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Intel ignores Steve Jobs, adds touchscreen to Ultrabook

CES 2012CES 2012 Intel's research department has overruled Steve Jobs: touchscreens have been added to the next generation of Chipzilla's Ultrabook spec.
Rik Myslewski, 10 Jan 2012

Astronomers map largest ever zone of dark matter

An international research team has presented the largest ever map of dark matter at the 219th American Astronomical Society conference in Austin, Texas.
Iain Thomson, 10 Jan 2012
HD Juice Box HDMI over Powerline kit

HD JuiceBox HDMI over Powerline kit

ReviewReview Hey, guess what? There’s another way of routing hi-def around your house, in addition to unfeasibly long HDMI cable runs, wireless transmitters and Cat 5. You can actually send it via the ring main, using the HDJuice Box from JustHDMI.
Steve May, 10 Jan 2012

Bit-part actress slings sueball at IMDb over age gripe

An actress who claims work dried up after her age was revealed on movie compendium website IMDb is suing the Amazon-owned company.
Kelly Fiveash, 10 Jan 2012

CES headman: 'Microsoft not gone, just on pause'

CES 2012CES 2012 When Microsoft said in December that this year's Consumer Electronics show would be its last, it failed to convince the president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association, the organization that produces CES.
Rik Myslewski, 10 Jan 2012

Vodafone using 'partners' to help it penetrate global markets

Vodafone is increasingly adopting local partners, rather than buying up local operators, to push its brand and services into new markets around the world.
Bill Ray, 10 Jan 2012

French court fines Google $65k over search suggestion

Google has been fined $65,000 by a French court after its search engine suggested the French word for 'crook' when users typed-in the name of an insurance company, according to reports.
OUT-LAW.COM, 10 Jan 2012
Orange Tahiti

Orange touts tropical tablet

Orange has entered the 7in tablet market with its own, Honeycomb Android-based Tahiti.
Tony Smith, 10 Jan 2012
TV Guide UK Android app icon

TV Guide UK

Android App of the WeekAndroid App of the Week I’ve not bought a TV guide for many a moon, but that doesn’t mean I want to sit in So, to keep abreast of what’s on the box, I depend on the tv24.co.uk app which is easy to understand, simple to use and, above all, fast.
Alun Taylor, 10 Jan 2012
Samsung 55in OLED TV

Samsung shows 55in OLED über-TV

CES 2012CES 2012 Samsung has followed fellow South Korean giant LG to unveil a 55in OLED TV at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This one has motion and voice control.
Tony Smith, 10 Jan 2012

NASA halts 'naut flogging Apollo 13 notebook

NASA has sparred with one of its most famous astronauts over the sale of a checklist of life-saving calculations.
Anna Leach, 10 Jan 2012
Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook 53OU

Samsung joins Ultrabook race

CES 2012CES 2012 Samsung took the wraps off its entry into the skinny laptop space last night, revealing the 13in and 14in models in its Series 5 Ultrabook 53OU range.
Tony Smith, 10 Jan 2012

Siri's artificially intelligent news anchor sister bags $6.2m

Siri's little sister Trapit, an intelligent discovery engine that pumps individually curated digital content to users, has closed a $6.2m Series A round of venture funding led by Hong Kong’s Horizon Ventures.
Natalie Apostolou, 10 Jan 2012
Tesla Model S family e-car

Tesla 300-mile e-car UK debut set for 2013

Detroit Motor ShowDetroit Motor Show The Model S – Tesla's new electric five-door family hatch – will arrive in the UK with the steering wheel in the correct place early in 2013.
Alun Taylor in Detroit, 10 Jan 2012

In Netflix vs Lovefilm, the winner (probably) takes nowt

AnalysisAnalysis It isn't exactly your cliche of two bald men fighting over a comb, but victory in the battle royale between Netflix and Amazon's Lovefilm might not mean much to the eventual 'winner'.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Jan 2012

HP unveils glass-cased Ultrabook

CES 2012CES 2012 Hewlett-Packard announced its next entry into the Ultrabook department at CES yesterday, lifting the veil on the Envy 14 Spectre, a laptop with a glass design and NFC capabilities.
Caleb Cox, 10 Jan 2012

Nokia sheds light on latest Lumia

CES 2012CES 2012 Stephen Elop took the stage at CES last night to reveal the much-leaked Lumia 900, the next member of Nokia's Windows Phone range of handsets.
Caleb Cox, 10 Jan 2012

