11th November 2011 Archive

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  • Hydro fuel-cell truck built by RMIT

    An Australian jolly green giant

    Science 11 Nov 00:01

  • Gamers stuff Nvidia's pockets with cash

    CEO 'blown away' by Project Denver ARM server chips

    The Channel 11 Nov 00:36

  • Nokia loses sales lure as Maps and Music apps cracked

    Yet another reason not to buy Finnish

    Phones 11 Nov 00:52

  • Feds win access to WikiLeakers Twitter account data

    No Constitutional violations, judge says

    Law 11 Nov 01:41

  • Republicans lose key vote to block FCC net neut rules

    Next stop: lawsuits

    Government 11 Nov 01:52

  • Facebook offers 20-year privacy settlement to FTC

    Another thing to get sorted out before the IPO

    Security 11 Nov 01:53

  • Hands on with the Sony PlayStation Vita

    Touch me, play me

    Hardware 11 Nov 07:00

  • IT bods to prove their prowess in bed with spooks

    Got the talent to fix UK.gov's assets?

    Government 11 Nov 08:01

  • Dish Networks looks forward to 'seat at the table' in wireless

    Doesn't have the capacity to go it alone as a 4G supplier...

    Broadband 11 Nov 08:21

  • Amazon quietly acquires voice capability

    Everyone else is doing it!

    Mobile 11 Nov 08:39

  • Expert: 'Right to be forgotten' could cause problems for publishers

    Proposal to 'lock' stories away rather than obliterating them

    Media 11 Nov 09:01

  • Toyota, Intel connect to connect cars to web

    Highway 404 revisited?

    Science 11 Nov 09:10

  • New array scoffs disks like a fat bloke gobbling doughnuts

    DataDirect pumps petabytes into supers

    Storage 11 Nov 09:19

  • Another new Russian nuclear powerplant comes online

    Construction surge as Kremlin aims to ditch fossil 'leccy

    Science 11 Nov 09:42

  • Logitech Wireless Touchpad

    Apple-style multi-touch on a PC, anyone?

    Hardware 11 Nov 10:00

  • Randy dwarf galaxies are making billions of baby stars

    Hubble pervs over distant prolific systems

    Science 11 Nov 10:11

  • Apple posts 'battery fix' iOS update

    5.0.1 out over the air

    Phones 11 Nov 10:14

  • European boffins on voyage of discovery to the Earth's core

    Incredibly powerful laser diamond probe declared ready

    Science 11 Nov 10:22

  • Tech sugar daddies shovel millions into Hadoop war

    Who will flash the most cloud cash?

    The Channel 11 Nov 10:31

  • Now Russians can't even contact their busted Mars probe

    In space, no one can hear you

    Science 11 Nov 10:41

  • SAP, EMC and VMware in 3-way cloud orgy

    I want your appliance in my VMAX

    The Channel 11 Nov 10:51

  • Were Lavasoft's buyers once on its hit list?

    Shining a light on Solaria acquisition

    Security 11 Nov 11:03

  • Eleven - if you will - rocktastic music movies

    We go to 11 to celebrate Nigel Tufnel Day

    Hardware 11 Nov 11:11

  • Angry Birds to hit shop shelves this month

    Rovio flings wings to retail

    Games 11 Nov 11:15

  • Hamburg loses rag with Facebook, threatens to sue

    CURRENT Euro data protection law unlikely to agree

    Networks 11 Nov 11:23

  • BOFH: Licence to grill ... stupid users

    The phone rings. Ah, live bait!

    BOFH 11 Nov 11:33

  • World's first biz computer was British – and sold teacakes

    60th anniversary of the LEO is today

    Servers 11 Nov 11:41

  • Fusion boffins crack shreddy eddy plasma puzzle

    Progress made on solving all humanity's problems

    Science 11 Nov 11:52

  • WebOS developer? 'Grab a slab, while stocks last'

    Plus: Apple is terribly rude for ousting hacker from iOS dev programme

    Bootnotes 11 Nov 12:11

  • Valve admits forum hack exposed gamers' privates

    Punters steamed about sensitive data leak

    Security 11 Nov 12:24

  • Asda tempts technophobes with cheap PCs and broadband

    Stack 'em high and they will come, maybe

    The Channel 11 Nov 12:31

  • Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman

    Toe-tapping talker

    Phones 11 Nov 12:33

  • Sony develops 'new kind of television'

    Cracking the box

    Hardware 11 Nov 12:35

  • Fanboi called 911 repeatedly because iPhone didn't work

    Drunken Jesus mobe stroker cuffed by deputies

    Mobile 11 Nov 12:42

  • Is Financial services IT in a mess?

