15th November 2011 Archive

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  • NetApp adds Lustre to Big Data line-up

    Benchmark bonanza

    HPC 15 00:18

  • Hackers port iPhone 4S' Siri to rival devices

    Apple's personal assistant cracked open

    Mobile 15 00:19

  • US anti-hacking law turns computer users into criminals

    Former prosecutor calls for change to CFAA

    Law 15 02:17

  • Converge or be damned – Lord Carter’s new world order

    Ex-Ofcom chief tells Oz how to do it

    Government 15 06:27

  • Motorola Razr Android smartphone

    The best a man can get?

    Phones 15 07:00

  • Happy 40th birthday, Intel 4004!

    The first of the bricks that built the IT world

    Vintage 15 08:00

  • Sony to boost image sensor capacity... again

    Japanese firm puts more chips in the smartphone and camera barrel

    Hardware 15 08:01

  • Facebook boss-lady is up the pole on the glass ceiling

    Stock options or seeing little faces light up? Easy

    Business 15 08:29

  • Skinny 15in MacBook Pro launch tied to Intel 'Ivy Bridge'

    Awaiting next-gen Ultrabook chippery

    Laptops 15 08:42

  • Kent county council stages developer compo

    Wants complaints app, virtual bumwad-money scheme

    Government 15 09:01

  • Coders crack iPhone 4S Siri

    Protocol probed

    Phones 15 09:15

  • 'Right to be forgotten' may not be enforceable - Vaizey

    We don't yet have a Men in Black flashy thing

    Government 15 09:16

  • Security researchers break out of Apple's sandbox

    Apple not fussed

    Security 15 09:31

  • Welsh factions clash over .cymru and .wales bids

    English cash required? Oh, cym on now

    Hosting 15 09:46

  • NASA working on nuclear rocket for manned Mars trips

    Should result in 'nauts receiving less radiation

    Science 15 10:02

  • Sony, Hitachi, Toshiba merge, sell phone display businesses

    Newly formed Japan Display gets Panasonic factory too

    The Channel 15 10:03

  • LOHAN gets hands on mighty thruster

    Much fondling of stiff tubes down at El Reg

    SPB 15 10:11

  • Ex-Amazon EC2 wizard pinpoints where your cloud is crap

    New tool to boost your app's performance

    The Channel 15 10:24

  • Beheaded man wasn't one of us, say anti-drug cartel bloggers

    Identity of slaughtered scapegoat remains unclear

    Security 15 10:31

  • Computer sports cluster war: Day of reckoning

    Texas and Taiwan top punter picks

    SC 2011 15 10:42

  • Computers are so middle class – Mark E Smith

    Stop Mithering. And Tweeting

    Bootnotes 15 10:51

  • My home is bugged ... with temp sensors to save me cash

    Monitoring benefits of insulation

    Science 15 11:00

  • JustPictures

    Snap happy

    Phones 15 11:01

  • Salman Rushdie hissy-fit forces Facebook name U-turn

    Site run by 'morons', huffs Satanic Verses writer

    Networks 15 11:12

  • World Bank, Intel pump dosh into developing world's IT

    Kickstart for broadband and data centres

    Business 15 11:23

  • Mail Online is broken

    How will we ever know why Nigella's looking thin?

    Media 15 11:32

  • Leaked blower sports RIM's prospective OS, BBX

    BlackBerry looks edgy

    Phones 15 11:34

  • Phone hacking victims' QC hit by trojan infection

    Leveson Inquiry halted by malware probe

    Security 15 11:43

  • Cuba accuses US of sneaky Wi-Fi imperialism

    America blocks, and yet pays for, Cuban surfing

    Broadband 15 11:52

  • Jim Westwood, home micro revolutionary

    We salute Sinclair's chief geek

    Vintage 15 12:00

  • Naked vegans target Prince Harry over meaty 12-incher

    Activists offer royal chopper ace spicy veggie free night out

    Bootnotes 15 12:11

  • Google serves up Ice Cream Sandwich code

    Galaxy Nexus source available now

    Operating Systems 15 12:13

  • Britain's Harrier jump-jets reprieved to fly and fight again

    With the US Marines, though. They're not stupid

    Bootnotes 15 12:23

  • Samsung demands a quickie in iPhone 4S Oz ban bid

    Permanent injunction hearing in March

    Mobile 15 12:32

  • BT axes staff amid reseller biz shake-up

    Bosses insist they're recruiting

    The Channel 15 12:42

  • Irish woman doesn't go down after scrotum ripping assault

    Man wishes to put extruded testicle incident behind him

    Bootnotes 15 12:53

  • Google will ignore your Wi-Fi router ... if you rename it

    robots.txt for hotspots

    Hardware 15 13:02

  • TalkTalk bleeds punters, revenue in Q2

    Not so happy-clappy web blockers

    Broadband 15 13:11

  • 'Leccy car plug map keeps greenies juiced up

    Never let your battery buggy run down again

    Government 15 13:22

  • Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition

    Bark of the Covenant

    Hardware 15 13:25

  • Red Hat: Let OpenShift cloud compile your Java apps

    Compile code from a crap laptop at the beach bar

    Cloud 15 13:32

  • Apple's cloud music service 'WIPES your iPHONE'

    Actually just threatens to, but is lying - reports

    Media 15 13:43

  • New anonymity rule on Euro airport body scanners

    Nudie-watching staff kept away from passengers

    Law 15 13:52

  • A pint a day keeps the doctor away - scientific FACT

    Latest study shows beer as beneficial as wine

    Science 15 14:02

  • Harry Potter director takes on Doctor Who movie

    Tardis to spin into theatres, but who will be the Doctor?

