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Kinect plus tablet control insane skateboard

What do you get when you combine a Kinect, a Samsung tablet and an electric skateboard? Well: it’s really cool, even if the rider looks a bit silly.
Richard Chirgwin, 11 Jan 2012
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French regulators investigate Oracle over Itanium pullout

The Autorité de la concurrence, the French national competition authority, has opened up an investigation into Oracle's decision to stop software development for future versions of Intel's Itanium processor family.
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Intel caught faking CES ultrabook gaming demo

CES 2012CES 2012 Intel has been caught faking a demo at its press conference during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Iain Thomson, 11 Jan 2012
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Lenovo to ship first Intel smartphone – in China only

CES 2012CES 2012 The first Intel-based smartphone has been unveiled, but don't go looking for it at AT&T, Vodafone, Verizon, or Orange. When the Lenovo 800K ships in the second quarter of this year, you'll have to get yours from China Unicom.
Rik Myslewski, 11 Jan 2012
X-Dream Rocker gaming chair

X-Dream Rocker wireless gaming chair

ReviewReview With a design lifted straight from Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds school of home furnishings, the X-Dream rocker is not your average game-playing bench. It’s a lads-mag throne with integrated stereo sound system, subwoofer, pseudo-Shiatsu vibrator and wireless audio system.
Steve May, 11 Jan 2012
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Patients to access NHS records via web by 2015

The Department of Health will develop a plan to allow patients to access their electronic medical records online by the end of this Parliament. This emerged after Andrew Lansley, the health secretary, confirmed he had accepted all of the recommendations (PDF) of the NHS Future Forum.

GiffGaff boots freetards off mobile network

People-powered mobile phone network GiffGaff is debating how best to curb excessive data use, while kicking off a few customers considered to be really taking the biscuit.
Bill Ray, 11 Jan 2012

Using phone-tracking tech? 'Fess up now, urges expert

The public should be informed when a building or facility operator uses systems to track the location and movements of mobile phones, a data privacy expert has said.
OUT-LAW.COM, 11 Jan 2012

C2000 boss moves upstairs into Tech Data Euro role

Andy Gass, the boss of distie behemoth Computer 2000, has confirmed that he is handing over control of the UK business to sales director Peter Hubbard as he moves to a European role with parent Tech Data.
Paul Kunert, 11 Jan 2012
OnLive cloud gaming app


iGameriGamer Sometimes technology just blows your mind. When I reviewed the OnLive Game System, I was impressed by the simple fact that this "cloud gaming" kit worked at all – let alone that it worked so well.
Cliff Joseph, 11 Jan 2012

Groupon, Deutsche Telekom to cake EU in coupons

Daily deals site Groupon has signed a partnership agreement with Deutsche Telekom to push out coupon deals to mobile users in multiple European countries.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 11 Jan 2012
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Ex-Acer chief grasps reins of Lenovo's EMEA biz

Gianfranco Lanci, who quit Acer after a series of boardroom wrangles nine months ago, has been picked up by rival computer company Lenovo to head up their operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Anna Leach, 11 Jan 2012

Doomsday Clock ticks one minute closer to annihilation

The boffins who run the Doomsday Clock – an estimate of how close humanity is to annihilation by climate change or nuclear war - have just moved the minute hand one minute closer to midnight.
Anna Leach, 11 Jan 2012

Media Player and BEAST fix star in Patch Tuesday update

The first Patch Tuesday of 2012 rolled around with seven bulletins, including a postponed bulletin from December 2011 that plugs the BEAST SSL security flaw.
John Leyden, 11 Jan 2012
Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook

Dell debuts shrunken Ultrabook

CES 2012CES 2012 Although Intel has been busy faking Ultrabook gaming demos, Dell has been busy working on the real deal. At CES the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook was unveiled – touted as a “13.3in display machine in near 11-inch form factor”.
Bob Dormon, 11 Jan 2012

Dell sprays hot fluid data across storage products

Dell's fluid data is travelling faster and further, with its first Data Domain replacement box, a SharePoint object storage system, and more capable Compellent SANs that better support VMware and have faster network links.
Chris Mellor, 11 Jan 2012

Suicidal Foxconn workers talked down from factory roof

Scores of workers at the Foxconn factory in Wuhan, China, threatened mass suicide during a protest last week.
Anna Leach, 11 Jan 2012

Nokia's nightmare: There's no room for a third ecosystem

AnalysisAnalysis Humiliatingly, Nokia was forced to deny rumours last week that it was planning to break up and sell its crown jewels to Microsoft. Normally a company can remain impervious to Twitter-born gossip, particularly from a known antagonist. Acknowledging the rumour simply gives it a chauffeured ride around the internet. But not this time: the 'Microsoft buys Nokia' story fulfils so many conspiracy theories, thousands of people wanted it to be true.
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Jan 2012

Google attacks Twitter's search bias claim

Google has come out fighting after Twitter claimed that changes to its search engine nobble results to favour Google+, damaging the internet.
Gavin Clarke, 11 Jan 2012

Data deluge, data desert or both?

