14th December 2011 Archive

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  • Feds propose 50-state ban on mobile use while driving

    Handheld, hands-free, texting, browsing – it's all deadly

    Mobile 14 Dec 00:48

  • CERN: 'New physics starts now'

    Next, get busy in the TeV range

    Science 14 Dec 01:04

  • SCADA vuln imperils critical infrastructure, feds warn

    Secret accounts open control systems to attack

    Security 14 Dec 01:06

  • Paul Allen proposes new space launcher

    Stratolaunch building BLOODY BIG 747-powered lifter

    Science 14 Dec 01:44

  • Dead trees not dying out

    Oz printing industry experiences tiny contraction over three years

    Bootnotes 14 Dec 02:02

  • NBN Co awards transit tender to Visionstream

    While Primus is set to offer calls

    Business 14 Dec 03:59

  • Acer TravelMate Timeline X TM8481T 14in Core i5 notebook

    Endurance over performance?

    Laptops 14 Dec 07:00

  • Enterprise flash: The good, the bad and the cloudy

    Which tech will win the NAND shoot-out?

    Virtualization 14 Dec 08:31

  • Hitachi GST enters itty-bitty server disk fray against Seagate

    New 2.5in Ultrastar level pegs with Savvio

    The Channel 14 Dec 09:03

  • 'NHS bosses must master Twitter, Facebook to halt staff antics'

    Top adviser hits out at 'social media refuseniks'

    Policy 14 Dec 09:22

  • UK is biggest nation of web shopaholics - Euro poll

    Ofcom survey also prods flagging fibre uptake

    Small Biz 14 Dec 09:38

  • Laptop display pixel counts to quadruple in 2012

    2880 x 1800 panel on your MacBook, anyone?

    Laptops 14 Dec 09:50

  • The Dark Meadow

    Pan's people

    Games 14 Dec 10:00

  • I have you now! Top 10 Star Wars Xmas presents

    From Millennium Falcon manual to USB sticks

    Hardware 14 Dec 10:21

  • OCZ wheels out lower octane SSD for Sunday drives

    The only petrol that's cheap as chips

    The Channel 14 Dec 10:42

  • Brits turned off by Smart TVs

    More than half of UK punters don't want one

    Hardware 14 Dec 10:45

  • HuffPo .XXX squatter turfed out in crackdown

    Dozens of domains seized from smut site opportunists

    Media 14 Dec 11:03

  • Hot Xmas treat for WinPho punters - Office doc sharing

    Just what you've always wanted - a mobile Lync client

    Applications 14 Dec 11:22

  • Apple TV tops connected set-top box chart

    More owners than its rivals. They buy more content too

    Hardware 14 Dec 11:49

  • 2011's Best... HD TVs

    New telly for Chrimble? Here are our faves

    Hardware 14 Dec 12:00

  • Apple's founding contracts sold for $1.59 MILLION

    Paperwork signed by Jobs and Woz auctioned off

    Bootnotes 14 Dec 12:23

  • Amateur balloonists conquer Atlantic

    Mighty globe flies from Silicon Valley to the Mediterranean

    Science 14 Dec 12:42

  • HDS unwraps 'data ingestor'

    Cloud info gobbler functions like data bee swarm

    Storage 14 Dec 12:47

  • Fans lose grace with Star Wars MMO

    Access code worrier

    Games 14 Dec 12:53

  • Microsoft adds iPhones to SkyDrive party guest list

    Come on in, we're all friends in the cloud

    Applications 14 Dec 13:02

  • Paul Allen latest plan: Space rockets on MEGA PLANE

    This one's definitely not made of spruce, though

    Software 14 Dec 13:28

  • Woz's key to success: Burn the tie, wear T-shirts to work

    Megastar geek mauls Singapore in pro-hippy polemic

    Developer 14 Dec 14:01

  • No BEAST fix from Microsoft in December patch batch

    Google, Adobe join Redmond in festive fix barrage

    Operating Systems 14 Dec 14:26

  • iPhone users get iJustHadAShag bedpost-notch boast app

    'I'm just in the middle of someone'

    Applications 14 Dec 14:57

  • York CompSci student pleads guilty to Facebook hack

    Social network wet pants in fear of industrial espionage

    Software 14 Dec 15:28

  • UN, IMF join opposition to ICANN top-level domain plans

    Sod the economy, cybersquatting is the true threat

    Developer 14 Dec 15:53

  • Apple's request for HTC ban delayed again

    Are these fake Jesus mobes, or some other saviour device?

    Hardware 14 Dec 16:26

  • Google promises 0.001 of revenue to free the slaves

    'More slaves today than at any time in history'

    Software 14 Dec 16:51

  • Forecasting logon storms with desktop virtualisation

    Planning for bad weather

    Enterprise Tech 14 Dec 17:12

  • Nekkid Tech: Where are the new enterprise bibles?

    Listen online for offline knowledge

    Servers 14 Dec 17:24

  • Facebook 'HipHop VM' juices PHP speed pill

    Aim to bust engineers out of edit-reload-debug dungeon

    Developer 14 Dec 17:43

  • Microsoft gives up on proprietary 2D barcode, accepts NFC

    MS Tag maintained as a 'curiosity'

    Hardware 14 Dec 18:21

  • Wikipedia simplifies article editing for world+dog

    New visual editor invites unwashed masses into the Wikifold

    Media 14 Dec 18:52

  • Newfangled graphics engine for browsers fosters data theft

    The shady truth behind CSS shaders

    Security 14 Dec 21:28

  • Ericsson's Erikkson heading Down Under

    Hakan Eriksson takes the big chair in Oz

    Business 14 Dec 21:30

  • Comm Bank in four hour network wipeout

    Late night shoppers forced to tweet anger

    Business 14 Dec 22:00

  • Aussie group buying platform goes shopping in HK

    Spreets tech smarts go global

    Media 14 Dec 22:30

  • Yahoo!, newspaper in Singapore spat

    Content claim and counter-claim

    Media 14 Dec 23:00