20th December 2011 Archive

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  • Apple wins skirmish in HTC-Google patent war

    One part of one patent bans import of Android phones (maybe)

    Operating Systems 20 01:09

  • Nissan Leaf battery powered electric car

    Yes, you can live with an e-car. We have

    Science 20 07:00

  • CA handles La Perla's substantial assets

    ARCserve backing up bra servers

    Storage 20 08:01

  • Atari and Square Enix cough to exposing users' privates

    Gaming security still sux

    Security 20 08:59

  • Public bodies told: Swapping data feels good, but you must be careful

    Eurim gives cautious welcome to EU plans

    Government 20 09:22

  • Sky follows BT in blocking Newzbin2

    ISP blocked access last week after UK court order

    Software 20 09:42

  • Five... friendly, free Android apps

    Simple utilities you shouldn't be without

    Phones 20 10:00

  • Sony PS Vita sales fall shy of 3DS launch volume

    But a better seller in the long run?

    Games 20 10:23

  • Shareholders rage over Imation's incredible 88% plunge

    How the leading disc and flash maker came a cropper

    Storage 20 10:25

  • Netflix UK to stream BBC shows

    Doctor Who, Top Gear, Fawlty Towers and more

    Hardware 20 10:44

  • LOHAN fires up sizzling thruster

    First test of Vulture 2 powerplant

    SPB 20 11:01

  • Five firms to create HD-centric DRM for SD cards

    Format shifting without resort to the torrents?

    Hardware 20 11:07

  • EMC hikes drive prices, blames Thai flood tragedy

    Others big storage array and server suppliers may follow

    Storage 20 11:22

  • Three more 'nauts prepare for space station housewarming

    Crew blasts off tomorrow in time for weightless Xmas

    Science 20 11:42

  • 2011's Best... compact cameras

    Hot shots

    Hardware 20 12:00

  • BT, Scotland Yard form copper theft crackdown supersquad

    A lot of fibre is mangled by metal pilferers, you know

    Security 20 12:18

  • Christmas headaches? We prescribe a year long course of BOFH

    A year of adventure - on Kindle

    BOFH 20 12:48

  • Mobiles forced to send premium-rate texts in new attack

    Hacker hijacks SMS error message flaw

    Security 20 13:02

  • TalkTalk, 3UK scratched off Ofcom's Xmas card list

    Telcos are most complained about ever

    Business 20 13:21

  • Deutsche Telekom: 'FCC, DoJ didn't give AT&T deal a chance'

    Tried to flog T-Mobile USA and all it got was this lousy $3bn cheque

    Business 20 13:38

  • Seagate sucks hard disk biz from Samsung

    Loved-up pair's pillow talk turns to enterprise storage

    Business 20 14:01

  • HP also jacks up disk prices in Thai flood wake

    It beat EMC to the hike

    Business 20 14:34

  • Google needs a very thorough frisking, say antitrust senators

    FTC told search biz's dominance raises questions

    Business 20 15:01

  • Anti-piracy laws will smash internet, US constitution - legal eagles

    Three wise profs warn of looming DNS disaster

    Security 20 15:32

  • Apple gobbles iPhone, iPad flash chip baker

    Jesus phone maker gets Anobit's Holy Land base

    Small Biz 20 16:02

  • Archos tweaks 7in tablet to hit £180 price point

    Honeycomb upgrade

    Tablets 20 16:21

  • Tempt tech talent without Googlesque mega perks

    Think global, hire local

    Developer 20 16:32

  • HP woos IT shops with leasing deals

    Looking to boost fiscal Q1 sales

    Business 20 17:11

  • Software bug fingered as cause of Aussie A330 plunge

    The problem was fixed by turning the unit off and then on again

    Developer 20 18:02

  • Chip sales flat in 2011, will grow (a wee bit) in 2012

    Weighed down by disk shortages, economic jitters

    Business 20 19:29

  • IBM: 'Your PC will read your mind by 2016'

    Predicts the passing of passwords, junking of junk mail, more...

    Hardware 20 19:57

  • AMD speed-bumps, unlocks chips for desktop, notebook

    'APUs' also get home-video stabilization tech

    Hardware 20 20:55

  • Alcatel-Lucent's Malaysian slap over

    Carriers lift suspension on vendor activities

    Business 20 21:54

  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine pirate caged

    How much for a movie that isn’t a howler?

    Law 20 22:30

  • NewSat seeks $AU36m to get into orbit

    Suppliers turn in the pressure

    Business 20 23:00

  • AT&T's megablunder payout revealed

    Cash? Here's $3bn. Spectrum? Bunches. Roaming? Sure!

    Broadband 20 23:02

  • eBay scam nets suckers on both sides of the road

    Buyers and merchants fall for empty box ripoff

    Law 20 23:30