17th November 2011 Archive

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  • Swearing doesn’t help pain if you do it too much

    That’s a nice theory f**ked, then

    Science 17 Nov 00:01

  • Rambus tumbles in antitrust reversal

    Micron and Hynix win Calif. court case

    The Channel 17 Nov 01:06

  • Google opens Android music store in iTunes' face

    Artists can sell direct just like developers

    Media 17 Nov 01:18

  • China outsourcer creates Melbourne jobs

    VanceInfo taps into Vic IT funding

    Business 17 Nov 01:30

  • New openSUSE heads for cloud, virtual markets

    Google’s Go gets a groupie

    Operating Systems 17 Nov 02:22

  • HTC wrestles with smutty outfit rival over new handset

    Vivid tries to heave Asian opponent into legal Jell-O

    Phones 17 Nov 09:10

  • Over 250 suppliers dash to snatch up G Cloud tender

    'We really want to do this but we're still learning'

    Small Biz 17 Nov 09:11

  • Sony Bravia KDL-55HX923 55in LED 3D TV

    Viewing it large

    Hardware 17 Nov 09:15

  • Make it easy for biz to report cyber robberies, say MPs

    Backdoor broken into? Why not call ... the police!

    Law 17 Nov 09:23

  • Fedora 16: A GNOME lover's paradise

    Verne triumphs over rough edges

    Developer 17 Nov 09:40

  • Implementing, serving, and using cloud storage

    The SNIA's great introduction to cloud storage

    Storage 17 Nov 10:00

  • Survey: UK biz is using more encryption

    But users still shove unprotected USB sticks in holes...

    Small Biz 17 Nov 10:09

  • EU puts Hitachi GST on the menu for hungry WD

    Takeover will create world's biggest disk drive maker

    The Channel 17 Nov 10:22

  • Galaxy Tab case tweaked to evade Germany ban

    Will injunction-busting bezel work?

    The Channel 17 Nov 10:31

  • Telcos snub UK.gov broadband cash pot

    Duct, pole sharing plan 'hampered' by BT

    Networks 17 Nov 10:45

  • Caringo predicts stiffer penetration of big data boxes

    Pokes stuffed filers with hockey stick growth

    The Channel 17 Nov 10:52

  • Think your CV is crap? Your interview skills are worse

    Really, why do you even bother...

    Jobs 17 Nov 11:00

  • Coach's Eye

    Play like the pros

    Phones 17 Nov 11:05

  • Release the brakes on your virtual servers

    Step up the pace

    Enterprise Tech 17 Nov 11:11

  • New human-brain chip can be adjusted for cannabis effect

    Hey, chip for brains!

    Science 17 Nov 11:23

  • Punters lose backups in cloud storage biz spat

    Data evaporates in credit card payments row

    Small Biz 17 Nov 11:31

  • Obama says his birthplace is 'in Asia'

    Presidential whoopsie liable to fuel 'birther' tomfoolishness

    Government 17 Nov 11:42

  • Taiwan source forecasts mass exit from tablet biz

    Amazon, Apple only players by 2013. Apparently

    Laptops and Tablets 17 Nov 11:44

  • Orange revisits San Francisco with another budget blower

    California beaming

    Phones 17 Nov 11:44

  • Ubuntu loses HP cloud crown status

    'Others' might be offended

    The Channel 17 Nov 11:51

  • Ten... remastered videogame classics

    Old favorites get a facelift

    Games 17 Nov 12:00

  • UK Treasury flogs Northern Rock to flirty Virgin

    Nationalised bank offloaded in £747m cash deal

    Government 17 Nov 12:12

  • £1m 'Nobel prize of engineering' named after the Queen

    Blighty plc looks to inject some glory into technology

    Small Biz 17 Nov 12:21

  • McKinnon might get UK hacking trial after all

    Extradition review not binding, says attorney general

    Government 17 Nov 12:32

  • Boffin bothers frogs until they spill super power secrets

    What makes them leap so far?

    Science 17 Nov 12:42

  • Jilted man swaps engagement ring for Halo suit

    Aisle be the Master Chief

    Games 17 Nov 12:43

  • US general: 'We're cleared to cyber-bomb enemy hackers'

    Curiously, his command website went down after he said it

    Security 17 Nov 12:51

  • Java's 'Steve Jobs' moment in 2012?

    OpenJDK: Right ideas, wrong timing

    Developer 17 Nov 13:00

  • IPO: Should stand for Intellectual Property Obliteration

    Sir Humphrey's onslaught on creators' rights

    Developer 17 Nov 13:11

  • Samsung confirms Android 4.0 update for Galaxy S II

    Ice Cream Sarnie taster

    Phones 17 Nov 13:15

  • No charge after woman gave fellow prisoner a cop-car BJ

    No need to be down in the mouth after Texas drugs arrest

    Bootnotes 17 Nov 13:24

  • Oops: Public backs web blocking in Google-funded poll

    Can we elect a new population?

    Media 17 Nov 13:31

  • PETA claims anti-Mario campaign was a joke

    You think we're over-reacting?

