10th November 2011 Archive

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  • Drag queening for the birds say Spanish boffins

    Priscilla, Queen of the Raptors

    Science 10 00:01

  • Barnes & Noble complain to DoJ over Redmond nobbling

    Using patents to price Android out of the market

    Mobile 10 00:08

  • Server biz saves Cisco profits

    China's Huawei is now the big threat

    The Channel 10 00:29

  • HP earns Greenpeace eco-purity snog

    Other techs dealt logging and greenwashing FAIL

    Science 10 01:01

  • Google ices native Gmail app for BlackBerry

    RIM: the Rodney Dangerfield of smartphone makers

    Mobile 10 01:31

  • City IT manager accused of brazenly stealing mayor's email

    Automated script made it easy, feds say

    Security 10 01:50

  • Divorcing couple ordered to share Facebook and dating site logins

    Be careful who you poke

    Media 10 01:50

  • Nokia Lumia 800

    Finn Win phone comes out fighting

    Phones 10 07:00

  • Old apps must die when you migrate to the cloud

    Boil down your portfolio

    Network Futures 10 07:12

  • NetApp proudly exhibits fresh box

    Solid entry leaves you wanting more

    Cloud 10 08:03

  • Virgin Media, TalkTalk snub kind offer to block Newzbin2

    MPA urged ISPs to follow court order against BT

    Media 10 08:33

  • Basement-dwelling BOFH to be sent into Spaaaace

    And probably back again, in database admin compo

    Cloud 10 08:43

  • Pollution from car exhausts 'helps city dwellers fight stress'

    Toxic monoxide acts as benign narcotic, claims prof

    Science 10 09:02

  • IBM's UK captain Bligh relieves TalkTalk biz boss

    Telco's Lawton walks but doesn't talk

    The Channel 10 09:14

  • NHS staff rapped for gossiping about patients on Facebook

    Dozens of warnings and sackings over growing web misuse

    Networks 10 09:32

  • Mars, Moon, solar system could be littered with alien artifacts

    Boffins' calculations offer answer to Fermi Paradox

    Science 10 09:44

  • Instapaper 4.0

    Read 'em and heap

    Phones 10 10:00

  • Apple: No Siri for old iPhone owners. Well, not from us

    What, don't you have £499? Well, boo hoo

    Cloud 10 10:09

  • Amazon ups Kindle Fire production...

    ...as punters choose the tablet over an iPad

    Tablets 10 10:16

  • Dating sites can be haven for sex pests, say cops

    Some people online might not be who they say they are

    Law 10 10:22

  • Mystery of MAGNETIC ROCKS FOUND ON MOON cracked

    Apollo 'nauts baffling finds caused by moon spoon dynamo

    Science 10 10:31

  • New tap turns water into super-cleaning potion

    Boffins add ultrasound and bubbly goodness

    Science 10 10:42

  • Is Apple nobbling iPhones to avoid more patent misery?

    Android-like autocorrect discovered hidden in iOS 5

    Mobile 10 10:51

  • Sony: Pssst! Want access to the PlayStation on Android SDK?

    Series game devs only. No time wasters

    Phones 10 10:55

  • Why your tech CV sucks

    And here's how we can help

    Jobs 10 11:02

  • ICT education quango will learn to wield Sword of Twitter

    There is no try. Only do!

    Cloud 10 11:13

  • Only an open standard lance can slay EMC's cache demon

    Put your heads together, lads

    Storage 10 11:22

  • Mexican drug runners torture and decapitate blogger

    El Mod of social network ritually murdered

    Security 10 11:31

  • UK to big brands: Get off our Facebook, mate!

    Netizens spurn biz on social sites

    Media 10 11:41

  • Another hushed HTC blower set for 2012 debut

    Ville your Sandwich with Ice Cream

    Phones 10 11:43

  • Flasher macs popular among data centre nerds

    FlashMax will give server apps a fright

    Storage 10 11:52

  • Renault Fluence ZE

    The first affordable, practical electric car

    Science 10 12:01

  • HP finds role for its ex-networking boss

    Barry Bonnett heads network services across EMEA

    The Channel 10 12:03

  • Hong Kongers fight for right to stand in line for iPhone 4S

    Foreign pro queuers face wrath of indigenous amateurs

    Mobile 10 12:12

  • Results in on why life, the universe and everything exists

    10-year study indicates that theoretically it shouldn't

    Science 10 12:23

  • Az mayor offers Prince Harry beer and pizza in fornication row

    Bud and a 12 inch pepperoni unlikely to dampen royal ardour

    Bootnotes 10 12:31

  • Ultrabooks are doomed unless prices tumble

    A minimum 25 per cent cut required, says analyst

    The Channel 10 12:42

  • Apple agrees to replace dodgy MacBook power cords

    Be frayed, be very frayed

    Hardware 10 12:51

  • Where are all the decent handheld scribbling tools?

