14th November 2011 Archive

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  • Grabble heads for Silicon Valley

    A long way from Wollongong for shopping startup

    Business 14 00:30

  • Slapped: Oz TV show spikes Dutch freetard site

    ‘Don’t spoil our international rollout plans’

    Media 14 01:12

  • AMD rides Bulldozers into the x86 server chip war

    Opteron 6200s AND 4200s enter field against Xeon E5s

    Servers 14 05:01

  • Sony Walkman NWZ-A866

    Touchscreen tunesmith

    Hardware 14 07:00

  • Nexsan adds NAS range topper

    Petabyte E5510 box

    The Channel 14 08:03

  • Cray lands $188m Blue Waters NCSA contract

    Breaking 10 petaflops with Opteron-GPU tag team

    HPC 14 08:05

  • Beyond the relational database

    Help us make sense of 'Big Data'

    Management 14 08:08

  • Chinese hacks face life ban for nicking rumours from web

    Two sources minimum for each story ... or else

    Government 14 08:21

  • Overland still shovelling cash into tape

    Storage company revs Neo

    The Channel 14 08:39

  • PSP owners must pay to port games to PS Vita

    Pay for UMD passport

    Games 14 09:01

  • BSA name-and-shame tactic may have backfired

    Audit policy of software law enforcement cops questioned

    The Channel 14 09:02

  • Netflix signs Reservoir Dogs film firm for UK streaming

    Lionsgate joins MGM

    Hardware 14 09:15

  • Israeli air raid vs Iran nukes boardgame out in time for Xmas

    'Persian Incursion', fun for all the family!

    Bootnotes 14 09:21

  • Don't get privates trapped in Facebook's silos, warn experts

    'Social media' is so 2010, now it's 'life logging'

    Networks 14 09:41

  • E-car crash leads to battery blaze

    Impact test prompts safety probe

    Science 14 09:52

  • Ion Audio Piano Apprentice

    Learn to tickle the ivories

    Hardware 14 10:00

  • Top cop calls for tougher sentencing of cybercrooks

    Claims old-school bloggers too thick to use tech

    Security 14 10:12

  • Apple recalls first iPod Nanos over battery flaw

    Music player a 'rare safety risk'

    Hardware 14 10:21

  • Mystery radioisotopes in Czech air are not from Fukushima

    Who has a secret nuclear plant?

    Science 14 10:32

  • Ex-councillor jailed for grooming blackmailer posing as teen

    Bloke chatted up '15-year-old girl' on web

    Security 14 10:41

  • New claim: iPhone 5 was a goer until Jobs bottled it

    Bad battery life and new display blamed

    Mobile 14 10:52

  • BT Tower falls over, crushes X Factor hopefuls

    Simon Cowell's monster downed in giant pussy* attack?

    Bootnotes 14 11:01

  • What happens when users are left to their own devices?

    The changing shape of practices

    Management 14 11:11

  • Space station resupply 'nauts avoid fiery death

    Soyuz rocket didn't crash this time

    Science 14 11:21

  • The new touchy-feely Doctor Who trend: Worrying

    Timey-wimey cuddling has replaced the Stiff Upper Lip

    Media 14 11:33

  • Iran wrestles Duqu malware infestation

    Son of Stuxnet cyberweapon makes landfall in Tehran

    Security 14 11:41

  • Intel out to add NFC payment tech to Ultrabooks

    Tap your card on your laptop to pay

    Laptops 14 11:42

  • Vacuum cleaner set Swedish nuke plant on fire

    £170m blunder put reactor out of action for months

    Science 14 11:51

  • Robo-bear helps snorers snooze more smoothly

    Tickle for a quiet night

    Hardware 14 11:59

  • Dud Mars probe's explosion will spare Earth's cities

    Clock ticking on orbiting 7,500kg tank of fuel

    Science 14 12:09

  • Oracle coughs up $35m owed in unpaid overtime pay

    Settlement after bosses sued by own staff

    The Channel 14 12:21

  • Pros thrash amateurs in Hong Kong iPhone 4S race

    No black, no white... just grey

    Mobile 14 12:31

  • O2 smears 4G trial over capital

    Growing from Slough like a 100Mb/s fungus

    Broadband 14 12:42

  • Diaspora co-founder dies at 22

    Open-source Facebook alternative loses 'key voice'

    Media 14 12:51

  • Samsung RV720 17in Core i3 notebook

    Big screen bargain?

    Laptops 14 12:57

  • Kindle Fire ignites blazing developer interest

    May 'resurrect the entire Android tablet category'

    The Channel 14 13:01

  • Conflict mineral laws haven't helped Congolese

    20,000 miners families starve while NGOs twiddle their thumbs

    Law 14 13:14

  • Freebie Android anti-malware scanners flunk tests

    Worse than useless

    Security 14 13:29

  • Never lose that .uk again: Decade-long renewals OK'd

    Or renew for just a year

    Hosting 14 13:44

  • Top 500 Supers: Détente in East, West petaflops race

    An arsenal of big iron deploying soon

    HPC 14 14:02

  • Google flings Bing into search engine bin

    Not! even! Yahoo! can! help! us! now! master!