    Games 17 Nov 13:34

  • Romanian authorities cuff NASA hack suspect

    The Iceman cometh

    Security 17 Nov 13:42

  • Swedish college girls now twice as slutty as in 2001

    ... but use fewer condoms: 'worrying research'

    Bootnotes 17 Nov 13:54

  • Muvizu animation suite

    Unreal 3D modelling without the boring bits

    Software 17 Nov 14:00

  • Apple plugs iTunes Ghost Click hole

    Another 120MB security update... fantastic

    Security 17 Nov 14:12

  • Boring BOFHs want cash prize more than space flight

    DBAs would prefer to boldly go to their bank

    Science 17 Nov 14:22

  • China decrees in-flight cellphone calls are safe


    Mobile 17 Nov 14:33

  • Ice Cream Sandwich phone a no-show on Vodafone

    Carrier still 'testing' Android 4.0 Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    Mobile 17 Nov 14:42

  • Earning cash not a priority for new Foursquare rival

    Upstart startup touts trendy nights-out app

    Small Biz 17 Nov 14:47

  • Boffins build bionic battery

    Ten times' Li-ion capacity, charges in a tenth of the time

    Hardware 17 Nov 14:54

  • One in six Americans used social web to get their job

    Going on Facebook to find work, not avoid it

    Small Biz 17 Nov 15:02

  • Oi! BBX is ours, software biz tells RIM

    BlackBerry maker sued over OS name

    Operating Systems 17 Nov 15:16

  • Banks bung hard-up Acer £315m loan

    Five-year deal to get back on its feet

    The Channel 17 Nov 15:32

  • Supercomputer Watson too thick to use Siri

    We're still smarter than computers, phew

    HPC 17 Nov 15:43

  • First private-sector space station docking delayed

    Elon Musk's Dragon not yet ready for mating

    Science 17 Nov 16:00

  • Nvidia's Maximus: Hard-core 3D graphics on speed

    Quadro-Tesla mashup for animation acceleration

    HPC 17 Nov 16:01

  • US nuclear aircraft carrier George Bush crippled by toilet outages

    Sailors drenched as bottles of piss emptied into wind

    Bootnotes 17 Nov 16:22

  • Team Taiwan Finishes Strong

    Looks for repeat at Cluster Challenge

    SC 2011 17 Nov 16:34

  • Russians Bear Down at SCC11

    Will LINPACK win fuel overall triumph?

    SC 2011 17 Nov 16:34

  • Purdue Rolls the Dice

    Strategy and final SCC11 thoughts

    SC 2011 17 Nov 16:35

  • Costa Rica Cluster Finale

    Rainforest Eagles compete to finish

    SC 2011 17 Nov 16:35

  • Buffalo's in the Hunt?

    Final SCC11 Colorado ramblings

    SC 2011 17 Nov 16:36

  • SCC11: Home Stretch

    Team China preps for finish

    SC 2011 17 Nov 16:36

  • Team Boston Crunch Time

    Final hours...

    SC 2011 17 Nov 16:36

  • AOL AIM boss legs it from yet another web biz

    Peanut! butter! man! joined! from! Yahoo!

    Business 17 Nov 16:42

  • LinkedIn dumped by biggest sugar daddy

    Shares flogged to raise $90m

    Financial News 17 Nov 16:51

  • Couple rewarded for naming newborn after Elder Scrolls Skyrim hero

    Games for life, baby

    Games 17 Nov 16:57

  • Visa's amazing answer to e-wallet domination: A new logo

    Take that, PayPal

    Small Biz 17 Nov 17:08

  • China spacecraft masters the art of docking

    Shenzhou-8 lands safely in Mongolia after coupling with space lab twice

    Science 17 Nov 17:26

  • NetApp, Wall St is very disappointed in you

    Two uninspiring quarters

    The Channel 17 Nov 18:02

  • Big guns turn sights on cancer-causing genes

    Backup is a lifesaver

    Network Futures 17 Nov 18:18

  • Crooks make it rain by seeding cloud with zombies

    Your compute resources rented out

    Security 17 Nov 18:20

  • Tech firms jostle for position in LTE market

    Ericsson and Alcatel Lucent lead, Huawei sneaking up behind

    Mobile 17 Nov 18:24

  • Team Texas On the Brink

    Longhorns hope for first SCC win

    SC 2011 17 Nov 19:20

  • SCC11: The Marathon Begins

    46 hour grind starts grinding

    SC 2011 17 Nov 19:22

  • Open source team creates apocalypse survival kit

    DIY handbook for 50 top civilization-saving tools

    Science 17 Nov 20:03

  • New Asia Pac cable launched for bandwidth express

    Links Philippines to Japan, HK, Singapore

    Networks 17 Nov 21:44

  • Phishers net Norwegian secrets

    E-mail trojans sweep hard drives

    Security 17 Nov 22:00

  • Water utility hackers destroy pump, expert says

    SCADA breach 'a really big deal'

    Security 17 Nov 22:03

  • Amazon prepping cheap-as-dirt smartphone?

    Kindle Fire, meet Kindle Fone

    Phones 17 Nov 22:17

  • 'Grow up': Assange's mother to Obama-struck Oz

    Parliament House protest during 'Au-bama' frenzy

    Bootnotes 17 Nov 22:30

  • Have everything. Own nothing. Learn the difference

    ReDigi and the RIAA

    Media 17 Nov 23:00

  • IBM reveals secrets of Watson’s Jeopardy triumph

    Too many rules can spoil the bouillon bisque broth

    Servers 17 Nov 23:23

  • AGIMO outlines Oz government cloud rules

    Wraps a net around the fluff

    Cloud 17 Nov 23:30