28th November 2011 Archive

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  • Oz gummint looks into seniors’ cyber-safety

    Fogies fear phishers

    Security 28 00:01

  • Future of computing crystal-balled by top chip boffins

    Bad news: It's going to be tough. Good news: You won't be replaced

    Hardware 28 06:00

  • Jawbone Up wearable health sensor

    Tech tag that fights the flab

    Phones 28 07:00

  • Randy plods plundered police records just to get a date

    Data violator cops busted

    Law 28 08:09

  • Dawdling EU countries smacked over telecoms reforms

    Citizens were supposed to get rights to info on ISPs and cookie-tracking

    Broadband 28 08:31

  • Online store offers secondhand MP3 marketplace

    ReDigi to recycle digital music

    Hardware 28 08:47

  • Wales relaunches bilingual online traffic info service

    Cymru car crashes detailed on Microsoft Bing Maps

    Government 28 09:03

  • Intel preps Thunderbolt docking tech for Ultrabooks

    Desktop friendly

    Laptops 28 09:09

  • Smith's tablet turns web into jumbo reading club

    Gather 'round the Fire, er, Kobo, everyone

    Media 28 09:16

  • Devs tempted to hit the source at appMobi's free bar

    Celebration or desperation from cloudy crowd?

    Developer 28 09:31

  • Irish banks settle with Oracle over banking software 'fiasco'

    Bankers spunked millions on Flexcube

    Management 28 09:44

  • BMW, Fiat join Connected Car Consortium

    Smartphone, meet in-car system

    Science 28 09:49

  • Pocket Boom portable vibration speaker

    Make cardboard boxes, brollies sing

    Hardware 28 10:00

  • Intel readies Xeon E5 mobo assault

    CPU, chipset, networking, motherboard – complete

    Servers 28 10:11

  • iPhone 4/4S 'self combusts' in airliner inferno

    Jesus mobe 'glowed red', belched smoke

    Phones 28 10:22

  • Flood-hit Sony snubs shoppers to shore up sales

    Sets sights on £17bn of non-consumer kit by 2017

    Financial News 28 10:32

  • Chancellor to raid pensions, Whitehall to revamp UK broadband

    £30bn pledge backed by China's deep pockets

    Government 28 10:41

  • Stonehenge finds hint at rituals far more ancient than the stones

    Engima of the 'Heel Stone' partially unravelled

    Bootnotes 28 10:51

  • Psst, kid... Wanna learn how to hack?

    The £25 computer to teach youngsters real computing skills

    Hardware 28 11:00

  • HTC faces Xmas sales ban misery in Germany

    3G patent surrender could send Santa packing

    Mobile 28 11:12

  • Radio hams pick up Mars rover Curiosity's signals

    German enthusiasts collaborate with NASA

    Science 28 11:19

  • Apple preps updated 11, 13, 15in MacBook Airs

    Ultrabook challengers in pipeline

    Laptops 28 11:29

  • HTC: Apple and Samsung won't steal our lunch

    Talks up mystery mobes to soothe flighty investors

    Mobile 28 11:33

  • Feds seize 130 sites in Cyber Monday crackdown

    Bogus handbags no longer threaten the web

    Hosting 28 11:42

  • Panasonic to punt smartphones in Europe

    Blower up the business

    Phones 28 11:43

  • Phoenix sales and profits falling as UK economy burns

    Boss calls for divisional overhaul to cut costs

    The Channel 28 11:51

  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android smartphone

    Ice Cream Sandwich, anyone?

    Phones 28 12:00

  • Humans saved from EXTINCTION by Viv Westwood

    Well, do you fancy a bleak future shivering in the Arctic?

    Science 28 12:11

  • Vodafone coughs to Galaxy S II GPS glitches

    Lock-less monster to be dealt with

    Mobile 28 12:16

  • Spooks take the wheel in UK's £650m cyber-war operations

    GCHQ to lead info sharing with govt and biz

    Security 28 12:17

  • Reg Hardware Awards 2011 declared OPEN

    Cast your vote for the best - and the worst - kit of 2011

    Awards 28 12:33

  • LG names smartphone Android 4.0 recipients

    Optimus update list announced

    Phones 28 12:36

  • Ken Russell dies aged 84

    RIP Tommy helmsman

    Bootnotes 28 12:41

  • Biology miss punts homemade smut to pupils

    USB stick blunder unleashes X-rated personal vids

    Bootnotes 28 12:51

  • Word and Excel creator: How Gates, Jobs and HAL shaped Office

    Simonyi on the code, people and films that inspired Microsoft

    Developer 28 13:00

  • Phobos-Grunt 'crippled by US aurora station', 'is a bio-weapon'

    Medvedev 'I'm not saying put someone up against a wall, but ...'

