29th December 2011 Archive

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  • Dixons Logik LE423ED11 42in passive 3D TV

    Specs 'n' plugs 'n' rock 'n' roll

    Hardware 29 Dec 07:00

  • Network kit sales outpace servers in Q3, overall picture looks decent

    Work in a data centre? No sign of pink slip doom yet

    Data Networking 29 Dec 08:06

  • Amazon quietly gobbles up 'social shopping' tech

    Will this pig-out actually fatten anything up?

    Cloud 29 Dec 08:57

  • Apple fined $1.2m for flouting Italian warranty law

    iPhone maker must also admit blunder on website

    Law 29 Dec 09:33

  • David Cameron gets custom prime-ministering iPad app

    Check NHS waiting lists, launch nukes - on the fondleslab

    Government 29 Dec 10:02

  • Christmas solar plasma belches to hit Earth, Mars - and Mars rover in space

    Sun emits festive eruptions, but no bad effects foreseen

    Science 29 Dec 10:23

  • CSC faces £1bn write-off over botched NHS IT project

    UK Govt not keen to pay for late patient record system

    Government 29 Dec 11:24

  • Never mind the switch, feel the fabric

    Vendors take up weaving

    Network Futures 29 Dec 11:40

  • Nekkid Tech: The end of the year show

    Big Data? Puhleese!

    Data Centre 29 Dec 12:00


    Boffins advocate volunteer @home trawl of NASA's lunar pix

    Science 29 Dec 12:49

  • Solicitors from hell website unplugged by libel judge

    Review site sued into oblivion for 'naming and shaming' briefs

    Law 29 Dec 13:57

  • Raving Iranian TV accuses Ofcom of Sky ban

    But regulator insists it hasn't booted Press TV off the air

    Media 29 Dec 14:52

  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup easily unlocked by security flaw

    Couple of hours of brute force will crack a network's PIN

    Security 29 Dec 15:51

  • US deploys 1.8 gigapixel helicopter surveillance drones to Afghanistan

    Boeing A160T Hummingbird carries upgraded spying eye

    Government 29 Dec 20:41

  • Mobile operators need to evolve in 2012

    Ericsson looks into crystal ball

    Business 29 Dec 21:30

  • MIT student unicycles, Segway-style

    Homebrew ‘leccy single-wheeler

    Bootnotes 29 Dec 22:00

  • appiChar launches cloud platform for NFPs

    Aussie developed software going global

    Cloud 29 Dec 22:30