25th November 2011 Archive

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  • Microsoft to Aussie gov: Privacy rules stifle e-Health

    Shows the WTO pistol in the drawer

    Government 25 Nov 00:01

  • Oz ISPs propose copyright enforcement trial

    Easing the gorilla out of the kitchen

    Law 25 Nov 03:01

  • Amazon Kindle Fire

    Content consumption kit

    Laptops and Tablets 25 Nov 07:00

  • Ex-NASA space shuttle to touch down on aircraft carrier

    Enterprise to make Intrepid landing in 2012

    Science 25 Nov 08:01

  • Shock: Council dumps data wad - doesn't break any laws

    Everything you wanted to know about Surrey, but were afraid to search

    Government 25 Nov 08:33

  • Our roving reporter snaps Tenerife sex dangle

    Randy Brit tourist caught hanging from stairs

    Bootnotes 25 Nov 09:01

  • Apple iPhone owners are the most loyal smartphone buyers

    RIM shot by wavering BlackBerry owners

    Phones 25 Nov 09:07

  • Rock star physicist Cox: Neutrinos won't help us cheat time

    Don't fire up the faster-than-light DeLorean. Boo!

    Enterprise Tech 25 Nov 09:17

  • Cabinet Secretary: Freedom of Info law stifles policy confabs

    I can't advise ministers in private, huffs Sir Gus

    Government 25 Nov 09:31

  • LOHAN fondles substantial concrete buttocks

    'J-Lo' structure to protect El Reg rocket test operatives

    SPB 25 Nov 09:46

  • PS Vita will play all PS3 games remotely

    Existing titles supported at PSP resolution

    Games 25 Nov 09:54

  • Thumbs Up Desktop Phone

    Cheap and cheerful handset for the iPhone

    Phones 25 Nov 10:00

  • Capita seeks 99 heads for chopping block

    Pink slips dished out at Xmas

    The Channel 25 Nov 10:11

  • Hot pixelated Mac action to stuff fanbois' Xmas stockings

    Icon artist Susan Kare publishes coffee table book

    Media 25 Nov 10:22

  • First third-party app to get Siri support demo'd

    Proxy hack

    Phones 25 Nov 10:25

  • ISP outcry halts cybercops' automatic .UK takedown plan

    Telcos troubled by domain cut-offs without court orders

    Networks 25 Nov 10:32

  • T-Mobile boasts budget smartphone for less than £100

    Viva la city

    Phones 25 Nov 10:38

  • ALL US pro basketball to be played by topless strippers

    As NBA lockout continues, NYC team names its ball-handler

    Bootnotes 25 Nov 10:46

  • It's the ALL NEW FUTURISTIC WEAPONS Black Friday Roundup!

    Suitcase assassin drone, electric stun rockets and more

    Security 25 Nov 11:00

  • Global warming much less serious than thought - new science

    We're looking at just a couple of degrees with double CO2

    Science 25 Nov 11:07

  • Cheap-as-chips kit smashes Intel's HD video encryption

    German boffins crack HDCP with $200 gear

    Hardware 25 Nov 11:17

  • Europe: warning, these Angry Birds CAN KILL KIDS

    Rip-off plushies trigger alert

    Hardware 25 Nov 11:22

  • Punters even more dissatisfied by Virgin Media's package

    Not our fault rivals have 'upped their game', says VM

    Broadband 25 Nov 11:32

  • Bloke claims ex swiped his sperm to make twins

    'She would take the condom and run out of the room'

    Bootnotes 25 Nov 11:43

  • Wonder tonic keeps mobiles pumping web for longer

    Battery-draining surfing offloaded by proxy

    Cloud 25 Nov 11:53

  • Olympus PEN Mini E-PM1

    The cheapest Micro Four Thirds camera money can buy

    Hardware 25 Nov 12:00

  • Will Mars rover Curiosity be the last of its nuclear kind?

