22nd November 2011 Archive

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  • Microsoft tempts Kinect developers with bacon

    Is there nothing bacon can’t make better?

    Developer 22 Nov 00:54

  • HP's server, PC, and printer businesses stumble

    Is Whitman HP's long-awaited Lou Gerstner?

    The Channel 22 Nov 01:19

  • Tor launches DIY relays in Amazon cloud

    Easy to build, cheap to run

    Security 22 Nov 02:02

  • Jamo S 426 HCS 3 home cinema speakers

    Standing room only

    Hardware 22 Nov 07:00

  • Ofcom denies privacy to drunk-dial-and-drive trucker

    Complaint backfires on thirsty pantechniconist

    Media 22 Nov 08:31

  • Chief Rabbi: I admire Jobs and Apple and use my iPad daily

    Meant no disrespect to dead bearded Buddhist biz baron

    Bootnotes 22 Nov 08:58

  • Bed-hopping Big Blue pops up in sack with DataDirect

    Saucy giant puts it about a bit

    Storage 22 Nov 09:14

  • Huge US command-&-control airship gets quantum optics

    Fibre-fat pipage for 'Blue Devil' aerial computer warship

    Cloud 22 Nov 09:27

  • UK retailers launch pre-Xmas sales Yank style

    Paint it Black Friday

    Hardware 22 Nov 09:36

  • Tablets mean tubby HDDs must get thinner - A*STAR

    Porky platter wobblers must trim their bulging booty

    Storage 22 Nov 09:43

  • Successful space station shift change by Russian rocket

    NASA commanders ride up and down courtesy of Moscow

    Science 22 Nov 09:59

  • Lapse It Pro

    Speed it up

    Phones 22 Nov 10:02

  • ePlods charge man, 60, with chick-lit MP Twitter threats

    Bonkbuster pol slightly out on age of bullying 'kids'

    Networks 22 Nov 10:09

  • Security takes a backseat on Android in update shambles

    Mobe makers sit on new versions for six months

    Mobile 22 Nov 10:21

  • US trade body rejects S3 'Apple nicked our IP' claim

    Early 'did infringe' ruling ruled out

    Phones 22 Nov 10:25

  • We're searching for life, Jim, but not as we know it

    Boffins less fussy about what's a space alien

    Science 22 Nov 10:32

  • Man faces prison after enormous red chopper panics woman

    Cops feared it could have prompted an evacuation

    Bootnotes 22 Nov 10:48

  • Coders are creatives too: Where's our love?...

    The underappreciated class

    Developer 22 Nov 11:00

  • Fake doc cuffed in concrete arse shocker

    Performed buttock-boost with 'cement and flat-tire sealant'

    Bootnotes 22 Nov 11:09

  • Apple boots MacBook Air wannabes out of slim case fabs

    Building an aluminium ultrabook? Forget it

    Hardware 22 Nov 11:21

  • Boffins one step closer to Terminator vision

    I want your clothes, your boots and your computerised contact lenses

    Science 22 Nov 11:29

  • Amazon's Android-friendly Kindle Fire splutters

    Acclaim comes cheap

    Developer 22 Nov 11:39

  • Facebook 'shrinks' six degrees of separation theory

    Define friendship... bitch

    Media 22 Nov 11:49

  • No Xbox Live hack say insiders

    But gamers losing money to phishing scams

    Games 22 Nov 11:52

  • Nimble Storage gets a little clustered

    Scale-out coming

    Storage 22 Nov 11:58

  • Hideous orchid that just wants a one-night stand found

    One to definitely regret in the morning

    Science 22 Nov 12:07

  • Market watcher ayes claim iPad 3 to sport 1536 x 2048 screen

    More dots before your eyes

    Laptops and Tablets 22 Nov 12:07

  • UK nuclear: Walking into darkness with eyes screwed shut

    'Watching brief' will be difficult when lights go out

    Science 22 Nov 12:17

  • Ten... Monster tellies

    The big picture show

    Hardware 22 Nov 12:29

  • Gates: Novell are sore losers, Word trounced WordPerfect

    Microsoft supremo testifies at antitrust hearing

    The Channel 22 Nov 12:37

  • Superhero oil-burping algae will save the world

    No more war, no more tree-hugging hippies lecturing you

    Science 22 Nov 12:49

  • Netflix raises $400m to steady its global expansion

    Movie rental firm taps investors for extra cash as it moves into Europe

    Financial News 22 Nov 12:55

  • When geeks turn Green: Performance tune your energy bills

    How to stick up a fat two to the Big Six...