    Science 28 13:09

  • Ebuyer knocked out by own £1 deals site

    Servers stunned by stampede of bargain-hunters

    Small Biz 28 13:21

  • World may be short 70 MILLION disk drives

    HDD death by flood supply strangulation this quarter

    Storage 28 13:31

  • Galaxy Nexus audio bug patched... unofficially

    Beta code from Samsung, Google leaked

    Phones 28 13:34

  • UK.gov to build child army of software coders

    Presumably they will all be supping on Silicon Roundabout milkshakes soon

    Developer 28 13:41

  • Manila AT&T hackers linked to Mumbai terror attack - cops

    Four alleged line-jackers cuffed with aid from FBI

    Security 28 13:47

  • Networking integrator Redstone staggers back to its feet

    Down but not out after new bosses fire staff, flog assets...

    The Channel 28 13:54

  • Free cluster for a good cause

    SCC11 system up for grabs

    HPC 28 14:00

  • Ball-gazer casts magic runes to heal HP's credibility

    Swallowing startups pushes up Gartner ranking

    Storage 28 14:12

  • Ubuntu penguins build Linux TV challenge

    Turned to Microsoft and Google?

    Developer 28 14:23

  • Black Friday: Bargain-hunting mobs on the rampage

    Sales are good, shoppers aren't

    Financial News 28 14:32

  • Car safety agency sparks e-car battery probe

    GM Volt under scrutiny after post-prang fires

    Science 28 14:37

  • Won't someone think of the .children, begs Russian registry

    .ru operator to ask ICANN for kid-friendly TLD

    Hosting 28 14:41

  • Apple fanbois get app to summon store staff

    Want to catch gopher's eye? There's an app for that

    Applications 28 14:52

  • Time up for Oracle's HTML5 killer?

    Message to Ellison: no more JavaFX reboots

    Developer 28 15:00

  • Apple killer app Siri struggles with Indian regional accents

    Scottish can also scotch iPhone voice assistance

    Mobile 28 15:15

  • Google bows before Europe for Motorola's hand in marriage

    EC's approval needed in $12.5bn buy-up quest

    Financial News 28 15:32

  • Second US Navy robot stealth bomber takes flight

    Yes, but can it sing You've Lost That Loving Feeling?

    Government 28 15:47

  • RFID pioneer taps out one last time

    Charlie Walton

    Broadband 28 16:01

  • Business Cloud Summit preps for launch

    Countdown begins

    Management 28 16:18

  • Mars rover Curiosity autographed by Obama

    Also schoolgirl who named it, 1.24m others

    Science 28 16:33

  • Hacker cuffed in job interview sting with hotel he blackmailed

    Hungarian demanded Marriott job after stealing secrets

    Security 28 16:39

  • Sony Ericsson: Android 4.0 updates out by March 2012

    Ice Cream Sarnie schedule revealed

    Phones 28 16:53

  • Nokia has good Black Friday, won't be sharing with NSN

    Given red-headed stepchild cash 'for the last time'

    Mobile 28 17:02

  • TI throws DSPs at supercomputers

    Seeing if they will stick, like GPU coprocessors

    HPC 28 17:15

  • Russia successfully launches Glonass-M

    Sweaty Russian space bosses heave sigh of relief

    Science 28 17:21

  • MIT boffin's 'truth goggles' probe print and pols

    Journalists and politicians run for cover

    Media 28 18:59

  • Assange shocker: 'Of course I'm a goddamn journalist'

    Meanwhile, overhauled whistle-blower system delayed

    Media 28 19:02

  • Apple's founding contract to fetch up to $150,000

    Sotheby's auctions off the ultimate fanboi holiday gift

    Business 28 19:35

  • Pirated software hard drive on display as art

    Don’t try that excuse when the RIAA visit

    Media 28 20:21

  • Netflix rules out Kiwi launch

    Broadband is crap, can't get the rights

    Business 28 21:33

  • Twitter crypto purchase leaves Egypt dissidents in lurch

    Android privacy service goes dark

    Security 28 21:47

  • Report: SAS controller bug holding up Xeon E5 launch

    A different bug this time?

    Hardware 28 22:26

  • Mobile number exhaustion accelerating in Oz

    Regulator plots out new numbering plan

    Broadband 28 22:30

  • Copyright industry opposes ISPs’ proposed regime

    Comms Alliance has opened up the debate, and that’s a good thing

    Law 28 23:00

  • Hub and spoke gives data analytics a new spin

    More tools in the warehouse

    Data Warehousing 28 23:30

  • Toyota unveils 'smartphone on four wheels'

    Concept car silliness at Tokyo Motor Show

    Science 28 23:54