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Nikon Coolpix P7100 compact camera

Nikon Coolpix P7100 compact camera

ReviewJust over a year ago Nikon released the Coolpix P7000 to slug it out with Canon’s PowerShot G12. Both cameras appeal to the high-end consumer who wants most of the controls and features of a DSLR in the body of a compact. With the Coolpix P7100, Nikon introduces some welcome new features and tweaks including a tilting screen and an improved user interface, yet like the aging G12, it remains a 10Mp snapper.
Catherine Monfils, 23 Dec 2011

Japan mobe operators muscle in on NFC tap-cash

Japan's three dominant mobile operators – DoCoMo, KDDI and Softbank – have banded together to ensure customers can transition from the proprietary FeliCa to the standard NFC payments.
Bill Ray, 23 Dec 2011

AMD loses marketing boss

Nigel Dessau, AMD's marketing boss, is departing the perennial number two CPU chip-maker to become a three-minute mentor.
Chris Mellor, 23 Dec 2011

Lincolnshire cops to chuck £200m at G4S in ICT deal

Lincolnshire police authority has made security specialist G4S its preferred bidder in an outsourcing deal that will include ICT, back office and command and control and could be developed into a shared service for other police forces in the country.

'Other land uses bring in more money than frankincense'

QuotWThis was the week when the rumours about potential suitors for Research in Motion started as the firm's fortunes continued to flag. Various industry whispers put Amazon, Microsoft and Nokia in a partnership, HTC and Samsung in the hot seat for a possible BlackBerry-maker buy.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 23 Dec 2011

Blocking Twitter, Facebook during riots not such a hot idea - MPs

Shutting down social media during times of civil unrest would be "actively unhelpful" and should not happen, a committee of MPs has said.
OUT-LAW.COM, 23 Dec 2011
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Online Christmas orders from retailers go titsup

Looks like Christmas won't be delivered for hundreds of families this weekend who've shopped online at Sainsbury's and Fortnum & Mason, thanks to IT problems.
Gavin Clarke, 23 Dec 2011
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BOFH: The Explosive Christmas Evacuation

Episode 20
Simon Travaglia, 23 Dec 2011

Smartphone accessories

Xmas Gift GuideAs Apple's advertising points out, when it comes to most activities, there's usually an app for them. But not every task can be performed with a handset alone. Sometimes hardware is required to utilise the brains of a smartphone and take functionality further.
Caleb Cox, 23 Dec 2011

Nokia, Skype, ARM: Microsoft's big year in review

MicroBite2011 saw Microsoft place a some big bets to break into new markets: putting Windows on ARM to challenge the iPad, becoming a web telco with the record-breaking $8.5bn purchase of Skype, and an exclusive deal with handset manufacturer Nokia to deliver smart phones using nothing but Windows Phone.

Go Daddy boycott threat for backing hated anti-piracy law

Internet users have called for a boycott of web hosting giant Go Daddy over its public support of the Stop Online Piracy Act in the US.
Kevin Murphy, 23 Dec 2011

Arcade emulator MAME slips under Apple radar

The popular arcade emulator MAME is now available in the iTunes store, for free, but don't expect it to stay there for long as Apple has never tolerated this kind of thing before.
Bill Ray, 23 Dec 2011

LightSquared demands FCC ruling

LightSquared has filed a petition for Declaratory Ruling with the FCC for confirmation of its right to exist, as it's running out of cash fast and needs a decision.
Bill Ray, 23 Dec 2011

Make room, internet, there's another 5 million domains to fit in

There were almost 220 million internet domain names at the end of September, an increase of 4.9 million on June, according to the latest numbers from Verisign.
Kevin Murphy, 23 Dec 2011
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TMS needs more clout in SSD giant competition

Where did that come from? Yesterday, out of the blue, news came that RamSan vendor TMS was looking to be bought or have a thumping investment from a large partner. Why? The flash market is set to rocket and it has a good track record. Why on earth does it need a sugar daddy?
Chris Mellor, 23 Dec 2011

No winner in Android v iPhone 2011 marathon

Open ... and ShutThe wheat is increasingly being separated from the chaff in mobile. Unfortunately, what's not clear yet is which is the wheat, and which is the chaff. In the ongoing war between Apple's iOS and Google's Android, both camps have plenty to cheer about - and to moan about.
Matt Asay, 23 Dec 2011

Another Alliance pushes into White Space

The WhiteSpace Alliance will endorse the IEEE 802.22 standard for networks operating in unused television frequencies, but world domination is far from assured.
Bill Ray, 23 Dec 2011

AOL sings soothing profit lullaby to nervous investors

AOL has moved to quieten down investors after activist shareholders Starboard Value LP accused the web biz of making "staggering" losses in its traditional areas and sinking money in unproven new ventures.
Anna Leach, 23 Dec 2011

RIM: BlackBerry 10 is fine, delays are down to chip ship slip

RIM has strenuously denied that hiccups in development are delaying the launch of phones based on its new OS, citing chip deliveries as the problem.
Bill Ray, 23 Dec 2011

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