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RIM execs chewed through restraints after in-flight fracas

Two drunken RIM executives on a flight to China fought staff and then chewed through their restraints after being subdued, forcing the pilots to divert the plane.
Iain Thomson, 11 Dec 2011

YouTube takes music royalties seriously

New York music royalty outfit RightsFlow has been acquired by Google for integration into YouTube.
Natalie Apostolou, 11 Dec 2011

Beeb rescues old Who episodes

The BBC has announced that two of the “missing” 1960s-era Dr Who episodes have turned up and been added to the Beeb’s archives.
Richard Chirgwin, 11 Dec 2011

Swinburne Uni opens tech hub

Melbourne’s Swinburne University has opened a new $AU140 million hub for technology and entrepreneurial innovation, the Advanced Technologies Centre.
Natalie Apostolou, 11 Dec 2011

Missing submarine washes up on Sunshine Coast beach

A remote-control robot submarine lost by university researchers has washed up on a beach on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.
Richard Chirgwin, 11 Dec 2011

Optus, football codes get listing date

The last big copyright-versus-the-Internet suit to be kicked off in December will be the battle between Optus and Australia’s dominant football codes, the National Rugby Leage (NRL) and Australian Football League (AFL).
Richard Chirgwin, 11 Dec 2011

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