2nd December 2011 Archive

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  • High Court reinstates Oz Galaxy 10.1 ban

    Turn around again, Samsung

    Law 02 03:55

  • Apple Thunderbolt Display 27in monitor

    Dream screen?

    Hardware 02 07:00

  • Software copied functions, but didn't infringe copyright

    ECJ advisor: No source-code sauciness in software smackdown

    Law 02 08:01

  • Dell cooks up new HPC strategy

    Not just a box-slinger anymore

    HPC 02 08:35

  • Top beak: Ignorant lawyers fumble electronic evidence

    Handling emails and files sends legal bills soaring

    Law 02 09:03

  • College sticks cloud into geothermal igloo data centre

    Investing in Iceland. What could go wrong?

    Servers 02 09:21

  • UK lays carbon plan before Earth Goddess

    Better buy a sweater, though

    Science 02 09:42

  • WD My Passport Studio 1TB external hard drive

    Metal storage for Macs

    Hardware 02 10:00

  • Vodafone releases Samsung Android 4.0 smartphone

    Audio bug fixed, operator offers Ice Cream Sarnie phone

    Phones 02 10:01

  • Dutch delay wireless wallets: T-Mobile waves, doesn't pay

    NFC rollout pushed back

    Small Biz 02 10:18

  • Antarctic ice formed at CO2 levels much higher than today's

    Not going to melt any time soon, says boffin

    Science 02 10:27

  • Facebook now has 1,000 times the referrals of Google+

    Numbers dropping fast as Google plans major upgrades

    Media 02 10:42

  • Supercomputer helps boffins crack 3D material sims...

    Tokyo Tech nabs Gordon Bell Prize and $10k for metal materials work

    HPC 02 11:00

  • Man's phone burns, toasts trouser region

    Samsung Galaxy S II goes up in smoke

    Phones 02 11:06

  • WD dries out flood-trashed fab, pumps out first disks

    Deadly Thai disaster cost biz at least $50m to clean up

    The Channel 02 11:16

  • Cyber-war law would expose customer privates to spies

    Big biz and US govt propose info sharing

    Government 02 11:31

  • Facebook disses Effin Irishwoman

    Bans 'offensive' village

    Networks 02 11:48

  • Happy birthday, Apple QuickTime

    Released 20 years ago today

    Vintage 02 12:00

  • Brussels' statement of objections against Google is MEATY

    Antitrust probe to deliver 400-page wad detailing complaints

    Government 02 12:14

  • Couldn't be there? Our conference vids for you

    The Register and Intel LIVE 2011

    Enterprise Tech 02 12:14

  • Greatest ever first-person shooter* brought back to life

    Halo forebear Marathon is back

    Games 02 12:24

  • OpRobinHood more likely to stiff punters than bankers

    Stealing from the rich, giving grief to the poor

    Security 02 12:36

  • Acer releases second-gen Android tablet

    Pledges Ice Cream Sarnie update next month

    Tablets 02 12:40

  • Quantum computing comes closer as diamonds get spooky

    Boffins 'entangle' synthi-gems at room temperature

    Science 02 12:40

  • Germany gloomy over AT&T merger

    Fears T-Mobile deal is kaput

    Financial News 02 12:52

  • 'I'm the first to admit that we've made a bunch of mistakes'

    Plus 'The last Kardashian clan I heard of were on Star Trek'

    Bootnotes 02 13:03

  • YouTube morphs into TV-wannabe with a splat of social goo

    Google badly wants to cash in on YOUR VIEWING EYES

    Media 02 13:19

  • RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook rooted

    Hackers plan to unleash tool to penetrate tablet

    Hardware 02 13:39

  • TV writer quells rumours of Doctor Who movie

    Moffatt says no film yet ... but if there was one, it'd be British

    Hardware 02 13:59

  • UK cops seek boffins to build handheld DNA sniffer kit

    Just zoom and enhance - like CSI on the telly

    Law 02 14:22

  • Just who are you and why does it matter?

    World's latest endangered species: our private lives

    Media 02 14:41

  • Azlan inserts temporary head at HP biz unit

    John Ward on board until permanent replacement found

    The Channel 02 15:01

  • Micron's glass memory monster chews up slowcoach flash

    Chip's got the write stuff

    Storage 02 15:18

  • Capita signs £560m deal with BBC

    Auntie spends big to make savings

    The Channel 02 15:42

  • RIM swallows $485m charge to clear PlayBook tablet mountain

    Lowers Q3 sales outlook, takes $50m hit from service outage

    The Channel 02 16:01

  • Dead at 13: Napster 1998-2011

    P2P pioneer, later online music shop, closed in US

    Hardware 02 16:15

  • Yahoo! 0-day! exploit! hijacks! status! updates!

    Right now I'm: spamming my contacts with malware links

    Security 02 16:23

  • Distie Stordis plans to steer clear of Acer server biz

    Server shortages and lead times 'not a pleasant experience'

    The Channel 02 16:27

  • Groupon grotty grotto rage forces Santa's chief elf to quit

    How the Groupon voucher stole Christmas

    Small Biz 02 16:42

  • Java tops for hackers, warns Microsoft

    Apply patches to known holes

    Developer 02 17:03

  • Cloudy servers find their niches

    Minimalist boxes for hyperscale cheapskates

    Servers 02 17:16

  • Apache: Old, out of touch, but worth it...

    GitHub who?

    Developer 02 17:21

  • NetApp loses ground again in IDC's Storage Tracker

    Third quarter repetition

    Storage 02 17:42

  • ESA gives up on duff Russian Mars probe Phobos-Grunt

    Russians vow to keep trying until it comes down burning

    Science 02 17:44

  • Baby-kissers battle over what to do with White Spaces

    Politicians divided on free airwaves and broadcast TV

    Broadband 02 18:02

  • NoSQL hopeful cozies up to Hadoop data-muncher

    Big data love-in

    Developer 02 18:21

  • iPhone banned in Steve Jobs' ancestral home

    Syrian regime tightens respressive screws another turn

    Government 02 18:46

  • Feds clear Google, AdMeld melding

    Justice Department: 'Competitive'. Others may disagree

    Business 02 19:19

  • Verizon slips $3.6bn shiv into AT&T, T-Mobile ribs

    Wireless pecking order exploded by massive spectrum purchase

    Mobile 02 21:20

  • Carrier IQ VP: App on millions of phones not a privacy risk

    Like tiny fish through a net, key taps dropped from memory

    Security 02 23:48