    Shove your fondleslab, we want a keyboard

    Hardware 10 13:01

  • Murdoch blames other NI execs for phone-hacking scandal

    Claims he knew nothing of widespread voicemail tapping at NotW

    Business 10 13:16

  • Nazi Star Trek episode finally broadcast in Germany

    ST:SS aired after watershed

    Hardware 10 13:28

  • NetApp faces probe into Syrian spooks' use of its storage kit

    FAS racks 'used to slurp email' despite export ban

    Storage 10 13:44

  • Nokia's Windows comeback: Great but what's next?

    Lumia 800 arrived in the nick of time

    Phones 10 14:01

  • Kansas IT boss found faking CV resigns

    Gov Brownback to seek truth-telling meat-cutter

    Management 10 14:11

  • Smartphones rocket past consoles for mobile game sales

    Way more spent on Android, iOS than DS, PSP

    Games 10 14:18

  • The Register goes Live on 22 Nov 2011

    Brian Cox, Genevieve Bell and Bruce Schneier in waiting

    Management 10 14:20

  • Atari fires greatest gaming hits onto Android

    Relive the 1980s on your smartphone or tablet

    Phones 10 14:23

  • UK.gov moves to close VAT loophole on etailers

    Big boys will no longer be able to slip through

    Small Biz 10 14:29

  • Thai flood ripples set to impact entire world PC market

    Forecast graphs dip into the red zone

    The Channel 10 14:44

  • Mobile scaremongers want warning stickers on EVERYTHING

    This'll get The Mail into a right lather

    Mobile 10 15:02

  • Clean-up begins after biggest ever botnet takedown

    Ghost (Click) Busters

    Security 10 15:19

  • ARM rolls out new GPU, loses head

    One 18 months from market, one leaving in May

    Hardware 10 15:39

  • Chief inspector sacked for 'advertising uniformed self online for sex'

    Boy into too much blue, apparently

    Bootnotes 10 16:02

  • Apple's iPad not so shiny once you get it home

    Brits too busy to fondle their slabs...

    Hardware 10 16:19

  • Eurozone crisis: We're all dooomed! Here's why

    Imagine someone on £10K with a £50K credit card bill

    Government 10 16:39

  • US weather boffins tap IBM for 1.6 petaflops super

    Jumping from Power to Xeon chips

    Servers 10 16:46

  • OFFICIAL: Last Western Black rhino snuffs it

    Poached ... and fried

    Science 10 17:01

  • IBM rises to the optimisation challenge

    The right tools for the job

    Network Futures 10 17:16

  • Happy birthday, Tech City: Have another confusing map

    PM hobnobs with startup upstarts at party

    Media 10 17:29

  • Mm, Silverlight, what's that smell? Yes, it's death

    HTML5 challengers dead or looking distinctly peaky

    Cloud 10 17:52

  • US doctors demand right to advise on gun ownership

    Strangely not on household chemicals, cars, hot tubs etc

    Bootnotes 10 18:27

  • Boffins build electric car from a single molecule

    Titchy transport won't get you far

    Science 10 19:51

  • Apple kills code-signing bug that threatened iPhone users

    Hacker who discovered it remains excommunicated

    Security 10 19:54

  • Student Cluster Comp – an inside look

    Texas insider spills all on 2010 effort

    SC 2011 10 20:30

  • AMD revs up server channel for Opteron 6200 push

    Time to start thinking outside of the same old box

    The Channel 10 21:26

  • Lockheed Martin splurges $AU10 million on security lab

    At home in Canberra

    Business 10 21:30

  • Alcatel-Lucent secures biggest GPON deal in China

    Beats local foes Huawei, ZTE to the punch

    Business 10 22:00

  • Army to deploy jumping robots in Afghanistan

    Sand Flea machine can leap 24 foot walls

    Science 10 22:10

  • Death match between site and writer over Twitter account

    Account with 17,000 followers appraised at $340,000

    Media 10 22:11

  • Aus radio industry wants content quotas punted

    Radio stars to lose protection in the Internet age

    Media 10 23:00

  • NASA spills last details of Mars space truck trip

    Skycrane landing, mountain climbing, nail biting

    Science 10 23:28