23rd November 2011 Archive

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  • Microsoft to offer dual upgrade path for Windows 8

    One for the technical, another for the not so

    Operating Systems 23 Nov 00:59

  • FBI: No evidence of water system hack destroying pump

    Probe into SCADA breach continues

    Security 23 Nov 01:09

  • Inside the BBC's R&D Labs

    From the Lab to the living room

    Hardware 23 Nov 07:00

  • Storage minnow Infortrend is growing up... fast

    Adds tiering after adding SSD

    Storage 23 Nov 08:31

  • Plans for wave-pay Tube tickets don't convince pols

    '100% safe' claim shows Transport chiefs have no idea

    Broadband 23 Nov 09:01

  • UK has no idea if it's selling spyware to evil regimes

    And that's how we like it, thanks, says gov

    Developer 23 Nov 09:14

  • Elon Musk's SpaceX seeks 'private sector Cape Canaveral'

    So many rockets and ships, not enough launch pads

    Science 23 Nov 09:31

  • Hero dev writes the CODE that COULD SAVE THE WORLD

    Best summer coding job ever for US student?

    Developer 23 Nov 09:44

  • Fragged, fragged and thrice fragged! 20 years of id Software’s Doom

    Scary monsters and super creeps

    Games 23 Nov 10:00

  • Chromebooks: the flop of 2011?

    Puny sales figures

    Laptops 23 Nov 10:05

  • Yes! Perhaps! It's the Lady Gaga Thanksgiving Special!

    Glitter-covered children, an old man and an oily bird

    Bootnotes 23 Nov 10:16

  • 'Hands off our books, content miners! Those aren't cheap'

    Automated research slurping is bad, claim publishers

    Law 23 Nov 10:21

  • It's ALIVE! Broken Russian Mars probe finally answers calls

    Aussie station gets signal from rogue Phobos-Grunt

    Science 23 Nov 10:31

  • IBM pumps up the volumes for data pool party

    Plays a tune on Violin too

    The Channel 23 Nov 10:42

  • Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Apple's 3D recognition patent

    New tech identifies tanks, faces, tumours and more

    Developer 23 Nov 10:53

  • Fear and slow loading: Eclipse celebrates 10 unsettling years

    IBM's open-source project that could

    Developer 23 Nov 11:00

  • HP firesale wafts TouchPad to top of tablet chart

    Ignoring Apple, of course...

    Tablets 23 Nov 11:08

  • Genetically modified mutants 'safe for release' into the wild

    'Underdominance' experiment on remote island

    Science 23 Nov 11:13

  • Chinese £200 iPhone killer unwraps for Xmas

    We've been waiting for Steve to die, says biz boss

    Mobile 23 Nov 11:22

  • Microsoft renovates Xbox Live dashboard

    Tiles R us

    Games 23 Nov 11:23

  • McKinnon's mum wins human rights gong

    Janis Sharp praised for extradition law reform battle

    Security 23 Nov 11:32

  • Secret HP dossier on ex-CEO Hurd's antics to stay sealed

    Supreme Court says shareholder can't see red-hot file

    The Channel 23 Nov 11:41

  • 'Apple's iPhone 4S ate our SIM cards'

    Furious fanbois thwarted by phone failure

    Mobile 23 Nov 11:52

  • Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101

    Android tab with pop-out keyboard? WTF?!?

    Tablets 23 Nov 12:00

  • Councils 'fessed up to just 55 of 1,035 data loss shockers

    Watchdog kept in the dark by town halls, wants new powers

    Government 23 Nov 12:12

  • Streamline Computing goes titsup

    Warwick-based HPC reseller latest to hit the wall

    The Channel 23 Nov 12:16

  • Man nearly faints with relief as cops drop chopper charge

    Scary fake tool had panicked woman

    Bootnotes 23 Nov 12:24

  • Dragonriders of Pern author Anne McCaffrey dies

    Pioneering fantasy writer was 85

    Bootnotes 23 Nov 12:32

  • Hubble snaps mystery green death nebula in NGC 1846

    Curious case of dwarf galaxy's possible member loss

    Science 23 Nov 12:35

  • Apple stalks execs in the cloud

    Sign up to iCloud, write you own job description

    The Channel 23 Nov 12:41

  • Steve Jobs had 'personal moral failures', was no role model

    Prof lambasts bearded fondle-slab biz titan

    Bootnotes 23 Nov 12:53

  • Erotica 2011 stands firm against rise of the sex machines

    Old-school tools hit of leather and vibes bash

    Bootnotes 23 Nov 13:00

  • Radiation TERROR on Scottish beach! Except it's quite safe

    Gordon Brown wants MoD to clear up minuscule hazard

    Science 23 Nov 13:12

  • Stripper name game exposes sensitive privates on Tumblr

    Bragging about Smartie Longbone is no laughing matter

    Security 23 Nov 13:27

  • Calling all resellers, distributors and integrators

    Are IT vendors helping out in this difficult economic climate?