    Politicos bicker over peanuts for plutonium production

    Government 25 Nov 12:11

  • Samsung to 'exit netbooks'

    Ultrabook focus, apparently

    Laptops and Tablets 25 Nov 12:18

  • Bone boffins find remains of ancient tuna dinner

    Humans were 'trolling' the deep seas 42,000 years ago, says prof

    Science 25 Nov 12:23

  • Demon Currys iPad showered kids with HARD-CORE smut

    Bosses very, very sorry after shop web filter fail

    Security 25 Nov 12:32

  • AT&T poised to kick T-Mobile USA out of bed

    Proposed merger on the rocks as firms give up on FCC for now

    Financial News 25 Nov 12:38

  • Shock claim: Playing Elder Scrolls WILL MAKE YOU GAY

    Skyrim jobs for all

    Games 25 Nov 12:47

  • 'That is the best tattoo of James May on a leg I have ever seen'

    Plus: 'Buffy' - vampire slayer or Facebook smartphone?

    Bootnotes 25 Nov 12:53

  • How Apple beat IBM in Steve Jobs' first retail war

    A Christmas, PoS tale

    Business 25 Nov 13:00

  • London Fire Brigade issues voracious tambourine warning

    'You wouldn’t believe the incidents we’re called to'

    Bootnotes 25 Nov 13:11

  • Anonymous: 'We hacked cybercop's email'

    Forensic 'secrets' in F*ckFBIFriday dump

    Security 25 Nov 13:22

  • Max Mosley sues Google to block 'orgy' vid searches

    Ex-F1 boss declares search bots 'dangerous'

    Media 25 Nov 13:32

  • Cruel new punishment for hackers: Twitter, Facebook bans

    Nooooo, anything but that!

    Security 25 Nov 13:43

  • Ubuntu tells dumped CouchDB: It's not you, it's me

    Cloud storage dalliance is over

    Developer 25 Nov 13:52

  • Need for Speed: The Run

    Step on it

    Hardware 25 Nov 14:01

  • Boffins find new 2012 glyph on 'secret' Mayan brick

    Cryptic 1300-yr-old inscription ≠ doomsday, they insist

    Science 25 Nov 14:13

  • Climategate: A symptom of driving science off a cliff

    You just couldn't make it up

    Science 25 Nov 14:41

  • Disk drive prices swell 5% every DAY in floods aftermath

    Dealers accused of profiteering from Thai disaster

    The Channel 25 Nov 14:51

  • Judge tosses Netflix, Walmart conspiracy claim

    Firms did not partner to control DVD rentals and sales

    Law 25 Nov 15:02

  • Scareware slingers stumped by Google secure search

    Scam sites can't game search results

    Security 25 Nov 15:16

  • Penguin e-books back in libraries – but no new titles

    Publisher in talks with Amazon, Overdrive

    Media 25 Nov 15:32

  • Falklands, Cardiff lie beneath track of rogue Phobos-Grunt

    'Debris will probably hit remote unpopulated area' - UKSA

    Science 25 Nov 15:44

  • Office 15 beta ready for fondling by early 2012

    Touch it and you'll break it - but that's the point

    Applications 25 Nov 16:03

  • NASA's nuclear laser tank will hunt down any life on Mars

    Seriously though: How excellent if there was some

    Science 25 Nov 16:15

  • Huge mob swarms phone launch – but it's a BLACKBERRY

    Punters fainted - and not at the price

    Mobile 25 Nov 16:37

  • Flinging Facebook insults at Thai monarchy earns fat jail terms

    Bhummer! Ministry asks social network to delete rude comments

    Networks 25 Nov 16:47

  • Tablets need permanent Black Friday price slash to triumph

    Fondleslab costs must tumble, says analyst

    The Channel 25 Nov 17:02

  • Beware the software security scare silly season

    Don't let touts cloud your judgement

    Developer 25 Nov 17:31

  • Slip of a lad to play James Bond's Q

    Youthful gadgetmeister joins Skyfall cast

    Bootnotes 25 Nov 18:29

  • Amazon cloud rival adds object storage service

    Joyent: Expect petabytes and petabytes of storage

    Storage 25 Nov 19:32