22nd December 2011 Archive

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  • AMD claims 'world's fastest GPU' title

    Radeon HD 7970 sports all-new 'Graphics Core Next' chip

    Hardware 22 05:01

  • Internode falls to iiNet acquisition temptation

    Another one bites the dust

    Business 22 05:30

  • Motorola Pro+ Qwerty Android smartphone

    The best of both worlds?

    Phones 22 07:00

  • Dole office sticks ID services tender in EU journal, quickly pulls out

    We'll try again next year ...

    Government 22 08:02

  • Gov unveils plans to make tax-funded research freely accessible

    Vast vats of info goodness

    Government 22 09:01

  • EU to push through more roaming caps in 2012

    Competition ain't being competitive enough

    Mobile 22 09:22

  • Android Trojan spams tribute to Arab Spring martyr

    At least it doesn't completely pwn your phone

    Security 22 09:41

  • Facebook scams now spread by dodgy browser plug-ins

    Cybercrooks deploy new weapon to pollute profiles

    Security 22 10:01

  • Hasbro sues Asus over Transformer Prime moniker

    Tablet ambitions held at Bay?

    Tablets 22 10:04

  • Ofcom's Local TV dream: No smut, an hour of news, endless ads

    Still, sounds more thrilling than some of the proper channels

    Small Biz 22 10:22

  • Deep-fried planets discovery offers hope for Earth’s future

    Our world may actually survive flame-grilling by dying sun

    Science 22 10:38

  • Tablet LCDs: seven-inchers outsell 9.7in panels

    Kindle Fire burning iPad? Or iPad 3 in motion?

    Tablets 22 10:49

  • Smut baron buy-up of Vatican.xxx rumour exploded

    Priestly pr0n purveyance blocked by registry, won't be sold

    Small Biz 22 10:59

  • Yahoo! shares! leap! on! asset! sale! gossip!

    Plan to flog Alibaba and Yahoo! Japan stakes pleases investors

    Financial News 22 11:20

  • Steve Jobs gets posthumous Grammy AND a bronze statue

    Who knew the iSaint was part of the Staines massive?

    Laptops 22 11:42

  • Console accessories

    Game liberation

    Games 22 12:01

  • Clever patching keeps the system serviceable

    Beware awkward joins

    Compliance 22 12:24

  • Auld Reekie folk 'spend most on tech prezzies'

    Greasy poll puts Southamptoners at the bottom

    Hardware 22 12:47

  • Petaflops beater: Nvidia chief talks exascale

    Programming for parallel processes

    HPC 22 13:04

  • Pluto's blushing complexion riddle solved by boffins

    Hubble spectrograph shines light on dwarf planet's colouring

    Science 22 13:24

  • Cops arrest cop in alleged corrupt cop-bung probe

    First officer cuffed in Op Elveden investigation

    Security 22 13:41

  • Latest El Reg project: Rise of the Robot Sheep

    Autonomous, spinning blades, made in a shed - what could go wrong?

    SPB 22 14:02

  • 2012 CES will be Microsoft’s last hurrah

    Did it jump or was it pushed?

    Developer 22 14:33

  • Apache confirms new OpenOffice build by 2012

    Warns developers that it’s still the daddy

    Developer 22 15:03

  • Lumia sales fail to set world alight

    Outsold almost 100 times by Galaxy S II

    Mobile 22 15:31

  • New chippery on parade at ISSCC

    CPU and memory makers strut their stuff

    HPC 22 16:02

  • Seagate backup biz deletes name, restores EVault brand

    i365 goes back to the future

    Small Biz 22 17:01

  • Gerry turncoat Harvey gives gamers a deal

    Launches discount, offshore GST-free online gaming site

    Games 22 21:00

  • Press Council slaps Rupert for Oz NBN coverage

    Daily Telegraph pitching porkies? Surely not

    Broadband 22 21:30

  • Moscow State taps T-Platforms to build 10 petaflops super

    A ceepie-geepie once again

    HPC 22 22:13

  • ACMA sets the bar too low for broadcasters claims APF

    Australian Privacy Foundation calls for a regulator with a backbone

    Law 22 22:30

  • Parallel politics: Gerry Harvey, imports and taxes

    Oligopoly screwing oligopoly redux ends 2011

    Games 22 23:00