16th December 2011 Archive

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  • Judge dismisses charges against accused Twitter stalker

    Offensive tweets protected by US Constitution

    Law 16 Dec 01:13

  • Nikon 1 V1 interchangeable lens compact camera

    The 1 worth having

    Hardware 16 Dec 07:00

  • Nvidia ditches homegrown C/C++ compiler for LLVM

    Revs CUDA tools to 4.1

    Developer 16 Dec 08:01

  • Jedi light-sabre beats Taser in Oregon parking-lot fracas

    Mumbo-jumbo mystic impervious to cops' electric blasters

    Bootnotes 16 Dec 08:28

  • Seagate matches and raises WD disk warranty cuts

    'We're just being consistent with the industry'

    Storage 16 Dec 08:55

  • Google+ gets group vid, Nokia still has a Pulse

    Social networks for people who don't like people

    Applications 16 Dec 09:14

  • UK.gov imposes broadband deadline for councils

    Mmmm. Get your chops around juicy pork barrel goodness

    Broadband 16 Dec 09:29

  • The Google Review: Now Speak Your Brains

    Opt in for your rights

    Developer 16 Dec 09:44

  • Marmitek Gigaview GV820 wireless HDMI sender

    Give me stream

    Hardware 16 Dec 10:00

  • Asus pushes Prime pre-orders

    Ask for Ice Cream Sarnie, Tegra 3 tablet now

    Tablets 16 Dec 10:07

  • Google's Siri-a-like to be named 'Majel' after Trek actress

    Software that acts human named after human acting like software

    Applications 16 Dec 10:16

  • Brit PhD student excels in Pentagon digi-forensics challenge

    Makes global top ten, heads UK rankings

    Developer 16 Dec 10:29

  • Apple 7in iPad not out until Q3 2012

    LG doing the display, moles claim

    Tablets 16 Dec 10:37

  • 'Android malware must be kind of thrilling for Microsoft'

    Plus: 'Young people are fed up with iPhones'

    Software 16 Dec 10:44

  • Doctor Who girl Amy Pond axed in 'heartbreaking' exit

    Sidekick search starts as companion couple leave next series

    Hardware 16 Dec 11:06

  • Adobe startles Wall St with Q4 sales climb

    Time to pump more money from cloud

    Software 16 Dec 11:21

  • Pop teen beats Steve Jobs in Google's 2011 popularity contest

    Zeitgeist admits Apple is popular, no sign of Android

    Business 16 Dec 11:41

  • Xmas heralds bumper tablet shipments

    Q3 sales down, Q4 to make up and then some

    Tablets 16 Dec 12:01

  • Fanbois locked out of iTunes store, iCloud in Apple outage

    Fury as Cupertino's login servers fall over

    Software 16 Dec 12:11

  • Farmville maker Zynga raises $1bn for IPO

    Offering is biggest since Google

    Applications 16 Dec 12:24

  • E-book reader sales to boom as prices plunge

    Rivals follow Amazon and cut

    Tablets 16 Dec 12:31

  • Sony to update Tablet S for PS3 controller gaming

    Skype video calling on the Tablet P

    Tablets 16 Dec 12:32

  • Shed Xmas flab and debug code with treadmill laptop contraption

    For fatties who can't leave their keyboards

    Developer 16 Dec 12:44

  • Met to push rape warnings over Wi-Fi to Xmas partygoers

    Capital's nightspot hotspots to emit safety alerts

    Security 16 Dec 13:01

  • RIM's top bosses slash salaries to $1 a year

    Shake-up promised at floundering BlackBerry biz

    Financial News 16 Dec 13:21

  • 2011's Best... DSLRs

    Get snappy and improve your image this Christmas

    Hardware 16 Dec 13:27

  • 'Self-aware' bank account robbing code unleashed by hacker

    'XSS on steroids' crafted to highlight web security holes

    Security 16 Dec 13:48

  • Dell flees netbook market, dumps Minis

    Long live the ultrabook, right?

    Laptops 16 Dec 14:12

  • Duff Mars probe's flaming shards to rain down mid-January

    Up to 30 bits of Phobos-Grunt to hit Earth

    Science 16 Dec 14:41

  • Salesforce gobbles 'Facebook for the office' startup

    Rypple of excitement among HR suits

    Applications 16 Dec 14:52

  • Assange™ wins Supreme Court extradition appeal bid

    WikiLeaker-in-chief to spend another Christmas in Blighty

    Law 16 Dec 15:08

  • Microsoft will beat Linux clouds at their own game - with open source

    Developers, developers, developers, developers

    Software 16 Dec 15:24

  • Euro cops cuff 112 in paedophile network raids

    Terabytes of child abuse video seized from one suspect alone

    Security 16 Dec 15:47

  • Swiss-based Balesio takes the knife to PDF files

    Screws them down to less than half the size

    Applications 16 Dec 16:09

  • Angry Birds maker now aims at Asian IPO

    Rovio and the Hong Kong flock exchange

    Business 16 Dec 16:36

  • Manning's lawyer calls for pre-trial officer to quit case

    Alleged Wikileaks source appears in pre-trial hearing

    Security 16 Dec 17:14

  • Samsung shifts Apple A5 chip production to Texas

    A $3.6bn $9bn investment

    Hardware 16 Dec 18:27

  • The cure for US job woes: More immigrants

    New pro-business report begs: 'Let 'em in!'

    Government 16 Dec 20:37

  • NASA detects 'heartbeat' of pint-sized star-sucker

    Smallest black hole ever found – and maybe ever will be

    Science 16 Dec 23:11