28th December 2011 Archive

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  • Facebook suggests you get out more - and it'll tell you how

    It knows what you did last summer and next summer

    Security 28 09:42

  • Cisco: We are NOT lagging behind Brocade

    FCoE ahead of 16GBit/s FC, sniffs boss

    Storage 28 10:33

  • Boycott forces Go Daddy U-turn on anti-piracy law backing

    Ditches SOPA support as punters transfer domains in protest

    Hosting 28 11:29

  • NASA to place twin probes in Moon orbit as you snog beneath mistletoe

    Formation-flying washing machines in spaaaace! Excellent

    Science 28 11:33

  • 2012 Games Preview

    What to put on your play list

    Games 28 12:00

  • Wi-Fi desk rodents break free from oppressive cabling

    A mouse without wires! It's a Christmas miracle

    Broadband 28 12:39

  • China pumps CCTV into Freeview HD boxes

    All the news the Chinese want you to see

    Bootnotes 28 13:29

  • Apple's TV killer 'on shelves by summer 2012'

    If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again

    Bootnotes 28 14:16

  • It's going to be a White (Space) winter after all

    First database of available frequencies gets January go-ahead

    Broadband 28 15:31

  • Jobs' 'nuclear war' is not doing Apple any good - analyst

    Rivals will evade patents with crafty workarounds

    Business 28 16:26

  • Mighty WAN pumper offered in the struggle to cope with Big Data

    A pipe so fat it can satiate even the biggest boxes

    Data Networking 28 17:19

  • Mozilla isn't a charity case - and Google's $300m will do nicely

    Paying for Google search in Firefox is just business

    Business 28 18:02

  • Intel gets Atoms out ahead of CES

    Dual-cores for dying markets

    Hardware 28 19:27

  • Akamai seizes Cotendo for US$268m

    First we sue, then we buy you

    Business 28 21:02

  • Stratfor attackers prep to publish emails

    That’s if you trust the Pastebin posts

    Security 28 21:30

  • Early Bell recordings live again (kind of)

    Optical scan mimics stylus on 125-year-old wax disks

    Science 28 22:00

  • Microsoft mum on leaked Phone OS plans

    Apollo upgrade plans for stellar sales

    Operating Systems 28 22:17

  • Microsoft announces ASP.NET zero-day vuln

    Workaround ahead of patch

    Security 28 22:33