    A reality check

    CIO 11 Nov 12:52

  • Fondleslabs homing in on desktops in biz sales

    iPad blows rivals out of UK market

    The Channel 11 Nov 12:54

  • How to make clouds and influence accountants

    Slipping in between the beancounters and the CEO's PR bird

    Business 11 Nov 13:02

  • Chicken fillets: The affordable alternative to Bulgarian Airbags

    Bra padding saves car crash Scot's life

    Bootnotes 11 Nov 13:12

  • EDF security bosses guilty of hacking Greenpeace

    French nuke biz fined £1.3m for cyber-spying

    Science 11 Nov 13:24

  • Nokia's future phone sees red when you do

    Mood-aware mobe will ensure your teen never answers your calls

    Mobile 11 Nov 13:31

  • Apple applies to patent a SIM you can't remove

    Only Cupertino can piss off operators that much

    Mobile 11 Nov 13:42

  • Sperm donors nicer than average, Swede study finds

    Independent and NOT shy, researchers discover

    Science 11 Nov 13:53

  • The Adventures of Tintin: the Game

    Quiffly does it

    Games 11 Nov 14:00

  • Universal closes in on EMI. Lawsuits to follow?


    Media 11 Nov 14:22

  • Google buys brace of start-ups to out-Facebook Facebook

    Slurping from the Chocolate Factory milkshake

    Small Biz 11 Nov 14:41

  • World's only twin jet-engine bike drives onto eBay

    Pulsejet-powered cycle under the hammer

    Science 11 Nov 14:47

  • First scientific paper filed from Spaaaace published today

    Plasma boffinry only possible under zero gravity

    Science 11 Nov 15:03

  • Business Cloud Summit countdown

    20 free Reg reader passes up for grabs

    CIO 11 Nov 15:22

  • Gobble! some! Yahoo! now! – slurp! the! rest! later!

    Investors mull taste test

    Financial News 11 Nov 15:41

  • Boozed-up ball-biting mum spared jail

    Drinking marathon ended with lover's scrotum perforated

    Bootnotes 11 Nov 16:01

  • Apple offers unlocked iPhone 4S online in the US

    No carrier tie-in

    Phones 11 Nov 16:14

  • Adobe's future is controlling what you watch, not delivering it

    Streaming video is so 20th century

    Software 11 Nov 16:23

  • 'Bionic' leg gives amputee ability to ski

    Step in the right direction

    Hardware 11 Nov 16:24

  • Fully assured

    Service assurance: a workshop in one document

    Service Assurance 11 Nov 16:34

  • Feargal Sharkey moves on from UK music org

    What'll he do next for his Teenage Kicks?

    Media 11 Nov 16:39

  • Latest Call of Duty day-one sales hit $400m

    6.5m copies sold

    Games 11 Nov 16:51

  • Student cluster compo SMACKDOWN: Texas holds at 2-1

    Taiwan 7-1, Colorado moves up

    SC 2011 11 Nov 17:01

  • Stats king SAS surfs the analytics wave

    But can number-crunching software grandad stay on the surfboard?

    Data Warehousing 11 Nov 17:16

  • Ringtones still netting $2.1bn for music biz

    Bigger than subs, small than sales

    Media 11 Nov 17:32

  • Crooks lured investors with fake watchdog site

    Bogus promises to extract cash from bankrupt biz

    Small Biz 11 Nov 18:03

  • Deep-sea squid go from transparent to dark as fast as a Kindle

    Amazing, living e-ink displays of the ocean

    Science 11 Nov 18:21

  • iOS upgrade swells iPhone battery-suckage grief

    'It gets WORST :('

    Phones 11 Nov 18:22

  • Yelp update ridicules Republican (ex)-hopeful Rick Perry

    Two out of three ain't bad

    Government 11 Nov 19:26

  • Fingerprint scanner can detect drugs in sweat

    It knows if you’ve been bad or good

    Law 11 Nov 19:30

  • Logitech CEO: Google TV a 'gigantic mistake'

    End of the line for connected-TV Revue

    Media 11 Nov 21:26

  • Duqu targeted each victim with unique files and servers

    Well-financed developers had sense of humor

    Security 11 Nov 21:48