8th November 2011 Archive

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  • A tenth of Chinese farmland polluted by heavy metals

    Your old PC is poisoning China's future. And Africa's. And India's. And...

    Science 08 00:44

  • Rackspace: 'We want to be your OpenStack maniac'

    Living in your own private Idaho cloud

    Cloud 08 00:56

  • Zuckerberg: 'Make partnerships, not war'

    Names Google as most aggressive competitor

    Media 08 01:07

  • Apple expels serial hacker for publishing iPhone exploit

    Charlie Miller excommunicated for code-signing app

    Security 08 06:00

  • RIM BlackBerry Torch 9860 smartphone

    All touch and no type

    Phones 08 07:00

  • Olympic Torch to visit Bletchley Park

    May encounter George the Robot

    Science 08 08:02

  • NetApp accused of short-stroking its new hardness

    'Everyone short-strokes', admits industry rival

    Virtualization 08 08:31

  • Comp-sci boffin aims to REPROGRAM LIFE ITSELF

    'I'm now moving my research into the wet lab'

    Science 08 09:03

  • Frisky Micron flashes its flash

    Chip baker shakes its server, consumer booty

    The Channel 08 09:16

  • Top cops placed under Freedom of Info law

    Uni admissions body fitted with loose kimono also

    Law 08 09:31

  • OCZ exposes bulging solid disk for 2012

    Just glad to see you, really

    The Channel 08 09:46

  • London to get another £60m of CCTV surveillance

    Transport, cops, boroughs all eyeing eyeing kit

    The Channel 08 10:02

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    Barrels of fun

    Hardware 08 10:10

  • UK forces offer to temporarily share some spectrum

    However we'll be selling it to someone else soon

    Broadband 08 10:14

  • Fujitsu Eternus: It's time to settle this thing

    Masked man and Schneider doff coats, get in the Jell-O

    The Channel 08 10:21

  • HP seeks buyer for WebOS

    For sale, one mobile OS. One previous owner. Will swap for tablet business strategy

    Tablets 08 10:28

  • Ubuntu republic riven by damaging civil wars

    Can the Linux Jedi hold things together?

    Operating Systems 08 10:30

  • UK Space Agency OKs teeny-tiny satellite

    Liftoff expected late 2012

    Science 08 10:42

  • BeWeather

    For those who live in a kingdom of rains

    Phones 08 11:00

  • Google's top lobbyist quits amid antitrust probe

    Davidson leaps from fiery Washington

    Media 08 11:11

  • Panasonic preps rubber-clad Android tablet

    Ten incher for men on poles

    Tablets 08 11:13

  • Best Buy UK spent £200m on failed megastores

    Consumer meltdown, delays and Dixons forced closure

    The Channel 08 11:23

  • Prince Harry given free run of Arizona town's womenfolk

    'Thank you,' pants ecstatic waitress

    Bootnotes 08 11:31

  • Scantily clad spambot vixens make blokes shun security

    Men most likely to friend dodgy Facebook strangers

    Media 08 11:43

  • Oregon offers vote by fondleslab-swipe

    Special service for disabled citizens

    Hardware 08 11:52

  • Bright Computing bursts HPC to EC2 clouds

    A veritable – and virtual – cluster

    Cloud 08 12:02

  • Building the perfect flexible worker

    Half man half iPhone

    Management 08 12:12

  • Samsung PS64D8000 64in plasma 3D TV

    Widescreen whopper

    Hardware 08 12:14

  • Apple trains store bosses to ignore deal with unions

    Up the workers. Right up 'em

    Media 08 12:18

  • Huawei butters up Microsoft to avoid Android patent war

    Shock new approach for UK mobe launch

    Mobile 08 12:28

  • Honda upgrades humanoid robot to SERVE BEER

    Asimo gets voice, face recognition too

    Hardware 08 12:29

  • Huawei brings Android tablet to Blighty

    Fresh smartphone too

    Phones 08 12:35

  • EU advisors: Tighter web privacy will stamp out bullies

    Sensitive info leaking to tormentors and paedos – report

    Security 08 12:41

  • New plastic telescope ammo machine gun is light as a rifle

    Every soldier could get heavy-weapons firepower in future

    Bootnotes 08 12:52

  • The Register Guide on how to stay anonymous (part 2)

    The Evercookie: Like trying to kill Steven Seagal

    Security 08 13:03

  • Anonymous blasts El Salvador offline

    Ay, caramba!

