20th November 2011 Archive

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  • Buxom soul diva to show a real use for NFC at last!

    Three Degree to light up Cambridge by bonking her gadget

    Broadband 20 10:00

  • Hey everybody! Microsoft's discovered social networking

    Fashionably late? Orange and Facebook are already loved up

    Networks 20 14:02

  • Yelp readies to roll in Aus

    Go-live by year-end

    Business 20 21:35

  • Punters hate copyright, says Steelie Neelie

    And whose fault might that be?

    Media 20 22:30

  • There’s gold in them there data mountains

    IBM on Big Data

    Data Warehousing 20 23:00

  • Vodafone India in the middle of government probe

    Bribes, spectrum and corrupt ministers...

    Business 20 23:00

  • Boffins: SOPA breaks DNSSEC, and won’t work anyway

    Putting a man-in-the-middle into an end-to-end protocol is dumb

    Security 20 23:30