German cops hacked in revenge for dad spying on daughter

An infiltration of a German federal security system last year has been traced back to a botched attempt by an unnamed security official to use a Trojan to monitor his daughter's internet usage, Der Spiegel reports.
John Leyden, 10 Jan 2012
HP Pavilion dv6-6b06sa 15.6in AMD quad-core notebook

HP Pavilion dv6 15.6in quad-core notebook

ReviewReview Choosing an HP notebook isn’t an easy task, not because they are hard to find - far from it - it’s just the bewildering choice of notebooks you can find in a range. Take the recently refreshed Pavilion dv6-6b series, for example. There are currently a staggering 16 different options in this family alone.
Simon Crisp, 10 Jan 2012
VW e-Bugster e-car

VW catches electric Beetle

Detroit Motor ShowDetroit Motor Show Volkswagen has presented its latest take on the iconic Beetle at the North American International Motor Show in Detroit.
Alun Taylor in Detroit, 10 Jan 2012

Think twice before moving to SaaS office

Reg Reader StudyReg Reader Study We all have enough scars to remember that when it comes to core email and office productivity capabilities, migrations are never as easy as they seem. So when SaaS vendors claim that they can magically make things cheaper and simpler we know that it may not be quite that smooth in practice. So what's the real deal when it comes to Office and Email in the SMB space?
Phil Mitchell, 10 Jan 2012
Sony Crystal LED TV

Sony goes inorganic for 'eye popping' OLED TV rival

CES 2012CES 2012 Sony is using the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to show off its answer to 55in OLED TVs from LG and Samsung. No, not another OLED, but a "crystal LED" set with a screen based on more traditional, inorganic LED tech.
Tony Smith, 10 Jan 2012

Oracle mounts Cloudera's elephant for big data ride

When Oracle co-founder and CEO Larry Ellison clambered onto his own Big Data elephant back in October as his company announced the Big Data Appliance, Oracle gave the impression that it would be rolling up its own implementation of the open-source Apache Hadoop data muncher. This turns out to be not true.
Sony Xperia NXT smartphone

Sony shows off NXT-generation smartphone

CES 2012CES 2012 Sony has unveiled another member of its sans-Ericsson collection of smartphones, the Xperia S, marking the start of a next-generation in Sony blowers.
Caleb Cox, 10 Jan 2012

Profs call for harsh taxes on sweet carbonated beverages

Medical scientists in San Francisco have sent a chill wind blowing through the IT industry as they issue a call for swingeing taxes on "soda, fruit punch, sweet tea, sports drinks, and other sweetened beverages".
Lewis Page, 10 Jan 2012

Opera's new store beams HTML5 apps into tellies

CES 2012CES 2012 Opera Software is making a play for turning your TV into a window-on-the-web with the announcement of Opera TV Store.
Gavin Clarke, 10 Jan 2012

Powerline Ethernet group posts 1Gb/s spec

CES 2012CES 2012 Powerline Ethernet promoter the HomePlug Alliance has published its latest technology update, offering a peak data transfer speed of 1Gb/s.
Tony Smith, 10 Jan 2012

Samsung: 'We'll nick Nokia's global mobe crown this year'

CES 2012CES 2012 Samsung is feeling confident that it can ship more handsets than Nokia this year, making it pretty much the top mobile phone company in the world.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 10 Jan 2012

Microsoft schedules Kinect for Windows launch

CES 2012CES 2012 While Microsoft's CES 2012 keynote may have had audiences fighting back the yawns, one piece of juicy Kinect news was revealed: the motion-sensor bar is finally coming to Windows in February.
Caleb Cox, 10 Jan 2012

Sprint tucks Google Wallet into new pay-by-tap phones

Sprint's two newly announced 4G handsets both support Google Wallet, bringing an important boost to Google's aspirations, but they also hammer the death nail into WiMAX in the USA.
Bill Ray, 10 Jan 2012
Panasonic Skype Communications Device

Panasonic pitches portable Skype screen

CES 2012CES 2012 Panasonic showed off a handheld Skype tablet at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last night.
Tony Smith, 10 Jan 2012

Apple CEO Tim Cook has a massive package

Apple CEO Tim Cook bagged a huge award when he took the helm at the fruity firm last year.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 10 Jan 2012