    The Channel 23 Nov 13:29

  • Google gives up on saving world from cheap coal energy

    'Others can do it better'. No sh*t, text-ads Sherlock

    Financial News 23 Nov 13:32

  • Murdoch junior QUITS board of Sun publisher

    Quietly resigned from News International's sister biz

    Media 23 Nov 13:39

  • Red Hat serves up red-hot Ceylon sauce

    Java heir exposes its inner git

    Developer 23 Nov 13:49

  • Adventures in mineral oil cooling

    Longhorns oiled and battered

    SC 2011 23 Nov 14:00

  • Saints Row: The Third

    Extreme - and then some

    Hardware 23 Nov 14:06

  • Nekkid Tech: Kindle on Fire

    Bezos backlash

    Data Centre 23 Nov 14:15

  • Sony delays 3D PlayStation telly in Europe

    Brit gamers must wait longer for dual-view telly

    Hardware 23 Nov 14:18

  • Gov IT boss is latest senior Cabinet Office bigwig to quit

    Second in a month - who will implement IT strategy now?

    Government 23 Nov 14:24

  • Sony demos Augmented Reality on PS Vita

    Full launch line-up confirmed

    Games 23 Nov 14:25

  • Ethernet reaches for the hyper-scale cloud

    To infinity and beyond

    Data Networking 23 Nov 14:30

  • Climategate 2.0: Fresh trove of embarrassing emails

    'All our models are wrong', writes Jones

    Science 23 Nov 14:36

  • RIP mice and keyboards: Kinect for PCs incoming

    And gaming gear gets up close and personal

    Hardware 23 Nov 14:46

  • WD cleared to gobble Hitachi GST

    Complicated Brussels nod isn't a simple go for it

    Storage 23 Nov 14:53

  • Titan = supersized science

    The computer ( not the Saturn moon)

    HPC 23 Nov 15:00

  • Pro-game MP rewrites Modern Warfare censure motion

    Call of Duty gets Parliamentary praise

    Games 23 Nov 15:06

  • Samsung pledges Galaxy Nexus audio glitch fix

    Bug plaguing Android 4 phone to be squashed soon

    Phones 23 Nov 15:10

  • Boffin's wall of BEES shields farms from stampeding elephants

    Biologist earns gong after beasts buzz off

    Science 23 Nov 15:15

  • ISS 'nauts need not fear head-on space junk smashup

    NASA rules that debris is no threat to the space station

    Science 23 Nov 15:22

  • OpenStack is overstretched

    Too many targets

    Storage 23 Nov 15:30

  • Huge PDP-11 in a lorry: How I drove computers into schools

    Mobile technology, the mainframe way

    Vintage 23 Nov 15:42

  • Groupon stock dives below IPO value as Black Friday nears

    Traders offering bargains on bargain-offer paper

    Financial News 23 Nov 15:56

  • GiffGaff blames O2 gaffe for mobile outage

    People's network loses its people

    Small Biz 23 Nov 16:04

  • BT Engage IT's big cheese shown the door

    COO 'will exit amid planned redundancies'

    The Channel 23 Nov 16:11

  • US quakes before MENACING TURKEYS, snow globes

    Border control operatives hunt down anomalous pies

    Government 23 Nov 16:21

  • Google machine-guns unpopular social products

    Sad, lonely web efforts not 'beautiful' enough to live

    Developer 23 Nov 16:31

  • First bite as Apple fishes for iPad games subscriptions

    Big Fish swallows small monthly subs

    Small Biz 23 Nov 16:41

  • Apple telly may sport Sharp screen tech

    Who cares? It's more fun watching the CE biz squirm

    Hardware 23 Nov 16:42

  • Netflix shares fall on profit warning

    Movie rental firm will make a loss if it can't recover from Qwikster debacle

    Financial News 23 Nov 17:02

  • ScaleMP takes self in hand, pumps its offering even bigger

    Fixes together cluster ark-ships with network glue

    Cloud 23 Nov 17:28

  • Nokia Siemens Networks chucks 17,000 people overboard

    Lightening ship ahead of IPO

    Business 23 Nov 18:02

  • iPhone 4S is for failures who work in coffee shops - Samsung

    Barista barb could hit home in new ad campaign

    Mobile 23 Nov 18:27

  • Apple one-day-only sale plans for Macs, iPads leaked to web

    iPhone discounts a no show

    Business 23 Nov 18:34

  • Yahoo! Microsoft! merger! back! on! after! NDA! signed!

    Yang’s final humiliation as Redmond offers peanuts

    Financial News 23 Nov 19:43

  • China overtakes US as world’s biggest smartphone market

    Nokia faces do or die in Middle Kingdom

    Mobile 23 Nov 21:14

  • Rooting Kindle Fire bricks videos

    Sting in the tail for fondleslab tinkerers

    Tablets 23 Nov 21:38

  • Vocus buys capacity on Asian cable

    Takes direct data route on SeaMeWe-3

    Business 23 Nov 22:00

  • Amcom buys L7 for $AU15m

    More cloud services in the mix

    The Channel 23 Nov 22:30

  • Gordon the supercomputer is intense about data

    300TB of flash = Big Data, fast

    HPC 23 Nov 23:00

  • Browser plugin brings strong crypto to Google webmail

    (Some restrictions apply)

    Security 23 Nov 23:16

  • Blistering chip pumps 1.5 Gbps down wireless channel

    Mass production in three years says Rohm

    Data Centre 23 Nov 23:30