7th December 2011 Archive

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  • Oracle whips out Solaris 11 system lasher

    Say farewell to some Cluster 3.3 features

    Servers 07 Dec 00:27

  • Microsoft seeks to woo developers with Windows 8 store

    Goes live in February, suggesting 2012 OS launch

    Developer 07 Dec 02:06

  • Fruit Ninja dev takes Sydney studio

    Stoner maintains NSW gov digital hub focus

    Business 07 Dec 04:04

  • OWC 6G Mercury Aura Pro Express SSD

    Speedier solid-state storage for your MacBook Air

    Hardware 07 Dec 07:00

  • Headmaster freezes schoolkids for Gaia

    Earth Goddess requires sacrifices

    Science 07 Dec 08:02

  • Texas Memory Systems gets some enterprise street cred

    High availability flash array here at last

    Storage 07 Dec 08:33

  • Solar winds are blowing away the Moon's topsoil - NASA

    Plasma storms 'sandblast' decatonnes of lunar dirt into space

    Science 07 Dec 09:00

  • Row over Korean election DDoS attack heats up

    Ruling party staffer accused of disrupting Seoul mayoral by-election

    Security 07 Dec 09:23

  • UK.gov uses Experian data to sniff out fraudsters

    HMRC and DWP ink deal with agency to detect tax and benefits cheats

    Government 07 Dec 09:41

  • Rainbow Islands


    Games 07 Dec 10:00

  • Patent tax break takes effect in April 2013

    'Patent Box' is strong incentive for UK companies to develop IP

    Law 07 Dec 10:17

  • IMFT exposes its incredible shrinking NAND

    Nand shrinks: 20nm and counting

    Storage 07 Dec 10:41

  • Oz rail company sold USB keys from lost property in auction

    All your brollies, data sticks and lost scarves are belong to us...

    Security 07 Dec 11:01

  • RIM gives up on BBX name after court order

    BBX trademark already belonged to US software company

    Law 07 Dec 11:16

  • Thieves plunder apartment for Facebook booty

    Don't flash your wares online, advises Sao Paulo cop

    Security 07 Dec 11:32

  • ICO smacks Welsh council with record £130k fine

    Vulnerable child's data sent to same stranger who received the last breach...

    Government 07 Dec 11:47

  • 2011's Best... Cars


    Science 07 Dec 12:00

  • Secrets of the asteroid belt: Vesta actually more like a planet

    NASA spacecraft finds complex rock formations

    Science 07 Dec 12:16

  • Current Comet owner hit with half year loss

    Kesa looks forward to offloading ailing retailer

    Financial News 07 Dec 12:33

  • Groupon still on ASA naughty step with more complaints upheld

    Too many boobs in e-coupon site's basket

    Media 07 Dec 12:47

  • New Turing petition calls for criminal pardon

    Originator of original government apology petition describes move as a 'mistake'

    Government 07 Dec 13:04

  • Alec Baldwin kicked off plane for playing with his phone

    Hollywood star - glued to word game - gets marching orders

    Mobile 07 Dec 13:18

  • Netflix snubs 'Tech City' for Luxembourg

    Media2.0sluts mourn

    Media 07 Dec 13:39

  • Facebook finally rolls out Timeline feature... but only in NZ

    Kiwis first to SHARE their story with the WORLD

    Media 07 Dec 14:02

  • Brit balloonist reclaims UK altitude record

    Hits 40,986 metres, then invades Belgium

    SPB 07 Dec 14:22

  • Acer CEO: No more 'cheap and unprofitable' products

    Sets sights on ultrabooks...

    The Channel 07 Dec 14:43

  • British athlete puts self on eBay

    Sprinter uses auction to get sponsors for London Olympics

    Small Biz 07 Dec 15:04

  • God particle may be within our grasp

    Rumours of Higgs sightings precede latest results seminar

    Science 07 Dec 15:22

  • SSDs choked by crummy disk interfaces

    Gotta be PCIe and not SAS or SATA

    Storage 07 Dec 15:43

  • Gadget-hackers post how-to on BlackBerry PlayBook jailbreak

    Roots you, sir

    Hardware 07 Dec 16:04

  • New species of dinosaur discovered... in museum

    Dusty fossil of horny Canadian beast

    Science 07 Dec 16:27

  • Early 2012 date for UK Kindle Fire debut

    No joy from Santa, then

    Laptops and Tablets 07 Dec 16:35

  • ASA upholds customer complaint against eBuyer

    Watchdog: Negative comments are also 'useful'

    Small Biz 07 Dec 16:43

  • Even brilliant sysadmins need help plugging holes

    External audits fix issues you didn't know were there

    Servers 07 Dec 17:05

  • HP readies fresh WebOS update

    CEO's verdict on OS' future due next week

    Laptops and Tablets 07 Dec 17:09

  • Man fights felony hacking charge for accessing wife's email

    Gmail showed her having extramarital affair

    Security 07 Dec 17:42

  • Dell pulls Streak 7 from US online store

    Insists still committed to tablets

    The Channel 07 Dec 18:03

  • Apple poaches Brit sales boss from HP's PC group

    Channel assault on corporates

    The Channel 07 Dec 18:54

  • Server business stalls in EMEA

    Western Europe hits new low

    Servers 07 Dec 19:30

  • Google hands Britain’s eTown award to Scunthorpe

    Well there’s nowt else to do in Scunny

    Media 07 Dec 20:37

  • Yahoo! invests in New York uber studio

    Content creation hub set for March launch

    Business 07 Dec 21:30

  • HP's David Scott - After the Honeymoon

    Nekkid Tech at HP Discover

    Data Centre 07 Dec 22:15

  • BREAKTHROUGH: Feisty startup slashes chip power by 50%

    SuVolta to Intel: 'The future is the $10 chip, not the $200 chip'

    Hardware 07 Dec 22:29

  • Shoppers a boon for Oz Post

    E-tailing could be the postmasters best friend

    Business 07 Dec 22:30

  • Eyes on stalks: ancient predator a real monster

    Throw this shrimp on the barbie

    Science 07 Dec 23:00

  • Bill Gates discusses nuclear development deal with China

    TerraPower plans new form of low-risk nuclear reactor

    Science 07 Dec 23:07

  • Stars behind the clouds: Oz government wants ratings

    Security, privacy and trust should be standardized

    Cloud 07 Dec 23:30