9th November 2011 Archive

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  • Accel ponies up $100m to juice big data biz

    Using the elephant to mask the elephant

    Cloud 09 00:08

  • Duqu spawned by 'well-funded team of competent coders'

    World's first known modular rootkit does steganography, too

    Security 09 01:09

  • Fedora 16 goes final with cloud and virtualization

    Last build before Beefy Miracle

    Operating Systems 09 01:13

  • Foreign government emails HACKED says TeamP0ison

    But something’s strange here…

    Security 09 06:26

  • Ten... high-end Android tablets

    Premium fondleslab, anyone?

    Tablets 09 07:00

  • Xio appoints 8th CEO in 9 years

    New chairman, new CEO, no overall sales boss in round of musical chairs

    The Channel 09 08:03

  • Facebook scoops up tiny photo app company

    We're going into photo editing ... bitch

    Media 09 08:27

  • Lost cities found beneath sands of Sahara by satellites

    'Advanced civilisation' suppressed by Romans and Gadaffi

    Bootnotes 09 08:57

  • Freak lightning strike sends app, storage servers back in time

    EMC hits 88MPH, returns to mainframe era

    Storage 09 09:14

  • Ofcom boss warns of low interest in 'superfast' broadband

    Fibre, huh. What is it good for? Teenagers

    Broadband 09 09:27

  • Deadly drive drought derails Dell's PC biz

    Build-to-order operation sunk by Thai floods

    The Channel 09 09:44

  • Lemmings

    Fatal attraction

    Games 09 10:00

  • Nvidia outs five-core ARM chip

    Tegra 3 has one core for general stuff, four more for games

    Hardware 09 10:07

  • Hadoop: Making Linux gobble big data

    Growing penguins need petabytes to feast on

    Cloud 09 10:11

  • No Sim-free Nokia Lumia 800s until 2012

    Launch stock going to operators, major retailers

    Phones 09 10:21

  • Pay-by-wave: At least it's better than being mugged

    Takes 400ms to nick £15, but you'll get it back quick

    Security 09 10:22

  • UK Border Force chief walks in passport checks row

    Plans to claim 'constructive dismissal'

    Government 09 10:33

  • Patch Tuesday leaves Duqu 0-day for another day

    No permanent fix for TrueType strike gripe

    Security 09 10:41

  • Asus prices up five-core Eee Pad Android tablet

    Nice kit, Ice Cream Sarnie ready

    Tablets 09 10:51

  • Kesa shells out £50m to offload Comet

    Ailing UK retailer flogged to private equity biz

    The Channel 09 10:54

  • Why GNOME refugees love Xfce

    Thunar rather than later...

    Operating Systems 09 11:00

  • Data retention, FOI and the storage budget

    Managing the archive

    Desktop 09 11:16

  • Adobe axes 750 jobs to focus on HTML5, cloud

    No more love for Flash on mobiles

    The Channel 09 11:27

  • We need to talk about desktop virt

    Readers, we want you

    Enterprise Tech 09 11:35

  • Paypal emits cash swap tap app for Android

    Bung a mate a tenner wirelessly

    Mobile 09 11:44

  • 'Indestructible' Moto Defy telly ad banned

    ASA: "Your phone's tough, but not that tough"

    Mobile 09 11:51

  • Threesome ends in arrest as wife struck by pair of TVs

    Husband 'freaks out' as troika takes sapphic turn

    Security 09 12:01

  • Marantz NR1602 AV receiver with AirPlay

    Slimline 7.1 sound master

    Hardware 09 12:07

  • Calling all banks, insurers and IFAs - do you have an information gap?

    What's the state of today? How it likely to change?

    Management 09 12:13

  • World of Warcraft subscriptions slip

    Are MMO games running out of breath?

