15th December 2011 Archive

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  • Fairfax 'hacking' allegations blow up

    Police raid The Age

    Law 15 00:07

  • Feds charge eight former Siemens officials with bribery

    $100m allegedly paid to secure Argentine identity cards

    Law 15 01:00

  • Asus Zenbook UX31E

    The finest Ultrabook on the market?

    Laptops 15 07:00

  • 'Flash Gordon' supercomputer powers up in January

    Solid-state 'science ship' casts anchor in San Diego

    HPC 15 08:02

  • WD slashes warranty periods on Blue and Green drives

    But you'll be able to buy it back, maybe!

    Storage 15 08:33

  • Google gives £550k to Bletchley Park

    'Profoundly historically significant huts' get makeover

    Hardware 15 08:58

  • Whitehall Post-Its, Ministers' GMail to come under FOIA?

    Mandarins 'sh*tting bricks' at possible disclosures

    Government 15 09:18

  • ICO warns: Just six months to comply with EC cookie rules

    No 'wave of knee-jerk enforcement' come 26 May, tho

    Developer 15 09:37

  • Sony: PS3 sales ahead of target

    Will meet FY2012 sales goal

    Games 15 09:53

  • Dermandar Panorama

    360-degree photography made easy

    Phones 15 10:00

  • LG to tune in TVs to Intel's WiDi

    First tellies with laptop streaming tech on board

    Laptops 15 10:08

  • The moment a computer crash nearly caused my car crash

    Engineering mustn't succumb to 'blame the user' culture

    Servers 15 10:19

  • Super black hole about to scoff speeding space dinner

    Gas cloud barrels toward event horizon ... and oblivion

    Science 15 10:35

  • Southampton Uni climbs aboard LOHAN spaceplane project

    Heavyweight postgrads to tackle Vulture 2 design

    SPB 15 10:51

  • Google Wallet fails to encrypt punters' personal data

    Your mobile knows what you spent last summer

    Applications 15 11:02

  • How to get a top 10 iOS app: a Wednesday launch in Italy

    The numbers you need for the iTunes store hit parade

    Software 15 11:24

  • Grand Theft Auto 3 fires towards fondleslabs

    Liberty to roam the city

    Games 15 11:29

  • Prada and LG peg up third fashion phone

    Smart move?

    Phones 15 11:35

  • Feds cuff KISS rock star's DDoS suspect

    Bloke accused of flooding Gene Simmons' website

    Applications 15 11:42

  • 2011's Best... Hi-Fi and AV Kit

    Sonic boon

    Hardware 15 12:00

  • Regulator reckons telly advert caps are just peachy

    Nine minutes per hour - and staying that way

    Media 15 12:21

  • Mario decorations drive gamers up the wall

    Stick 1up

    Games 15 12:29

  • Apple mulls new chip boffinry HQ in Israel

    R&D centre threat to Samsung

    Hardware 15 12:43

  • Phone-hack saga: Cop bung probe nets seventh suspect

    Woman cuffed by Yard this morning

    Media 15 13:02

  • EC resolves antitrust probe into IBM mainframe biz

    Big Blue to play nicely on big iron in binding agreement

    Servers 15 13:21

  • Nokia lightens Dark Knight with Batman blower

    The cased crusader

    Phones 15 13:23

  • Logica axes 1,300 jobs as profits set to be just £240m

    225 to go in Blighty

    Developer 15 13:38

  • Facebook rolls out Timeline to world+dog

    Brace yourself for 'frictionless sharing' ... bitch

    Applications 15 13:54

  • Lloyds TSB online banking, ATMs titsup in server crash

    Festive rage from frustrated shoppers

    Servers 15 14:23

  • Cheap energy revives US manufacturing, skint Brits shiver

    Energy policy here and there

    Science 15 14:54

  • Cops target climate-sceptic bloggers in three countries

    Hardware seized in UK, feds request evidence in America

    Law 15 15:19

  • Nearest supernova since 1986 blasts boffin off her chair

    'We're all made out of bits of exploding star, you know'

    Science 15 15:31

  • London 'Tech City' quango burns through £1m on admin

    The Silicon roundabout - it's a nonstop social whirl!

    Applications 15 15:38

  • Carrier IQ meets feds 'to educate them'

    Smartphone-probing app firm seeks to avoid being probed

    Applications 15 15:52

  • Journos can tweet from UK courts: But who's a journo?

    If you aren't a hack, you have to ask

    Law 15 16:29

  • Comet Lovejoy spotted plunging toward fiery doom

    Space ice-lump to melt away above the far side of the Sun

    Science 15 16:36

  • Apple's Galaxy Tab ban was best advertising ever - Samsung

    Thanks a lot, Cupertino!

    Hardware 15 16:59

  • Microsoft copies Google with silent browser updates

    No more clinging to old IE versions

    Applications 15 17:23

  • Amazon goes south with São Paulo data center

    Brazilian wax to speed Latin latency problems

    Servers 15 17:31

  • Stolen, remote-wiped iPhones still get owner's iMessages

    Crafty internet SMS app proves impervious to scrubbing

    Applications 15 18:06

  • Facebook won't deny it is sitting on huge mountain of cash

    Mole says Zuck still owns a quarter of it

    Applications 15 18:29

  • Visa probes reported security breach of card processor

    17,000 cards already blocked

    Security 15 19:25

  • Ballmer can exhale: Bill Gates rules out Microsoft return

    Microsoft cofounder also feels no pain from Jobs jibes

    Software 15 19:33

  • Foo Fighters gig goes seismic

    Bass lines like volcanoes shake the Kiwis

    Bootnotes 15 19:40

  • BigPond customers targeted by phishers

    One week after major security breach

    Security 15 21:30

  • Oz gov launches $AU200m green energy fund

    Softbank, Southern Cross score eco-fee bonanza

    Science 15 22:30

  • US spy drone hijacked with GPS spoof hack, report says

    Electronic warfare comes of age – in Iran

    Security 15 23:27