8th December 2011 Archive

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  • UltraViolet: Hollywood's giant digital gamble is here

    Boxing Day launch for UK

    Media 08 00:02

  • Greenplum previews unified Hadoop biz-intel stack

    Time to buy MapR and dust off the Aviion brand

    Cloud 08 00:54

  • China pad peddler wins iPad name from Apple

    Cupertino and local channel face legal barrage

    Law 08 01:49

  • Acer Aspire 5749 budget 15in laptop

    How much performance does 400 quid get you?

    Laptops 08 07:00

  • Cabinet Office extends G Cloud deadline

    Suppliers get more time to bid for public sector cloud biz

    Cloud 08 08:03

  • EC data protection proposals could open up Zuck's 'social graph'

    Will Facebook be required to allow info transfer to *gasps* Google+?

    Law 08 08:27

  • Criminal Records Bureau checks to go online

    Status check removes need for fresh papers for each job application

    Government 08 09:02

  • Oedipal shower romp wins crap sex award

    Mum abuses son 'with a bar of soap', author David Guterson explains

    Bootnotes 08 09:23

  • Insurance and IT firms agree rules on sharing price details

    Blabbing pricing intentions to each other looked fishy to OFT

    Law 08 09:43

  • KitchenPad

    Book the cooks

    Phones 08 10:00

  • NASA rover finds evidence of water flowing on Mars

    'Sort of thing that makes boffins leap out of their chairs'

    Science 08 10:00

  • Amazon: The Microsoft of the cloud

    Will AWS eat all the competition?

    Developer 08 10:21

  • Apple preps TV enabled iMac ahead of own-brand telly

    Siri to control the UI

    Hardware 08 10:33

  • Mythbusters cannonball ‘myth-fires’

    Misses target, hits houses and car

    Science 08 10:42

  • Why are Android anti-virus firms so slow to react on Carrier IQ?

    Release of eradication 'detection' apps 1 month on raises questions

    Mobile 08 11:02

  • Steve Jobs' last design: New Apple HQ pics

    Doughnut of doom

    Hardware 08 11:14

  • Retailer reveals Nokia Lumia 710 UK debut date

    Not before Chrimbo

    Phones 08 11:17

  • Fusion-io: SSDs are useless ... Let's build one

    Developing super-speed SSD – SCSI Express accelerates SSD interface

    The Channel 08 11:34

  • Taxpayers to cough more for multi-billion pound failed NHS IT project

    CSC will reportedly continue work despite ginormous cockups. DoH!

    Government 08 11:47

  • Laptop bags: 15-inchers

    For folk with large luggables

    Laptops 08 12:00

  • Nokia to sell off luxury phone brand

    Gem-encrusted blower biz on block

    Mobile 08 12:16

  • Domesday Book put on touchscreen at Bletchley Park

    If Minority Report had been about medieval peasants ...

    Storage 08 12:39

  • Patchy app development security slammed

    Eight out of 10 tested apps riddled with flaws

    Applications 08 12:47

  • WD to research flash in Taiwan

    New R&D centre

    Storage 08 13:03

  • Tech firm deals collapse on fears of double dip

    Mergers and acquisitions down 20 per cent in November

    The Channel 08 13:22

  • TomTom axes 10% of workforce

    Overhauls R&D groups

    Financial News 08 13:43

  • iOS finally gets Palm compatibility

    As long as apps are wrapped up warm

    Mobile 08 14:02

  • The pace of change parts 1, 2 and 3

    Or, what cloud means for your company

    Cloud 08 14:18

  • New account of Flight 447 disaster published

    Computer rashly let pilots take over

    Bootnotes 08 14:43

  • Facebook tries to grow up by undergoing corporate rejig

    Be private and communicate to your stalkerbase... bitch

    Financial News 08 15:02

  • Judge Dredd vs Zombies

    'I am the Law'

    Games 08 15:06

  • Small biz owners plan for stingy Xmas celebrations

    Workers forced to pull their own cracker

    Small Biz 08 15:22

  • Ofcom sets out ambitious plans for 2012/13

    Spectrum auctions, Olympic Games and live complaints system

    Broadband 08 15:43

  • Feds probe alleged World Cup bid email hack

    We wuz robbed

    Security 08 16:03

  • Former Ingram Micro MD joins distie TD Maverick

    Plumping up the European market

    The Channel 08 16:22

  • Microsoft welcomes OSI open source to Win8 store

    GPL blocked at the door

    Developer 08 16:33

  • Brocade has 2-year Fibre Channel headstart on rival

    Cisco you laggard ...

    Storage 08 17:04

  • North America makes entry into dino fatty league

    73-tonne dino is US's biggest yet

    Science 08 17:19

  • Digital certificate authority suspends ops following breach

    Hackers access database, gain control over website

    Security 08 17:44

  • Cloudera gets proactive with Hadoop management

    Lets loose freebie control freak

    Cloud 08 18:20

  • Broadcom bullish in 802.11ac and in-car Ethernet

    No need to rip-and-replace Wi-Fi yet

    Broadband 08 21:30

  • Netflix set to make your video history public

    That Jenna Jameson phase will haunt you

    Media 08 21:42

  • OpenDNS puts crypto in beta

    DNSCrypt tries to block snooping

    Security 08 22:00

  • Some aspects of NBN anti-competitive, says PC

    It’s a monopoly, what did you expect?

    Mobile 08 22:45

  • Google splashes $US300m on HK data centre

    Oompa-Loompas for Honkers by 2013

    Cloud 08 23:00

  • Iran displays video footage of captured US spy drone

    Lodges official complaint over airspace violations

    Government 08 23:07

  • Wind farms get better forecasts

    First win for UNSW under new IP arrangements

    Business 08 23:30