29th November 2011 Archive

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  • Call recording cloud gets funding and ex-Telstra exec

    'Your call may be recorded for quality control purposes'

    Business 29 Nov 00:02

  • YaCy takes on Google with open source search engine

    Good idea, stupid name

    Software 29 Nov 00:03

  • Global server sales cool a smidgen

    Waiting for Opteron 6200, Xeon E5, and the EU to stabilize

    Servers 29 Nov 00:29

  • CSIRO software tapped for e-health transition

    Translating records in a snap

    Law 29 Nov 00:30

  • Sth Korean gamers suffer joystick curfew shock

    Under 16s suffer Cinderella shutdown

    Bootnotes 29 Nov 01:00

  • Malls suspend plan to track shoppers' cellphones

    Privacy concerns rain on retailer's snoop fest

    Security 29 Nov 01:07

  • Kinect 2 said to read lips, sense mood

    'Read my lips, Xbox: Halo sucks'

    Hardware 29 Nov 01:13

  • Using virtual particles to get real random numbers

    Bouncing photons off ‘empty space’

    Science 29 Nov 01:30

  • Facebook IPO said to set value at $100bn

    Find out in April. Or May. Or June – unless the eurozone implodes

    Financial News 29 Nov 01:48

  • Backyard astronomer snaps Beta Pictoris dust disk

    Kiwi claims ‘first amateur’ to catch exo-solar system

    Science 29 Nov 05:57

  • Ice Cream Sandwich

    Just how tasty is Android 4.0?

    Phones 29 Nov 07:00

  • EU can't discriminate between public and private personal data

    Organisations can lawfully process personal data without consent

    Government 29 Nov 08:01

  • NetApp team tags Iron Mountain for cloudy medical archiving

    Healthcare play

    Storage 29 Nov 08:32

  • Osborne to SAVE ECONOMY with help from Media 2.0 websluts

    Open data mashups, that's exactly what UK needs

    Government 29 Nov 09:04

  • Councils emailed vulnerable people's data to strangers

    ICO fines Worcestershire and North Somerset for breaches

    Government 29 Nov 09:16

  • Strap-on thruster daredevil shows off Swiss peak formation

    Pocket rocket man can't get enough high-altitude Alps antics

    Science 29 Nov 09:33

  • How to stop network traffic fighting like cat and dog

    Picking the right route for the right packets

    Servers 29 Nov 09:46

  • Seagate embiggens hybrid drive, won't say how...

    Fast flash software for added oomph

    Storage 29 Nov 10:01

  • CamScanner

    Is that a page scanner in your pocket?

    Phones 29 Nov 10:02

  • RIM server upgrade draws Android and iOS into the fold

    BES takes on non-Blackberry enterprise server rivals

    The Channel 29 Nov 10:11

  • Best Buy fires parting shot at Dixons with closing down sale

    If we're going down, you're coming with us

    The Channel 29 Nov 10:23

  • Don't buy my new £210 box set - Elvis Costello

    Brutal truth from the Brutal Youth

    Small Biz 29 Nov 10:32

  • Symbian users: Prove you exist with NFC Foursquare check-ins

    Dying service embraces dead OS with latest wireless tech

    Small Biz 29 Nov 10:41

  • Web smut oglers accosted by bogus pop-up plod fines

    Relax, it's just a scam, say cops

    Security 29 Nov 10:52

  • Open-source skills best hope for landing a good job

    But don't rip up your Microsoft Certified IT Professional papers yet

    Developer 29 Nov 11:00

  • Jarmageddon: Marmite spill sparks biohazard threat

    Lorry crash jams M1, leaves cops in the brown stuff

    Bootnotes 29 Nov 11:12

  • HTC insists German 3G mobe sales ban is kaput

    Android handset maker and IPCom spar over injunction

    Mobile 29 Nov 11:21

  • HP's fraught union with Autonomy bears first fruit

    IDOL 10 turns big biz data chaos into some sort of sense

    Storage 29 Nov 11:32

  • British Library sprinkles digital dust on dusty newsprint

    Online archive opens up – at a cost

    Small Biz 29 Nov 11:43

  • UK's top tech startup: Glasgow's tiny circle of animation wizards

    The world of Muvizu

    Small Biz 29 Nov 11:51

  • Smart TV shootout

    The major players go head-to-head

    Hardware 29 Nov 12:00

  • Virtually indestructible robostarfish penetrates tiny cracks

    Wriggling flexi-bot created by Harvard boffins

    Science 29 Nov 12:11

  • Toshiba readies zero Watt standby mode telly

    Hero and zero

    Hardware 29 Nov 12:13

  • 13 MILLION gamers in ID theft scare after Nexon breach

    Game items offered to punters who change their passwords

    Security 29 Nov 12:22

  • iOS 5.1 name-checks next-gen iPad, iPhone

    Apple's upcoming telly too?

    Phones 29 Nov 12:24

  • MPs: This plan for proper navy carriers and jets is crazy!

    Quite simply not a clue what they're on about

    Bootnotes 29 Nov 12:32

  • Brit security biz Clearswift pockets £30m from sugar daddies

    Email and web guardian bought by Lyceum

    Small Biz 29 Nov 12:43

  • Schneier: Teens and treaties - our cyber-war saviors

    We're all going to die! Er, no, we're not...

