16th January 2012 Archive

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  • Hospital gopher fined for prying into ex's family records

    Court dishes out £1,500 bill for data breach

    Law 16 Jan 08:02

  • Flash drive meltdown fingered in Swedish IT blackout

    Tieto's EMC VNX5700 array sparked 5-day disarray - new claim

    The Channel 16 Jan 09:01

  • Golden booty-shakin' bug named after pop diva Beyoncé

    That ass is fly

    Science 16 Jan 09:32

  • MS, Intel challenged over Windows 8 tablet prices

    Manufacturer moles fling FUD

    Laptops and Tablets 16 Jan 09:53

  • Zappos coughs to HUGE data breach

    Up to 24 million users zappwn3d

    Security 16 Jan 10:06

  • Apple touts touch-free perspective-powered 3D tech

    Patent potential

    Phones 16 Jan 10:11

  • Pollution-gobbling molecules in global warming SMACKDOWN

    Boffins: Newly observed particles scrub our filthy air

    Science 16 Jan 10:17

  • Google MORTIFIED by Mocality's 'scalped data' claims

    Says soz to Kenyan startup

    Small Biz 16 Jan 10:43

  • Big Data in Context

    Beyond the relational database

    CIO 16 Jan 11:00

  • Apple iPad 3 to sport LTE '4G'

    Quad-core CPU too

    Laptops and Tablets 16 Jan 11:04

  • Five things that knocked CES 2012 for six

    The bits of gear you'll be hearing about this year

    The Channel 16 Jan 11:17

  • Sony reveals old hardware still sells well

    Retail details

    Games 16 Jan 11:31

  • Angry Brides lob stilettos in dowry shakedown takedown

    Bad boy bridegrooms battered in game against banned tradition

    Media 16 Jan 11:32

  • Flog secondhand MP3s at your peril - law guru

    Upstart startup sued for reselling music files

    Law 16 Jan 11:44

  • HTC Explorer budget smartphone

    The Android for noobs

    Phones 16 Jan 12:00

  • Skype is coming to Windows Phone - really

    And the XBox. And Win 8. Telcos, start your griping

    Phones 16 Jan 12:14

  • Lovefilm lengthens UK content collection

    ABC TV shows brought to Blighty

    Media 16 Jan 12:23

  • Virgin Media takes itself in hand after punter-package tickle whoopsie

    Apologises for 'gremlins', promises doubles all round

    Broadband 16 Jan 12:32

  • Keeping score in the public sector

    Share and share alike people

    Government 16 Jan 12:44

  • The Sons of Khan and the Pascal Spring

    How Embarcadero made Delphi as groovy as a Lumia phone. Um...

    Verity Stob 16 Jan 13:02

  • Stop this energy smart meter 'fiasco', UK.gov urged

    Miliband's mandatory kill switches criticised

    Government 16 Jan 13:22

  • Formula 1 revs engines through Virgin Media

    Smiles for Sky Sports subscribers

    Media 16 Jan 13:41

  • Groupon: IPO rumble mutated us into Wolverine

    X-Men wannabe CEO explains SEC showdown on telly

    Financial News 16 Jan 13:43

  • Nokia flogs 350 vital mobile phone patents

    Buyer Sisvel is throwing a 4G patent pool party - all invited

    Mobile 16 Jan 14:01

  • Amazon floats free Windows Server clouds

    Compute and storage honey for .NET bees

    Cloud 16 Jan 14:32

  • Sony teases DotSwitch multi-screen tech

    Flip instantly from telly to tablet?

    Hardware 16 Jan 14:54

  • Experts: We're stuck with passwords – and maybe they're best

    20 years of alternatives have failed

    The Channel 16 Jan 15:02

  • SOPA bins DNS blocking after White House wades in

    Come up with something better, Obama's three czars plead

    Media 16 Jan 15:32

  • Child labour, lost wages uncloaked by Apple factories audit

    $3.3m handed out to underpaid iMakers

    The Channel 16 Jan 16:01

  • Tape lives on: Sony to squeeze out LTO-6

    Storage world still loves the reels

    The Channel 16 Jan 16:32

  • Israel's stock exchange site knackered by hackers

    Cyberwar breaks out in the Middle East

    The Channel 16 Jan 17:02

  • Motorola repels US import ban bid by Apple

    No evidence of patent infringement, for now, says ITC

    Mobile 16 Jan 17:37

  • Former US CIO Kundra joins Salesforce.com

    Cloud champion to head up emerging markets

    Cloud 16 Jan 17:47

  • Data-digesting cloud colossus touted by Fujitsu

    Gulps chunks of info sniffed from punters, rivals, sensors

    Cloud 16 Jan 18:11

  • Wikipedia to shut down Wednesday in SOPA protest

    Anger grows against online-piracy bill

    Media 16 Jan 21:16

  • News Ltd gets deeper into Arabia

    Snares stake in Middle East media empire Moby

    Business 16 Jan 21:30

  • Red Hat RHEV 3.0 to launch this Wednesday?

    We're virtually sure...

    Virtualization 16 Jan 21:57

  • Crossley cops two-year suspension

    Tribunal slaps down ACS:Law pirate-bothering

    Law 16 Jan 22:00

  • Telstra Int adds a German PoP, gets closer to Asia

    All set for trans-Mongolian link

    Business 16 Jan 22:30

  • NASA study identifies the ‘low hanging fruit’ in climate change

    Rocket scientists say warming reduction isn’t rocket science

    Science 16 Jan 23:12