4th January 2012 Archive

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  • Fujitsu creates antivirus virus for Japanese government

    Code seeks out and destroys malware and botnet systems

    Security 04 00:26

  • Space soldiers save satellite from FLAMING DEATH

    The little engine that could rescues $2bn military bird

    Science 04 01:41

  • US military's non-lethal weapon plans revealed

    Laser aircraft disruption, sonic scuba repeller, blinders, more

    Security 04 01:52

  • HTC Sensation XL

    Beats drums up another Android

    Phones 04 07:00

  • Saudi hackers plaster 14,000 credit card privates on web

    Raid on Israeli sites exposes up to 400,000 punters

    Security 04 08:03

  • PCIe flashers bash storage networks

    They slow you down, man

    Storage 04 09:02

  • Cops get 3D laser scanners for motorway crash sites

    £2.7m from DfT for new tech will help tackle closures after smash-ups

    Law 04 09:29

  • UK space agency to boldly send techies ... behind a desk

    Blighty advertises for boffins, IT workers and admin staff

    Science 04 10:02

  • Xio sends its new Admiral Nelson into storage offensive

    Now drive biz says it's part-owned by Seagate

    The Channel 04 10:33

  • Asus promises to open Prime bootloader

    Blames current encryption on Google and DRM

    Tablets 04 10:33

  • Weak Sony PS Vita sales prompt price-cuts

    3DS sets an example

    Hardware 04 10:52

  • Exotic Russian rock CAME FROM OUTER SPACE

    Alien quasicrystal find sheds light on solar system birth

    Science 04 11:02

  • Comet 'sold 94,000 pirate Windows CDs', claims Microsoft

    Redmond sues retail chain over counterfeit disc allegations

    Developer 04 11:21

  • EMC Isilon stiffens penetration into NAS arena

    Waggles rising revenues at rival NetApp

    The Channel 04 11:51

  • Dizzy: the Ultimate Cartoon Adventure

    Eggsemplary gaming

    Games 04 12:00

  • Anonymous hunts neo-Nazis with WikiLeaks-style site

    Loads of alleged donors, right-wing players to send those pizzas to

    Bootnotes 04 12:23

  • Virtual sanity: How to get a grip on your home PCs

    Set up once, use again and again anywhere

    Servers 04 12:41

  • Germans increase office efficiency with 'cloud ceiling'

    Worker output boosted by illusion of open sky overhead

    Management 04 13:02

  • Nokia Ace to launch from $100m mountain of ad cash

    Microsoft and co bet big on new WinPhone

    Mobile 04 13:21

  • Apple shoots for Premier League soccer streaming rights

    iTunes 1, Sky 0?

    Hardware 04 13:30

  • Samsung confirms refreshed Galaxy Ace for UK

    Power up

    Phones 04 13:34

  • Ubuntu hoists skirt, flashes 'concept' gadget at CES

    Desktop Linux goes TV - or tablet?

    Hardware 04 13:42

  • Samsung Ultrabook specced up by retailer

    CES premiere?

    Laptops 04 13:48

  • Pastebin on the mend after DDoS battering

    Were hacktivists the real target?

    Developer 04 14:14

  • Yahoo! bags! CEO! from! PayPal!

    Ex-prez drafted in to steer web biz to glory

    Management 04 14:34

  • Samsung pushes premium dual-docking systems

    Galaxy S and iPhone have sound relationship

    Hardware 04 14:52

  • Videogame piracy figures show decline

    2011 torrent abuse exposed

    Games 04 14:56

  • Analysts: Samsung will show us the MONEY on Friday

    Q4 take expected to rise to $4.1bn on smartphone sales

    Financial News 04 15:02

  • Nokia posts car-to-phone comms app

    MirrorLink debuts on Symbian Belle

    Science 04 15:19

  • At least 10 days till hot Phobos-Grunt chunks rain down

    Earliest estimate for fallout from doomed Russian Mars probe 'may change'

    Science 04 16:02

  • China Telecom piggybacks EE to create UK network

    Service for Chinese speakers in Blighty to launch 2012

    Mobile 04 16:25

  • IBM buys Green Hat for virty dev tools

    Red Hat would complete the set

    Virtualization 04 17:01

  • Brits got Kindles for Christmas

    More e-book readers given as prezzies than tablets

    Tablets 04 17:06

  • Google grabs yet more patents from IBM war chest

    Instant message take-back IP among new lawsuit ammo

    Management 04 17:33

  • Android Market tops 400,000 apps, climbing fast

    Fart App Index™ parity with iOS unclear

    Mobile 04 18:27

  • Apache lets fly Hadoop 1.0 data muncher

    This ain't no Dumbo

    Cloud 04 19:33

  • Judge sets date for Google v Oracle showdown

    Springtime for Ellison in California

    Law 04 20:41

  • Mobile carriers face big ticket spectrum costs

    800 Mhz set to make the govt a motza

    Business 04 21:31

  • Lunar mineral turns up in Oz

    Tranquillityite spotted in WA rocks

    Science 04 21:33

  • New CEO Rometty tweaks IBM exec lineup

    Kern retires, looks for CEO position elsewhere

    Business 04 21:52

  • Civil society NGOs under threat, says Access

    A call for help

    Policy 04 22:00

  • Quickflix bolstered by streaming

    Gaining digital ground

    Business 04 22:30

  • Study finds piracy withering against legal alternatives

    People just aren’t prepared to be screwed

    Media 04 22:50

  • PayPal dispute ends in 'violin destruction'

    T&C hell, or a warning about how to buy old instruments?

    Bootnotes 04 23:00