Michael Dell: PC profits plunge not down to tablets

The sluggish demand for PCs that saw Dell's profit dive below Wall Street estimates in the last quarter is not due to tablets, Dell CEO Michael Dell said yesterday.
Anna Leach, 10 Jan 2012
WD TV Live video streamer set-top box

WD updates video streamer for Netflix, iPlayer

CES 2012CES 2012 Western Digital has updated its WD TV Live set-top box firmware to support not only BBC iPlayer but also Netflix.
Tony Smith, 10 Jan 2012
DVD it in many colours

Facebook obsessives overlook enterprise riches

Open ... and ShutOpen ... and Shut It's not that enterprise software is boring. But let's face it: if you had the choice to tell your mom that your company makes it easy for 800 million people to talk to each other, or that your business makes it easier for companies like Chevron to do business more productively, the former is going to sound a heck of a lot cooler.
Matt Asay, 10 Jan 2012

Pro-Israel hackers threaten tit for tat after credit card leak

Pro-Israel hackers have reportedly breached Saudi shopping sites in retaliation for the publication of Israeli credit-card details by a pro-Palestinian "Saudi" hacker last weekend.
John Leyden, 10 Jan 2012
SmartGoggles, Sensics Natalia

Android-powered goggles bring virtual reality closer

CES 2012CES 2012 Sony's 3D head-mounted display, the HMZ-T1, may have lit up the CES floor last year, but in 2012 there's a new kid on the block: SmartGoggles.
Caleb Cox, 10 Jan 2012

Foreign sabotage suspected in Phobos-Grunt meltdown

The head of the Russian space agency has hinted that foreign sabotage might be to blame for the malfunction of the country's Martian space probe, Phobos-Grunt.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 10 Jan 2012
For Sale sign detail

OCZ conquers Everest, flashes 3-bit NAND at world

OCZ is showing the first mainstream computer flash drive using 3-bit NAND at CES 2012.
Chris Mellor, 10 Jan 2012

AT&T joins 'Linux for cloud', boosts HTML5 apps

AT&T – one of America's largest internet, phone and TV service providers – is throwing up an open-source cloud running OpenStack to court application developers.
Gavin Clarke, 10 Jan 2012

Hubble shows images from record-breaking 13.1 billion light-years

The Hubble telescope has broken its own distance record, spotting a cluster of five galaxies 13.1billion light-years away.
Iain Thomson, 10 Jan 2012
arrow pointing up

IBM pumps out two Xeon rackers

It may seem odd that IBM would update two x86 servers when Intel is prepping its "Sandy Bridge-EP" Xeon E5 processors for launch in early 2012, but the cut-throat competition in the server racket waits for no chip launch. And thus, IBM is revving up two "value priced" Xeon-based servers to compete against Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and others without having to cut prices on existing System x machines with pricier components.

Juniper stalled by Q4 slowdown

Juniper Networks is having its Cisco moment, but it doesn't look like it is much to worry about.

Google merging more personal data into search results

Mountain View is rolling out much tighter integration of its Google+ network into search results with what it calls “Search plus your World.”
Iain Thomson, 10 Jan 2012

Panasonic buys into JT's MySpace TV experiment

Has Justin Timberlake just sounded the death knell for subscription TV? Timberlake and Specific Media, the new co-owners of Rupert Murdoch’s digital mischance MySpace, have unveiled a new platform with Panasonic which they claim that it will transform the television experience into a social one.
Natalie Apostolou, 10 Jan 2012

IBM helps GlobalFoundries ramp New York foundry

GlobalFoundries has begun baking chips at Fab 8 in upstate New York, and is doing so for none other than semiconductor process partner IBM.

Vodafail riles ACMA again

The house of VHA is in trouble with authorities again, this time attracting the ire of the Australian Communications and Media Authority for breaching the ‘Do Not Call Register’ Act.
Natalie Apostolou, 10 Jan 2012

Boeing backs biofuel boffinry

Boeing and the CSIRO have signed an agreement to look at whether Australia’s far north is a good place to grow biofuel feedstocks.
Richard Chirgwin, 10 Jan 2012

$18k for Aussie domain sets new record

The domain name creditcard.net.au has set a new sales record in the Australian market for a .net.au domain name, selling for $AU18,200 in a private trade.
Natalie Apostolou, 10 Jan 2012