    Media 14 14:10

  • Server virtualisation: How to pick the right model

    Which is the fairest of them all?

    Network Futures 14 14:14

  • Lego movie greenlighted by Warner Bros

    May be mangled by live action/animation hybrid platform

    Media 14 14:19

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Bludgeons and dragons

    Hardware 14 14:21

  • SGI to put Intel's Xeon E5s in ICE X systems

    Opteron 6200s put on ice

    HPC 14 14:29

  • Dixons rolls out cut-price 3D, smart TVs

    Passive 3D for cheap specs

    Hardware 14 14:42

  • Web keeps bent politicians honest, says Google boss

    Bigs up Russia as next Silicon Valley

    Networks 14 14:44

  • Facebook ad helps Scot cops seize fake goods, drugs

    Tip-offs rocket: Clicks easier than phonecalls

    Media 14 15:01

  • Sega honours Sonic's 20th birthday with documentary

    Mr. Hedgehog, this is your life

    Games 14 15:07

  • Sage sued for pulling out too soon

    Former MYOB owners upset after Brit biz dumped them

    Small Biz 14 15:11

  • iPhone baby clothes shop mauled by Apple

    Cupertino misses opportunity to condition kids

    Small Biz 14 15:21

  • Pass the wine, dear. Yes, that papier-mache thing

    Greenies hide booze in cheap art material

    Bootnotes 14 15:31

  • Intel implants cash register to help flog Ultrabooks

    NFC tech backed by MasterCard

    Hardware 14 15:45

  • Meanwhile in Japan: Your new best pal is a vending machine

    Chirpy mobile rewards game or grim future?

    Broadband 14 16:02

  • What's that sound? It's PC sales plummeting into abyss

    Apple, Samsung soar away from doom

    The Channel 14 16:11

  • Intel takes the heat off power management

    Stay cool in the data centre

    Enterprise Tech 14 16:16

  • Proprietary interconnects blaze the networking trail

    Ethernet and InfiniBand left behind

    Network Futures 14 16:17

  • NetApp's £1m challenge won by precisely no one

    Crap entries flood contest

    Storage 14 16:29

  • Now Barracuda bitten by Thai disk drought disaster

    Killer floods push up prices

    Storage 14 16:46

  • Yates of the Yard cleared of misconduct

    OK'ed to pass on CV of NotW's hack's kid for job at Met

    Media 14 16:49

  • Pogoplug launches cloud sync'n'store service

    5GB of free online storage, etc, etc

    Cloud 14 17:03

  • Micro Anvika forced into cash-only trading

    Fears for Tottenham Court Road veteran

    The Channel 14 17:07

  • Legendary investor scoffs IBM stake, nibble by nibble

    Buffett makes first real bet on the tech sector

    Management 14 17:16

  • Intel ships six-core desktop 'Extremes'

    Long-awaited 'Sandy Bridge E' uncloaked

    Hardware 14 18:03

  • AMD shoots lower with Opteron 3000 server chips

    Bringing single-socket boxes in from the embedded cold?

    Servers 14 18:07

  • Google adds 24/7 support for business Apps buyers

    Adds 10,000 chav tailors to customer list

    Cloud 14 18:20

  • TCP/IP daddy Cerf: 'Don't rewrite the internet for security'

    Sage advice: 'Shoot the patent lawyer'

    Security 14 19:08

  • ARM+GPU = dream super?

    NVIDIA: 'Yup, we're on it'

    HPC 14 19:10

  • Certificate stolen from Malaysian gov used to sign malware

    Security warnings bypassed

    Security 14 19:39

  • Spaniards prototype ARM-GPU hybrid supercomputer

    Ubuntu Linux spans Tegra3-Fermi mashup

    HPC 14 21:22

  • Nokia Siemens vs Vodafone Oz: the legal games begin

    Missing millions and contractual woes

    Business 14 21:47

  • World's stealthiest rootkit pushes DNS hijacking trojan

    DNS Changer dropped by TDSS

    Security 14 21:49

  • Google opens BigQuery for cloud analytics

    Dangles free trial to lure doubters

    Cloud 14 22:18

  • Cloud on horizon in CSIRO tender

    On-demand and long-term IaaS under consideration

    Business 14 22:30

  • Mineral oil, GPUs and thousands of cores

    Student Cluster Competition hardware revealed

    SC 2011 14 22:54

  • Spotify looks for local spin guru

    They really must be launching downunder

    Media 14 23:00

  • Huawei buys Symantec JV stake for $530m

    You can go your own way

    Business 14 23:38

  • NEWSFLASH: Chips cheaper than disks

    Platter prices spinning up and away

    The Channel 14 23:47