Reg researchReg research Staying in business and keeping out of jail has dominated the financial services management agenda for the past few years and rightly so. IT has playing a crucial role in supporting those aims, helping organisations achieve regulatory compliance, in particular when it comes to the relevance, accuracy and timeliness of data delivered to the business. At the same time, many customers – be they individuals or companies - continue to perceive their banks and insurance providers as hopelessly out of touch, plagued by bad service and broken processes, and frequently trying to push products ill-suited to actual needs. So why aren’t things getting any better? A recent Reg Reader study looking at the way information is captured and used in the financial services sector provides some clues as to what may lie behind some of the issues that continue to dominate headlines and consumer bulletin boards. What we found will surprise no-one: when it comes to business intelligence (BI), the emphasis is fair and square on regulatory compliance, risk management and financial reporting. So far, so good. After all, what’s the point in having great customer service or innovative products if your company is at risk of going out of business due to shortfalls in risk management and compliance. But the lack of balance when it comes to BI provision is likely to come back to bite firms that have neglected some key areas related to customer acquisition and retention, such as understanding customer profitability and segmentation. Even the companies with good information management capabilities aren’t shining examples here, so there’s clearly work to be done.
Martha Bennett, 11 Jan 2012
Pure Highway 300Di in-car digital radio adapter

Pure Highway 300Di in-car digital radio kit

ReviewReview Since 2008 Pure has offered its relatively cheap first-generation DIY upgrade kit to add DAB radio and more besides when motoring. Now comes the second generation Highway, with an improved aerial and two-part combo of a main ‘interface’ unit, which is fitted under the dashboard near the car’s existing radio, and a detachable controller/display.
Ian Calcutt, 11 Jan 2012
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Dell dithers over fresh fondleslabs

CES 2012CES 2012 Dell has revealed intentions to corner the consumer fondleslab market by the end 2012, promising to turn up to the soirée this time with enough party-poppers for everyone.
Caleb Cox, 11 Jan 2012

Apple accused of extortion by rival tablet biz

Tablet maker Nuevas Tecnologías y Energías Catalá, the company behind one of Apple's rare court defeats, is now taking the fruity tech titan to court for extortion.
Bill Ray, 11 Jan 2012

Sony slips out strap-on Android aid

CES 2012CES 2012 Sony was quick to eliminate the Ericsson brand from its products at CES this week, the latest being a refresh of its Bluetooth wristwatch smartphone-alert assistant.
Caleb Cox, 11 Jan 2012

RIM demos PlayBook OS2

CES 2012CES 2012 PlayBook owners should be getting native email next month, but as RIM's tablet gains independence it's also shifting away from the infrastructure which has served RIM so well.
Bill Ray, 11 Jan 2012

ICANN snubs critics, opens domain extension floodgates

Global domain name overseer ICANN has shrugged off intense criticism from big brands and parts of the US government, and will tonight start allowing companies to apply for new top-level domain names.
Kevin Murphy, 11 Jan 2012

Churlish HSBC drops atomic-scale accuracy

International banking monolith HSBC has rather churlishly reprogrammed its magnificent "Find your nearest branch" service so that customers are no longer given the distance to their closest tentacle to within a couple of quarks.
Lester Haines, 11 Jan 2012
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Bond Blu-ray box set marks 50 years on film

CES 2012CES 2012 This October marks 50 years since the first James Bond film appeared to wow cinemagoers worldwide. To celebrate, MGM and 20th Century Fox have teamed up to release all 22 films that have borne the 007 marque in one Blu-ray box set.
Caleb Cox, 11 Jan 2012

GAGA prepares to munch some organic rug

Following lengthy deliberations, our expert panel has agreed that our advanced robotic lawnmower shall henceforth be known as the Genuinely Autonomous Garden Assistant – or GAGA – and it gets a sidekick too.
Bill Ray, 11 Jan 2012
Polaroid SC1630

Polaroid develops Android camera combo

CES 2012CES 2012 Polaroid clicked into gear at CES this week, launching an Android-powered smart-camera with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities and access to the Android Market.
Caleb Cox, 11 Jan 2012
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Kids should be making software, not just using it - Gove

Education Secretary Michael Gove today proposed killing off Blighty's ICT curriculum in September to give it a thorough reboot.
Anna Leach, 11 Jan 2012

T-Mobile 'fesses up to secure email ban gaffe

T-Mobile was caught blocking the secure transmission of emails earlier this month, and VPNs too, but the operator claims the former was a mistake while the latter is a legacy from a bygone era.
Bill Ray, 11 Jan 2012

DIY virtual machines: Rigging up at home

Sysadmin blogSysadmin blog A brief look at virtual machines for home use resulted in several requests for system specifications and configuration details. It seems some of you would like to take a go at replicating my setup.
Trevor Pott, 11 Jan 2012
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Nekkid Tech: Barman, a pint of storage beer for my friend ...