    Bootnotes 15 14:14

  • BT poaches TV wizard from Virgin Media

    Joins at 'pivotal moment'

    Media 15 14:24

  • Mystery malware poisons NZ ambulance system

    Dispatch staff forced to call medics' mobiles

    Security 15 14:38

  • Rackspace: OpenStack beds Disney, NASA, Sony

    VMware not invited to cloud love shack

    The Channel 15 14:47

  • C&W Worldwide boss out after 4 months

    Ailing carrier also files some nasty first half year numbers

    The Channel 15 15:01

  • PETA riled by Mario's raccoon skin suit

    Bloody outrage

    Games 15 15:09

  • Voyager 2 finally agrees to a long hard thrust

    Probe takes light-ages to return boffins' calls

    Science 15 15:16

  • LHC results may solve riddle of how universe can exist

    Antimatter bombshell set to explode physics applecart

    Science 15 15:28

  • Engineer sues Huawei for axing him 'because he's a Brit'

    Chinese giant hauled before tribunal

    The Channel 15 15:42

  • 'Hands free' pissing contest games installed in boozer

    Bin the Wii, play with wee

    Games 15 15:51

  • Visa to tell shops where their punters' wallets went next

    Spending habits data touted

    Business 15 16:02

  • Ultimate flight-sim crashes into living rooms for 36 grand

    Reach for the clouds

    Hardware 15 16:07

  • SCC11: Meet the Boston U Terriers

    More cores, more better

    SC 2011 15 16:19

  • Step forward the chief information security officer

    Leader of the pack

    Compliance 15 16:22

  • SCC11: Meet Team China

    Does Tianhe legacy spell SCC win?

    SC 2011 15 16:33

  • IKEA cuts ribbon on 'I've Got A Screw Loose Street'

    Facebook vote names new Spanish thoroughfare

    Bootnotes 15 16:44

  • Samsung's Bada outshipped WinPho 7 in Q3

    Android ahead of all; Symbian ahead of Apple

    Phones 15 16:47

  • US student to fill heavens with Sprites

    You too can have your own miniature satellite

    SPB 15 17:03

  • SCC11: Meet Team Costa Rica

    Can Rainforest Eagles soar to cluster glory?

    SC 2011 15 17:15

  • SCC11: Meet Team Russia

    Second time the charm for Russian Bear?

    SC 2011 15 17:19

  • Facebook filth flood – Fawkes Virus to blame?

    Objectionable tsunami surges up Walls

    Cloud 15 17:28

  • SCC11: Meet Team Taiwan

    ’10 Champs look for repeat

    SC 2011 15 17:29

  • SCC11: Meet Team Texas

    Adds mineral oil in bid for cluster crown

    SC 2011 15 17:33

  • SCC11: Meet the Colorado Buffaloes

    Sixth time the charm?

    SC 2011 15 17:45

  • AT&T LTE hits Vegas and five other slots

    Telco keeps next-gen mobe broadband promise

    Mobile 15 18:02

  • Assange takes extradition fight to Supreme Court

    Supping in last-chance saloon

    Law 15 18:03

  • SCC11: Meet the Purdue Boilermakers

    Have sledgehammer, will cluster

    SC 2011 15 18:15

  • Angry Bird rockets into spa-a-a-a-ce!

    Soyuz orbital insertion confirmation office on duty

    Phones 15 18:17

  • Petaflop = Top500 table stakes by 2016

    HPC to rocket ahead

    HPC 15 18:30

  • Enormous orbiting solar raygun power plants touted

    Trusty scientifiction staple gets another outing

    Science 15 18:58

  • 'Do Not Track' standard edges towards daylight

    First draft of spybuster deal released by W3C

    Cloud 15 19:27

  • OpenCL ratchets up to version 1.2

    Open source heterogeneous standard adds new capabilities

    Developer 15 19:51

  • Ballmer shoots down Microsoft breakup advice

    Shareholders fractious over investment returns

    The Channel 15 19:59

  • Nvidia: An unintended exascale-super innovator

    CEO just wanted to play 3D video games

    HPC 15 20:33

  • Adobe Flex SDK bombshell STUNS developers

    Open source group takes control

    Developer 15 20:59

  • 'Devastating' protocol flaw could paralyze Bitcoin system

    Scientists propose 'Red Balloon' incentive solution

    Security 15 21:39

  • SingTel launches e-reader

    Skoob-y snacks for publishing

    Business 15 21:43

  • Is iiNet about to spend a bob on TransACT?

    Updated: iiNet in trading halt

    Business 15 22:30

  • Intel unveils $100m plan to juice AppUp Center devs

    Mucho mazuma for 'application developer-centric equity deals'

    Developer 15 22:35

  • Opposition to SOPA mounting as Google, Facebook link arms

    Tech giants and freedom fighters friend each other

    Media 15 23:00