    Science 22 Nov 13:00

  • Facebook phone rises from the dead, again

    'Hey, I've died twice'

    Media 22 Nov 13:11

  • Russian diplomat caught driving while 15 TIMES over booze limit

    Blood supply was boozier than a glass of claret

    Bootnotes 22 Nov 13:19

  • Poll: One in six interrupt bonking to answer mobile

    I'm never too busy for you

    Mobile 22 Nov 13:28

  • Acer eyes 'untapped' rural China as West snaps purse shut

    PC-maker plans to make cash by penetrating farmers' market

    Financial News 22 Nov 13:39

  • Russian Mars probe heads into space WITHOUT ENGINES

    Boffins baffled by rising orbit of Phobos-Grunt

    Science 22 Nov 13:47

  • Solar-powered data centre won't get IBM very far...

    Big blue bombast

    Storage 22 Nov 13:58

  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

    Gripping Link

    Hardware 22 Nov 14:01

  • Cyber-cop Trojan used iTunes flaw to spy on crims

    Gamekeeper turned poacher

    Security 22 Nov 14:14

  • Got a few minutes to help LOHAN suck?

    Home-made vacuum pumps... bright ideas invited

    SPB 22 Nov 14:28

  • The top five spam subjects sullying inboxes

    FW: Re: Your malware ARTICLE 123508 is enclosed

    Security 22 Nov 14:46

  • SCC11: final results banquet, winners feted

    Smelly cheese consumed

    SC 2011 22 Nov 14:53

  • Samsung jumps into bed with Google TV

    Telly service needs a lot of lovin' right now

    Hardware 22 Nov 15:01

  • Council not fined after 7,200 sensitive files dumped in skip

    SHOCK! Unencrypted records left on PC

    Small Biz 22 Nov 15:14

  • World population's appetite TO DOUBLE by 2050, boffin warns

    Change farming attitude to help poor nations or face catastrophe

    Science 22 Nov 15:20

  • Cutting-edge Mirasol display finally comes to e-reader

    South Korean 'Fire' touts next-gen screen tech

    Media 22 Nov 15:29

  • 'Nervous' London bankers run mock cyberattack exercise

    Banks test resilience of financial system as Occupy protestors mass outside

    Security 22 Nov 15:46

  • MS and Samsung tout interactive table

    Surface paradise?

    Hardware 22 Nov 15:49

  • Penguin pulls its e-books off library shelves

    Fed up with Amazon giving away its stuff for free

    Laptops and Tablets 22 Nov 16:01

  • Microsoft pockets VideoSurf to create big search waves

    Hell, forget the metadata lets SCAN instead

    Developer 22 Nov 16:09

  • EU: Apple-Samsung row could be stifling competition

    Standardisation, IP could be TOOLS OF EVIL

    Government 22 Nov 16:19

  • Nuclear power will let NASA Mars rover beat 1970s Soviet record

    The throbbing plutonium heart of Curiosity

    Science 22 Nov 16:22

  • Samsung strokes big bulb that'll keep going for decades

    Hopes it doesn't go down like a LED balloon

    Science 22 Nov 16:39

  • Pure Storage attacks EMC heartland

    Taking the fight to Fibre Channel

    Storage 22 Nov 17:01

  • US broadcasters team up to make Facebook for TV

    Hey, TV is like orgasms - not something you do solo

    Media 22 Nov 17:21

  • Cray takes Oak Ridge super to Titan

    Biggest computer upgrade – ever

    HPC 22 Nov 18:00

  • Despite Android lead, iOS devs slurp scads more mazuma

    iPhone, iPad devs laughing all the way to the bank

    Developer 22 Nov 18:46

  • Groupon offer burns cupcake baker’s profits

    Be careful what you wish for

    Small Biz 22 Nov 18:58

  • Convirture revs up cloudy control freak

    Spanning more OSes and clouds

    Cloud 22 Nov 19:52

  • Apple sucks porn domain names from squatters

    'iphonexxxforce.com' forced to come clean

    Networks 22 Nov 20:22

  • HP to forge x86 Integrity and Superdome servers

    HP-UX Unix not making the x86 Odyssey

    Servers 22 Nov 21:11

  • Amazon set to build Aus data centre

    Hiring staff but still quiet on plans

    Business 22 Nov 21:30

  • Google mail crypto tweak makes eavesdropping harder

    'Forward secrecy' protects data for the long term

    Security 22 Nov 21:31

  • Engineers seek funds for world’s largest Tesla coil

    Ten stories of electromagnetic goodness

    Science 22 Nov 21:31

  • Cracked emails again deployed against climate researchers

    Taking the whip to the dead Climategate horse

    Science 22 Nov 21:45

  • Oz Post taps telco luminary for new strategy

    Your mobile’s in the mail

    Business 22 Nov 22:00

  • Attachmate checks into Melbourne for regional HQ

    Hires 40 ground staff

    Business 22 Nov 22:30

  • Parallel import argument turns toxic in Oz

    Canon, Nikon in JB HiFi hissy fit

    The Channel 22 Nov 23:00

  • FCC slips dagger into AT&T, T-Mobile merger

    'AT&T's thousands of jobs claim? Pure codswallop!'

    Broadband 22 Nov 23:39