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Amazon cloud double fluffs in 2011

Being the touchstone for cloud computing, online retailing giant Amazon wants to brag about its compute, storage, and other cloud services that are sold under the Amazon Web Services brand. For whatever reason – probably to obscure the costs and possibly the profits of the AWS subsidiary – Amazon has not broken out the business, and still lump it into the Other bucket.

Apple said to threaten legal action over Steve Jobs doll

If you're a Jobsian fanboi jonesing for the recently announced Steve Jobs action figure, we have some bad news for you: Apple doesn't want you to have one.
Rik Myslewski, 06 Jan 2012

The next Steve Jobs is: Kanye West

Steve Jobs may have passed away, but his mantle has fallen on ready shoulders... those of the hip-hop artist Kanye West, who promised last night on Twitter that he would continue the great man's work.
Anna Leach, 06 Jan 2012
For Sale sign detail

Fusion-io demos billion IOPS server config

Fusion-io has achieved a billion IOPS from eight servers in a demonstration at the DEMO Enterprise event in San Francisco.
Chris Mellor, 06 Jan 2012
Samsung SSD 830 solid state drive

Samsung SSD 830

ReviewWhen it came to putting together a list of SSDs together for your latest upgrade, one name that you could easily overlook until recently was Samsung. Compared to its rivals in the marketplace the company hardly trumpeted its solid state storage products.
Simon Crisp, 06 Jan 2012

GCHQ wants to enlarge 'experienced' specialists' packages

GCHQ is offering its expert tech employees bonuses to prevent more staff from leaving for high-tech companies such as Google and Microsoft.

ICO to 'focus' on health sector when enforcing info rights

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is to give "particular regulatory attention" to health organisations as it focuses on areas most likely to result in damage to people's information rights, the watchdog has said.
OUT-LAW.COM, 06 Jan 2012

E-gambling tax will spark web bet shop exodus - report

Online gamblers could turn to unregulated markets if Government plans to tax betting operators on the basis of where bets are placed are introduced, a report commissioned by a leading betting operator has said.
OUT-LAW.COM, 06 Jan 2012
GM Ampera

GM offers Volt drivers battery upgrade

General Motors has offered owners of its Volt e-car a free optional battery pack resilience upgrade in a bid to calm fears heightened after one of its cars caught fire after a crash.
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2012

Weeting cops cuff 17th phone-hacking suspect

A 47-year-old woman was arrested at an address in Essex this morning by cops investigating allegations of phone hacking by people working for the now-defunct Sunday tabloid News of the World.
Kelly Fiveash, 06 Jan 2012
LG Google TV

LG tunes in to Google TV

LG has hopped on the Google TV bandwagon.
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2012

NetApp will jack up disk prices next month

NetApp is raising disk drive prices as a result of the Thai flooding.
Chris Mellor, 06 Jan 2012
Sony XQD memory card

Sony intros high-end camera storage card

And here's a new memory card format, courtesy of Sony. Just what the world needs, no?
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2012

Satnav mishap misery cure promised at confab

Ever get that sinking feeling after your satnav misdirects your car into a ditch? Relax, the government is wading in to help stressed-out drivers get more accurate information from the road-mapping devices.
Kelly Fiveash, 06 Jan 2012
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Hybrid

Lenovo pitches two-CPU ThinkPad

Lenovo has outed the first ThinkPad notebook with a secondary processor and operating system for fast-boot internet access.
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2012

Philips gets appy with Android PMP refresh

Philips danced into the new year this week, refreshing its Android-based PMP range with the GoGear Connect 3.
Caleb Cox, 06 Jan 2012

US 'space warplane' may be spying on Chinese spacelab

The US Air Force's second mysterious mini-space shuttle, the X-37B, could be spying on China's space laboratory and the first piece of its space station, Tiangong-1.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 06 Jan 2012
Apple iPad 2

Asian canaries revive 'one year, two iPads' launch rumour

The notion that Apple will release not one but two new iPads this year is back. If you're hoping one will be a 7in tablet, you may be disappointed: both models are 9.7-inchers, moles maintain.
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2012

iPad typos are Apple's fault, not yours - new claim

VidThe iPad's soft keyboard has been caught failing to pass key presses to applications, introducing errors and letting the typist take the fall.
Bill Ray, 06 Jan 2012

Motorola goes mini with bijou blowers

Motorola Mobility has slimmed down its handset range, signalling the launch of two new Android 2.3 Gingerbread smartphones this spring.
Caleb Cox, 06 Jan 2012
Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic

ReviewStar Wars: The Old Republic is a massive game with hundreds of hours of game play, so this review is just a chicken scratch on the surface of something we will see develop and grow over months, if not years. Undoubtedly, SWTOR has a solid foundation but does it have enough successful constituent parts to be enduring?
Lucy Orr, 06 Jan 2012

Microsoft revives flight sim by giving it away free

Microsoft has said that it will be reviving its Flight Simulator franchise this spring with a free version of the game entitled simply Flight.
Iain Thomson, 06 Jan 2012

Lovefilm signs BBC streaming deal

Lovefilm's war with Netflix has yet to begin, but the battle lines are being drawn. The Amazon-owned disc rental service today said it has licensed BBC and ITV content to stream.
Hard Reg, 06 Jan 2012

World's first mixed-embryo rhesus monkeys born in US

Genetic researchers have created the world's first chimeric monkeys, primates who were created from a combination of cells from separate rhesus monkey embryos.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 06 Jan 2012
Moog Minitaur Analogue Bass Synthesiser

Moog goes boom with itty-bitty bass synth

Synth-sectarians will be swiping saliva off their chins this morning after Moog unveiled its latest analogue bass synth, the Moog Minitaur.
Caleb Cox, 06 Jan 2012

'You have to worry about the management of Twitter'

