, we have a problem

    Science 17 12:03

  • RIM BlackBerry Bold 9790

    Touch and type slimline smartie

    Phones 17 12:03

  • Darwin's lost fossils found down the back of a cupboard

    Always in the last place you'd look - a vault in Surrey

    Science 17 12:11

  • Apple offers cash for old kit

    iDevices, Macs, PCs even

    Hardware 17 12:14

  • RIM readies 7in, 10in BlackBerry tablets for 2012

    Second time lucky?

    Tablets 17 12:31

  • Microsoft raises 'state of the art' son of NTFS

    Will join forces with Storage Spaces in Windows 8

    Developer 17 12:46

  • Google accused of vandalising OpenStreetMap

    But OSM admin dismisses claim as 'mountain out of tiny pimples'

    Developer 17 12:57

  • Woz praises Android, blasts iPhone limitations

    Apple co-founder speaks out

    Phones 17 12:59

  • NSA constructs hardened Android, unleashes it on world

    Vicious apps squashed by super-spook mobile OS

    Security 17 13:23

  • Work from home, find a new hobby, buy a fountain - UK.gov

    New advice site saves your boss cash while you stay in bed

    Government 17 13:43

  • Porno cyber-squatter landed in Branson pickle

    Richardbranson.xxx is Virgin on ridiculous, complains Sir

    Hosting 17 14:01

  • Fresh Apple lawsuits target 15 Samsung gadgets

    Design ethos nicked, allegedly

    Phones 17 14:02

  • Motorola strengthens Defy+ with JCB logo

    Do ya dig it?

    Phones 17 14:09

  • White House shelves SOPA... now what?

    We can ditch the laws when the Valley's snotty web teens grow up

    Law 17 14:23

  • McDonald's punters offered sex in exchange for Chicken McNuggets

    Drive-thru strumpet cuffed for fast food indecent proposal

    Bootnotes 17 14:42

  • Samsung to raise $1bn in US bonds for Texas plant

    Punts MeeGo carcass into Bada fold

    Financial News 17 15:02

  • Nekkid Tech: Why Amazon is the crack dealer of cloud

    Funk soul brother

    Cloud 17 15:29

  • Amazon blows $95m on Chinese warehouse

    Parks more gift-laden tanks on China's lawn

    The Channel 17 16:01

  • HP hawks huge 132in 'tablet'

    Monster multi-touch fondle... wall

    Hardware 17 16:24

  • Women pick the family's mobile tech - and pay for it too

    Sit down chaps, it's nothing for you to worry your little heads about

    Phones 17 16:33

  • Enterprise IT's power shift threatens server-huggers

    Users get what they need, not what you want

    The Channel 17 17:02

  • Cloudy servers shoot to the stratosphere

    Rise of the ODMs

    Cloud 17 17:34

  • Boffins quarrel over ridding world of leap seconds

    What should set the time - atomic watches or the sunrise?

    Science 17 18:02

  • ScaleXtreme makes cloud hopping easier

    Xpert system, Xpress freebie take on the big boys

    Cloud 17 18:11

  • Rumoured 'GarageBand for e-books' to bulldoze textbook biz

    Apple hype machine powers up for Thursday

    Applications 17 18:34

  • Nissan unveils 'self-healing' iPhone case

    Magic auto paint vanquishes scratched shiny-shiny

    Phones 17 20:43

  • Southern Cross Cable offers discount bandwidth

    Beefs up network for NBN and UFB action

    Business 17 21:30

  • NEC claims terabit-plus record with 10,000 km hop

    High capacity for oceanic links

    Business 17 22:00

  • Google to join Wednesday's anti-SOPA protest

    No blackout, though other website shutdowns multiply

    Media 17 22:06

  • Yahoo! cofounder! Jerry! Yang! quits!

    End of an era for internet portal

    Cloud 17 22:16

  • Microsoftie takes over HP's strategy

    Veghte to keep Meg & Co 'on top'

    Business 17 22:24

  • Data centers to cut LAN cord?

    60GHz wireless links ease east-west traffic jams

    Cloud 17 22:38

  • Microsoft aims at VMware with System Center 2012

    Offers future-proofing with unlimited VMs

    Cloud 17 22:56

  • Oz domain regs running at 60k per month

    Deloitte forgets history

    Business 17 23:30