    Developer 29 Nov 12:51

  • How digital audio ate itself ... and the music biz

    Part Two: The attack of the clones

    Media 29 Nov 13:00

  • Sky's mobile movies move leaves Apple, Amazon gasping

    It actually produces content, too...

    Phones 29 Nov 13:12

  • Driving customer focus with information

    Big data to the rescue?

    CIO 29 Nov 13:26

  • Give Osborne a shovel: UK economy stuck in deep hole

    Blames Eurozone, Labour, ANYONE but govt for 'debt storm'

    Small Biz 29 Nov 13:32

  • Groupon shares plunge: Drain in sight

    Cyber Monday not a good day for coupon site

    Small Biz 29 Nov 13:41

  • Lone! sugar! daddy! yearns! to! seduce! Yahoo! US!

    Single investment firm just wants American biz

    Business 29 Nov 13:52

  • Revealed: Full specs on Mars rover's nuclear laser heat ray

    Megawatt beam to disintegrate the red planet's pinheads

    Science 29 Nov 13:56

  • Ten... top Xbox Live game downloads

    Match points

    Games 29 Nov 14:00

  • Distie-loving cloud kingpin beds Ingram Micro

    'Distributors are future cloud brokers'

    The Channel 29 Nov 14:29

  • Iran bans Tehran invasion first-person shooter

    Shopkeepers arrested for stocking Battlefield 3

    Games 29 Nov 14:35

  • Gone in a Flash: Adobe's long march to HTML5

    Rise and fall of the Player

    Developer 29 Nov 14:46

  • Danger worm hijacks Facebook accounts to inject banking Trojan

    Beware of poisoned photo links

    Security 29 Nov 15:02

  • UK.gov slaps £100m on broadband investment pile for urbanites

    'Super-connected cities' planned. But no extra cash for rural areas

    Government 29 Nov 15:17

  • Duff Mars probe team sweats under Medvedev menaces

    Phobos-Grunt relapses into silence

    Science 29 Nov 15:20

  • LOHAN: Reader vacuum pump plans really suck

    Top quality amateur boffinry from El Reg spaceplane fans

    SPB 29 Nov 15:31

  • Grooveshark bunged staff bonuses 'for pirating music'

    Universal Music accuses streaming site in court docs

    Media 29 Nov 15:46

  • Consumer interest in Windows 8 tablets slumps

    Too late to market?

    Tablets 29 Nov 15:46

  • Supply snitches: 4in iPhone 5 screens shipping now

    'Sharp, Hitachi making big hi-res LCD screens'

    Mobile 29 Nov 16:03

  • Desktop Virtualisation for highly legislated environments

    Legal eagles tap into desktop

    Enterprise Tech 29 Nov 16:16

  • Acer, Samsung, Lenovo line up behind Nvidia Tegra 3

    Five-core fondleslabs from the three of 'em

    Tablets 29 Nov 16:20

  • HP invites just its best friends to 2012 partner bash

    'We couldn't invite everybody'

    The Channel 29 Nov 16:42

  • Apple, Google apps face smut and violence ratings

    Five-point scale to separate PG from adult-only filth

    Developer 29 Nov 17:06

  • US boffins unleash piezoelectric insect cyborg

    'Leccy-generating beetle for hazardous missions

    Science 29 Nov 17:34

  • Red Hat sales chief tapped as Acronis CEO

    Pinchev to push growth

    Operating Systems 29 Nov 18:04

  • Mint Linux freshens up web searches

    We've got our own engine. Swallow that, Google and Microsoft

    Developer 29 Nov 18:32

  • Cisco salivates over exploding data center traffic

    Transmuting gigabits per second into dollars per quarter

    Data Networking 29 Nov 19:02

  • Intel sneaks out low-power microserver chip

    Dusts off Pentium brand for one more go

    Servers 29 Nov 19:10

  • European court advisor slams software copyrights

    SAS loses round in World Programming case

    Developer 29 Nov 20:24

  • Microsoft issues first upgrade to Office 365

    SkyDrive updated, support for Lync and OS X Lion added

    Applications 29 Nov 20:30

  • Facebook, FTC settle over privacy ‘deception’

    All Friends again - for 20 years at least

    Security 29 Nov 20:55

  • Oz robo-soldiers in US Marines' firing line

    Take out the dummy on the Segway, sarge!

    Science 29 Nov 21:00

  • HP confident on HPC future

    Wants to be the ‘HP’ in HPC, not the ‘dot’ in dot-matrix

    HPC 29 Nov 21:38

  • Insanely great PCIe 4.0 bit rate locked in

    'Boutique' spec aimed at rarified speedsters

    Hardware 29 Nov 21:53

  • Google researchers propose fix for ailing SSL system

    Changes would overhaul net's foundation of trust

    Security 29 Nov 21:57

  • WordPress’ Google potshot: users deserve better

    AdSense state of the art? ‘Sad’

    Media 29 Nov 22:00

  • Cray notches another XE6-Cascades super deal

    Dancing the Japanese two-step

    HPC 29 Nov 22:49

  • Down under climate messages get more strident

    Southern ocean warming worries scientists, heatwaves terrify government

    Science 29 Nov 23:00

  • System crash briefly grounds Qantas boarding passes

    Mile-high pilot romp doesn’t help rep, either

    Bootnotes 29 Nov 23:30

  • Siri gets Android rival as Cluzee goes live

    Apple was first, but is Android better?

    Mobile 29 Nov 23:47