QuotwThis was the week in which we learned that the techie surprise at the bottom of many, many Brits' Christmas stockings was some form of Amazon Kindle, if you believe pollster YouGov.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 06 Jan 2012

New AOL IM considered harmful by privacy warriors

Privacy advocates have raised concerns about beta versions of AOL's latest IM client, urging privacy-sensitive surfers to stay on older versions of the software.
John Leyden, 06 Jan 2012
Hot and Cold glyph

Arctic freshening not due to ice melt after all, says NASA

OpinionConcern that the Arctic Ocean is becoming massively less salty due to its ice cap melting - which could have knock-on consequences for the planet's climate - is unfounded, NASA scientists have said.
Lewis Page, 06 Jan 2012
Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabook

CES outing for 'world's thinnest' tablet, Ultrabook, says Toshiba

Toshiba, for one, seems keen to continue offering netbooks in spite of the rise of the tablet - it's going to show off a new model at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2012

Amazon says soz for foisting mag sub onto Kindle-touchers

Amazon has annoyed Kindle owners by appearing to sign them up to a paid-for bi-weekly magazine subscription they hadn't requested.
Anna Leach, 06 Jan 2012
Consoles & Gadgets Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Controller

Xbox 720 and PS4 on show at E3 2012

Here at Reg Hardware, it's difficult to keep track of which rumours we see more of, forthcoming Apple products, or whispers of next-gen game consoles. Either way, here's another one of the latter.
Caleb Cox, 06 Jan 2012

HSBC pinpoints branches with sub-atomic accuracy

Those of you who are sticklers for accuracy will doubtless applaud banking monolith HSBC and its splendid "Find your nearest branch" service.
Lester Haines, 06 Jan 2012

Mafia hit suspect cuffed after BlackBerry chatter intercept

Canadian police have apparently used BlackBerry communications to arrest murder suspect Raynald Desjardins in a move seen as an unprecedented use of intercepted data.
Bill Ray, 06 Jan 2012

London 2012 team pulls swamped ticket resale site

London 2012 punters hoping to offload tickets they no longer want faced frustrating problems with a resale website, which was launched by the event's organisers today.
Kelly Fiveash, 06 Jan 2012

Sony website defacer pwned by second hacker

A defacer affiliated with Anonymous vandalised Sony's online front door this week over the corporate behemoth's support of SOPA, a hated anti-piracy law proposed in the US.
John Leyden, 06 Jan 2012
server room

Microsoft's RemoteFX is fab - but will it play Crysis?

Sysadmin blogMicrosoft supports two very different types of remote desktop computing: Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) and Remote Desktop Virtualization Host (RDVH). Those of us who don't speak Redmondian know these technologies as Terminal Services and VDI, respectively.
Trevor Pott, 06 Jan 2012

Samsung rakes in record profits as HTC sales dive

Surging smartphone sales have brought in record quarterly profits for Samsung, the world's biggest technology company by sales.
Anna Leach, 06 Jan 2012

BEAST SSL fix in supersized Patch Tuesday

Microsoft plans to start 2012 with a surprisingly large Patch Tuesday that covers seven security bulletins which collectively address eight separate vulnerabilities. Previous January releases have normally featured only one or two bulletins.
John Leyden, 06 Jan 2012

CouchDB daddy unplugs from Apache hive

UpdatedCouchDB’s founder is “moving on” from the Apache project he founded to build a "better" and commercially successful version of his NoSQL database without Apache's democratic foot-dragging.
Gavin Clarke, 06 Jan 2012

Cops cuff rectal shoplifter

Police in the Czech Republic have arrested a man who attempted to steal a digital music player by concealing it in his anus.
Hard Reg, 06 Jan 2012


Rugged case manufacturer G-Form sought to prove its hardware protection credentials this week, launching an iPad into space before letting it plummet to Earth. Needless to say, the fondleslab survived the fall - we probably wouldn't write the story otherwise.
Caleb Cox, 06 Jan 2012
SGI logo hardware close-up

Microsoft's master stroke: Pay store staff per WinPhone sold

Open... and ShutMicrosoft, which has suffered years of irrelevance in mobile, has a new game plan, which looks suspiciously like its old game plan: pay retail employees to sell Windows.
Matt Asay, 06 Jan 2012

Enterprise and govt chief Bell exits Dell

Dell has done a little executive boardroom chair-moving this morning, announcing that Paul Bell, a long-time executive who has run various units of the company and who is currently president of its Public and Large Enterprise group, will be departing the company.

Free iPhone 4S deal tempts Chinese fanbois

UpdatedChina Unicom is offering a no-money-up-front iPhone 4S to Chinese customers in a deal that is sure to make iPhone users worldwide feel a wee bit underappreciated and overcharged.
Rik Myslewski, 06 Jan 2012

Symantec downplays source-code trophy theft

Symantec has confirmed earlier versions of its anti-virus source code have leaked, following a security breach of what the company said was the network of a "third party entity" rather than their own.
John Leyden, 06 Jan 2012

US economy hands IT a mixed bag in December

It looks like the IT industry is faring no better or worse than the US economy as a whole when it comes to creating jobs.

Sir Howard's days as Sony prez said to be numbered

Sir Howard Stringer may be out of his job as president of Sony, according to a report in the Nikkei Business Daily.
Iain Thomson, 06 Jan 2012

Google Maps takes scenic route

A few days ago, this author noticed some oddities in Google Maps: it seemed to be unable to route relatively short distances on major highways.
Richard Chirgwin, 06 Jan 2012

Duff Russian Mars probe spotted flying in reverse

A veteran skywatcher has captured a video of the doomed Russian Martian space probe Phobos-Grunt that provides evidence of why ground control has only sporadically been able to contact it.
Rik Myslewski, 06 Jan 2012

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