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Oracle hammered as hardware sales soften

Software behemoth and systems player Oracle missed its projections for both hardware revenues and new software license sales in its second quarter of fiscal 2012. While Oracle was facing a very tough compare, the miss is something that will make Wall Street and the rest of the IT community jittery for a spell – at least until they can spike their egg nog.
3M CP45 Camcorder Projector

3M CP45 pocket camcorder and projector combo

Review The 3M CP45 is a combination HD camcorder, 5Mp camera and LED-lit LCOS projector. Not much bigger than a couple of copulating iPhones, it can film and throw an image up to 65in onto a convenient wall.
Steve May, 21 2011
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Phone-hack scandal: News Int'l settles with 7 more claimants

News International has paid hundreds of thousands of pounds in seven civil lawsuits to individuals who allegedly had their voicemails intercepted by individuals working at the now-defunct News of the World.
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ISP ordered to drop 'three strikes' rule against pirates

The Irish data protection watchdog has ordered the country's largest internet service provider (ISP) to stop using its 'three strikes' system for identifying and warning alleged illegal file-sharers, according to media reports.
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Neighbours not Liking Facebook's new campus

Facebook has only just moved into its new digs at Menlo Park, but already there are rumours of problems with the neighbours over traffic disruptions and parking spaces.

Ministry of Justice dreams of £1bn mega IT framework

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has begun to sound out the market for an IT services framework that would be one of the biggest deals in government and effectively duplicate arrangements elsewhere in Whitehall.

Lovefilm buys right to stream Sony Pictures content

The tit-for-tat announcements from Lovefilm and Netflix continue as the arrival in the UK of the US streaming giant and the biggest threat to the Amazon-owned incumbent gets closer.
Santa's Xmas Caper

Santa's Xmas Caper

Antique Code Show So let’s just get one thing straight: 99.99 per cent of Christmas-themed games suck.
Lucy Orr, 21 2011
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A simple HTML tag will crash 64-bit Windows 7

An unpatched critical flaw in 64-bit Windows 7 leaves computers vulnerable to a full 'blue screen of death' system crash.
PlayStation Network

Sony PSN class-action lawsuit ban prompts... lawsuit

Sony is being sued over its insistence that it not be sued.
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NASA finds first Earth-sized planets outside the solar system

NASA's Kepler mission, tasked with the illustrious mission of finding an Earth 2.0 for humankind, has located the first Earth-sized planets orbiting a star outside our solar system.
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Mozilla, Google extend 'sweethearts' browser deal for 3 years

Mozilla has extended its revenue deal with Google for another three years, following some will-they-won't-they speculation about the future of that "sweethearts" partnership.
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Whisper open-sources Android text-encryption app

Whisper Systems has open-sourced TextSecure, its secure text messaging client for Android smartphones.
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Amazon, MS and Nokia sniff around RIM

Buyers including Amazon, Microsoft and Nokia have expressed some interest in hoovering up the remains of Research in Motion, as it reeled from one disaster to another this year.
HP Pre 3

HP posts Pre 3 WebOS update

HP has pushed out an WebOS update for its Pre 3 smartphone.
Hard Reg, 21 2011
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Google Wallet hacked onto Verizon phones

Verizon's controversial decision to ask Google for Wallet-less builds of the Galaxy Nexus might be moot, as hackers have discovered that the functionality is there none the less.
Bill Ray, 21 2011
Sony Tablet P

Sony Tablet P split-screen Android fondleslab

Review Now here’s an odd one. Sony has created what looks like a monster Nintendo 3DS but is actually an Android Honeycomb tablet computer. So you get a sort of flattened tube that folds out to reveal two screens. Will it work? Should it work? Read on…
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Facebook shoves your face into creepy 'sponsored stories' in 2012

Facebook will begin adding photos of its users to third-party adverts appearing in users' news feeds come early next year, so if you're the sort who's a bit free with your thumbs-up button, there's no way out of being featured alongside a tin of baked beans or a pair of knickers on the social network.
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Happy Birthday Intel 4004, and thanks for all the chips

It's 40 years since Intel baked the first microprocessor, so celebrate by buying The Register's latest ebook, Happy Birthday Intel 4004.
Channel Five

Channel 5 snubs Freeview HD again

Channel 5 is giving up on filling a Freeview HD channel, so fans of Celebrity Wedding Planner will just have to live with standard definition. Or go to Virgin or Sky for its Channel 5 HD offering.
Bill Ray, 21 2011
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Ofcom maps out what 'psychics' are allowed to do on TV

The UK regulator, Ofcom, has issued a clarification for purveyors of TV programmes based around psychic powers, basically reminding them that they are all frauds.
Bill Ray, 21 2011
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Ofcom grills pirates, loses report under fridge for two years

Analysis On Monday Ofcom published two studies it commissioned into digital piracy: one attempting to quantify the level of piracy, the other a smaller study collecting pirates' opinions.
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Texas Memory Systems longs to seduce 'larger player'

Fancy spending splashing some cash to buy some flash? Then go to the Lone Star state, where Texas Memory Systems has put itself up for sale.
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Facebook's 'Darwinian' nature keeps users safe - Irish gov

Facebook's handling of its user data in Ireland is legitimate, the Irish data protection commissioner's office said today.
Nokia Lumia 800

O2 denies Nokia WinPho handset cull

O2 today insisted it has not dropped Nokia's Lumia 800. The Windows Phone 7 handset is simply "out of stock", according to the network operator.
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Christmas cosmonauts set out safely for ISS

Soyuz TMA-03M blasted off from Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 13.16pm GMT today without a hitch, carrying the next three crew members for the ISS.
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Humans, insects set to OBLITERATE frankincense supply

Scientists are warning that frankincense supplies are failing fast, and that 90 per cent of the world’s supply could be gone in the next 50 years, thanks to some spectacularly unwise men.
Broken CD with wrench

Nekkid Tech: Vendors don't respond to how we use tech

Podcast Last week, Nekkid Tech host Greg Knieriemen chatted with Greg Schulz of StorageIO and Dell storage evangelist Gina Minks on various topics including the Infosmack mashup mess, how to pitch an ebook and what to do about those pesky IT admins...
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Iran spy drone GPS hijack boasts: Rubbish, say experts

Doubts that Iran managed to bring down an advanced US drone over the country last month using an advanced GPS spoofing attack have been raised by experts, who say that attacks of this type would be extremely tough to pull off.

Are Oracle's Exadata racks fluffing Apple's iCloud?

Oracle did not have a good fiscal Q2, as El Reg reported on Tuesday after the market closed. Server sales plummeted and new software license sales did not grow anywhere near what Ellison & Co expected.
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Vodafone told to shape up or face mega fines

Vodafone Australia is facing $AU250,000 fines from the ACMA if it does not continue to lift its game on network performance, customer care and privacy issues.
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NEC ramps up regional broadband wholesale

With the last link of Australia’s Regional Backhaul Blackspots Program (RBBP) network – from Darwin in the Northern Territory to Toowoomba in Queensland – going live, NEC has announced an expansion of its regional wholesale broadband footprint.
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Telstra Int in anti-DDoS crusade

Telstra has unveiled a global DDoS protection service for its international clients.
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Tas Uni helps align ice observations

How’s this for a summer activity: dragging a GPS hundreds of kilometers across Antarctic ice to grab a GPS measurement?