PodcastPodcast Nekkid Tech's 14th episode comes to you live from one of London's most venerated pubs, where locals have been swilling down pints through the reign of 14 monarchs. Greg Knieriemen and trusty sidekick Ed Saipetch recorded live this week from Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Pub during the Dell Storage Forum ...
Team Register, 11 Jan 2012

NASA's ageing black hole-stalking probe switched off

Astronomers are marking the decommissioning of a satellite that has spent 16 years peering into black holes and neutron stars.
Adam Smith, 11 Jan 2012
Zik Parrot by Stark

Parrot puts on headphone gesture gadgetry

CES 2012CES 2012 Parrot ruffled feathers at CES 2012 this week with the second generation of its smartphone-controlled quadricopter, the AR.Drone 2.0, however the company has much more that just that up its sleeve, also launching a set of snazzy Bluetooth headphones that boast NFC connectivity and a built-in accelerometer.
Caleb Cox, 11 Jan 2012

Big stars give birth to little stars in new WISE pic

NASA's WISE space telescope has stitched together a panoramic view of the Milky Way where stars are born.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 11 Jan 2012

EE eyes up £400m payday at spectrum auction

Everything Everywhere has started consulting on how best to auction off the 30MHz of bandwidth it's required to give up, with a view to turning it into £400m in cash some time next month.
Bill Ray, 11 Jan 2012

Virgin Media to push out nimble new broadband speeds

Virgin Media is planning to whip its broadband into a wild gallop in a £110m upgrade that will produce a top speed of 120Mbps.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 11 Jan 2012
Griffin MidiConnect

Griffin plugs Midi for iPad musos

CES 2012CES 2012 Griffin Technology has danced round the iPad for a while now, but at CES this week, the company introduced two Midi-based gadgets to turn your fondleslab into a fully-fledged music production box.
Caleb Cox, 11 Jan 2012

Spammers hit mobes with QR code junkmail jump pads

Security researchers have spotted spam emails that point at URLs featuring embedded Quick Response codes (QR codes).
John Leyden, 11 Jan 2012
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SGI books $90m in ICE X super orders

Supercomputer maker Silicon Graphics just lost its president and CEO, Mark Barrenechea, to enterprise content management software supplier OpenText, and therefore it needs to talk up the business while its board looks for a replacement. The good news coming out of SGI today is that its Xeon E5-based ICE X servers are being well received in the HPC market, with over $90m in new orders. SGI says that this is the "the strongest and broadest customer interest of any new product introduction in the company’s history." And more good news: Barrenechea will stick around to help the interim CEO, SGI chairman Ron Verdoorn, find a successor.

Super Micro server biz whacked by disk shortages

Motherboard and whitebox server-maker Super Micro has warned Wall Street that its second quarter of fiscal 2012 ended in December is not going to be as rosy as it expected.

Billions of potentially populated planets in the galaxy

There are billions of habitable planets in the Milky Way where aliens could be having their tea right now, according to a new six-year study.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 11 Jan 2012

Dutch clog up The Pirate Bay (again)

A Dutch court has ordered two popular ISPs to block access to The Pirate Bay, or face fines of €10,000 a day. The case was brought by Dutch anti-piracy coalition BREIN.
Team Register, 11 Jan 2012

Mozilla deploys Firefox safety net for corporate mindreaders

Mozilla has pledged to update old versions of Firefox with security fixes, granting enterprises extra time to test and deploy major upgrades of the browser safe in the knowledge that vulnerabilities in existing installations will be patched.
Gavin Clarke, 11 Jan 2012

Alca-Lu seizes Aus resource sector

After conquering Australia’s biggest telecommunications project de jour, the NBN, Alcatel-Lucent has taken on the lucrative resource sector with gusto securing a construction contract with partner Bechtel for the $AU29 billion Wheatstone Project in remote Western Australia.
Natalie Apostolou, 11 Jan 2012
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Microsoft execs warn of PC sales drop in crucial Q4

Senior Microsoft executives are warning that PC sales in the last quarter will be lower than expected, saying the effects of the floods in Thailand are having a lingering impact.
Iain Thomson, 11 Jan 2012

The US patent yeast batch continues to swell

Once again, for the 19th year in a row in fact, IBM is the king of new US patents awarded in a year and talk will now turn to the utility and futility of patents.

Woolworths goes Door Busting for daily deals

Woolworths is the latest Australian retailer to enter the deal-of-the-day online fray, quietly launching "Door Buster” over the holiday period.
Natalie Apostolou, 11 Jan 2012
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Australia should head-hunt Michael Gove

CommentComment Over in Blighty, there’s an outbreak of sanity that puts at risk years of work by the computer industry to place itself at the centre of the education budget.
Richard Chirgwin, 11 Jan 2012

Ceglia fined for failing to show evidence of Facebook ownership

Paul Ceglia has been fined $5,000 for failing to produce the evidence that he is the owner of half - or 84 per cent as he first claimed - of Facebook.
Iain Thomson, 11 Jan 2012

Dell upgrades Karaboutis to CIO

The executive changes continue at Dell, with the company appointing a new global chief information officer to knock its data centers and systems into shape.