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Moviemakers on a quest for their real-time 3D Holy Grail

The massive blockbuster Avatar reintroduced 3D to the 21st century.
Chris Bidmead, 27 Nov 2011
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Yahoo! and! Sony! tuck! into! interactive! multimedia! ads!

This week could go down as the dawn of the interactive multimedia advert era, as both Yahoo and Sony make very different plays in the field. Yahoo launched an advertising platform called "Living Ads" aimed at tablets, which combines print, online and TV type advertising on a single page, kicking off with a campaign for launch partner Toyota‘s Prius car.
Faultline, 27 Nov 2011
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Oz journalism award to Assange™

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has branded Australian PM Julia Gillard a “coward” and her government “craven” in his Walkley Awards acceptance speech for 'Outstanding Contribution to Journalism.'
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Foxconn takes to the cloud with US$63m

Apple’s Taiwanese gadget manufacturer Foxconn is moving into cloud computing, announcing that it will invest $US63.3 million over the next five years, in at least two cloud computing facilities.
Internet of things device fits into palm of hand

Keep the utopians out of my fridge

Rant Inside of every free-wheeling tech entrepreneur, there’s a Stalinist trying to get out.