    Security 08 13:13

  • Red Hat finds its feet in cloud gold rush

    Hang on, lads, I've got a great idea

    Developer 08 13:23

  • New pics of giant black sphere hurtling toward Earth

    Vast spaceball 'safely will safely fly past' - NASA

    Science 08 13:32

  • Feds warn 'pox party' zealots not to send viruses in post

    Poxy spit safer than 'live' vaccine say refuseniks

    Bootnotes 08 13:41

  • Theresa May won't quit job over UK Border Agency fiasco

    Home Secretary still standing despite relaxed checks row

    Government 08 13:47

  • HTC prepares quad-core smartphone for 2012

    Beastly blower bad for battery?

    Phones 08 13:48

  • UK firm slammed for flogging spy software to Iran

    Lord fingers biz with Foreign Secretary links

    Security 08 13:58

  • Report: World digital music sales to soar £250m

    CD and LP sales flag, but discs beat downloads

    Media 08 14:19

  • Boffins: Punters can't get a grip on online privacy tools

    Config and confusion issues make anti-tracking kit useless

    Security 08 14:39

  • Elite DARPA cyber heroes will protect interwebs

    'We invented it, we'll save it'

    Security 08 15:01

  • Ultrabooks will rescue PC industry – beancounters

    But only if prices fall below the $1,000 bracket

    The Channel 08 15:21

  • Barclays knocks RIM shares down a peg

    BlackBerry crumbles in the eyes of investors

    Financial News 08 15:39

  • Upcoming EU data law will make Europe tricky for Facebook

    Must gain explicit consent to use your data

    Law 08 15:45

  • Dealer bosses jailed for flogging fake Cisco kit

    Networking's not working for them now

    The Channel 08 16:01

  • Secret US 'Jedi' ghost-copters kept out of bin Laden raid

    Downed Stealth Hawk was actually second-rate kit

    Government 08 16:19

  • Ryanair ponders in-air mucky movie service

    Boogie flights

    Hardware 08 16:23

  • Boffins give chatty robots a creepy human face


    Science 08 16:39

  • Hackers can spring Death Row crims from cells

    Researchers prove SCADA jailbreak risk

    Security 08 17:03

  • Only Samsung will challenge Apple's iPad in 2012

    Single-figure market shares for the rest

    Tablets 08 17:11

  • Flood-hit HDD parts supplier resumes production

    Motor maker Nidec re-opens two factories

    The Channel 08 17:29

  • NASA deep-space ship gets 2014 unmanned test flight

    'We're still going to the Moon, not listening to Obama'

    Science 08 17:50

  • Intel stretches HPC dev tools across chubby clusters

    Cluster Studio XE ready for MICs, not for GPUs

    HPC 08 18:21

  • Consumer Reports: iPhone 4S antenna doesn't suck

    Antennagate closed

    Phones 08 19:50

  • Optus latest to reveal fibre service pricing

    Oz number two carrier also testing service aggregation

    Business 08 20:00

  • Mozilla updates to Firefox 8, disables add-ons

    New browser adds Twitter search for desktops

    Applications 08 20:15

  • Advertiser settles charges for use of Adobe Flash cookies

    Makes it easier to stop online tracking

    Security 08 20:18

  • Telstra targets SMEs in next cloud push

    ‘Small’ means you have a spare hundred a month or more

    Business 08 21:30

  • Russian Mars mission launches after multi-year delays

    Phobos-Grunt scheduled to head to Mars later today

    Science 08 21:44

  • US Supremes liken GPS tracking to 1984's Big Brother

    24/7 surveillance, no warrant needed (maybe)

    Security 08 22:01

  • Dymocks dances with Google

    Adds frequent reader points programme

    Business 08 22:30

  • TPG falls foul of ACCC for false ads

    Not the first time they fibbed

    Business 08 23:00

  • Production electric motorcycle breaks 100 mile range

    'Leccy tech firm touts revolutionary power pack

    Science 08 23:05