    Games 09 12:17

  • Russian probe engines crap out on way to Mars

    Phobos-Grunt stuck in orbit around Earth

    Science 09 12:21

  • Free uni opened for Tech City hipsters

    Startup upstarts go back to school

    Small Biz 09 12:32

  • RM's car-boot sale continues

    Civica coughs £900k for Oz and Kiwi biz

    The Channel 09 12:33

  • 'Angry Bird' netflinger projectile brings down drug ultralights

    US airforce boffins battle robot smugglers

    Bootnotes 09 12:41

  • Barclays Capital cuts IT contractor rates by 10% ... again

    All the cool investment banks are at it

    Small Biz 09 12:52

  • Nintendo adds Wii U support for second controller

    Tablet for two

    Hardware 09 12:54

  • TV makers ready to test 3D specs' compatibility

    All-sets active shutter

    Media 09 12:55

  • It's not the size of your pipe, it's the way you use it

    How to manhandle CDN bandwidth like a pro

    Cloud 09 13:03

  • 'Puzzling structures on surface' of YU55 spaceball

    NASA releases radar vid of speeding cosmic voyager

    Science 09 13:12

  • Steam games forum down amid hack fears

    Valve stays silent, users say they've been spammed

    Security 09 13:22

  • Yahoo!, AOL, Microsoft strike ad pact

    Three tribes go to war - against Google, Facebook

    Media 09 13:32

  • Foreign Office loses dozens of PCs and smartphones

    It's not like Bond to fumble his equipment

    Government 09 13:42

  • Jobs neck and neck with 'angry people' for Time award

    And declared worthy successor to Lenin in Bulgaria...

    Media 09 13:52

  • Cheap gas is a 'crisis' for Greens, but not for us

    The League of Handicappers

    Science 09 14:02

  • Chell clips Cant to top Play School presenter slot

    Cult telly stars chalk up kids show appearances

    Media 09 14:09

  • How to get the best from your IOPS

    Network attached storage and Trevor Pott

    Enterprise Tech 09 14:16

  • UK.gov deputy CIO quits Cabinet Office for EMC job

    Bill McCluggage puts self into storage

    Management 09 14:32

  • Immigrants face £49k wage minimum to stay

    Poorly paid super boffins welcome though

    Small Biz 09 14:43

  • Veg rustlers hit with conditional discharge after roadside lineup

    Allotment holder spots marrow with distinctive stripe

    Security 09 14:51

  • iPhones get multi-sim capabilities

    Case hardened

    Phones 09 14:59

  • Hitachi, LG admit fixing disc drive prices

    Joint venture HLDS hit with criminal charges

    The Channel 09 15:02

  • Hackers link MP's aide to neo-Nazi site in member list leak

    Anonymous Finland attacks far-right group

    Government 09 15:22

  • Wi-Fi hotspots to skyrocket over next five years

    And you reckon 2.4GHz is crowded now...

    Broadband 09 15:41

  • Mobe anti-virus biz Lookout eyes Euro telcos

    Android, iOS good. BlackBerry and Windows out of luck

    Security 09 16:01

  • Prepare for a growth spurt when you virtualise systems

    Adjusting the scale

    Network Futures 09 16:22

  • Adobe confirms mobile Flash Player's race is run

    HTML 5 is the future

    Phones 09 16:22

  • Toshiba knocks back super-skinny tablet release

    Ice Cream Sarnie-inspired delay?

    Tablets 09 16:58

  • Samsung to pump $34bn into its chip fab biz

    Silicon and screens for mobes, cams and fondleslabs

    Mobile 09 17:03

  • SEC slaps inside trader with record $93m fine

    Bent tycoon traded dirty on IBM, Intel

    Security 09 17:37

  • Avnet Technology Solutions to shutter operations in Italy

    Hits ejector button as local economy goes down burning

    The Channel 09 18:05

  • SGI ramping up for big Xeon E5 server push

    NASA to push Pleiades super to 10 petaflops

    Servers 09 18:47

  • Amazon's Kindle Fire burns iPad momentum

    26% of Fire fans put off 'Pad purchases

    Mobile 09 18:50

  • Microsoft releases fix for Applocker bypass flaw

    Windows vault easily opened with macros

    Security 09 18:52

  • Spanish firm brings 20MW solar ‘ranch’ online in Arizona

    Herding photons to green the desert

    Science 09 21:01

  • Branson backs Twitter co-founder's mobile biz

    Stuffs cash into mobile payment startup

    Business 09 21:04

  • Oracle dubs Solaris 11 world's 'first cloud OS'

    'Absolutely spanking' IBM and HP

    Cloud 09 21:31

  • University of NSW to open patent pool

    Uni Glasgow aluminus to drive intellectual property strategy

    Business 09 21:32

  • Defiant Aussies continue to sell contraband Samsung slab

    Laugh gutturally at fruity threats

    Hardware 09 22:01

  • Microsoft gets deeper undercover with the Nine Network

    Shades of spooks as JV renamed Mi9

    Business 09 22:30

  • Feds shutter DNS malware scam that infected 4 million PCs

    $14m scheme attacked Macs as well as Windows

    Security 09 22:31

  • Murdoch plays cross platform musical chairs Down Under

    New chiefs for News Ltd and Foxtel

    Media 09 23:00

  • Super cloud for Oz pension funds

    IQ BG launches community cloud

    Cloud 09 23:30