7th November 2011 Archive

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  • Data-matching won't help much with electoral registration

    Report: Addresses may not match between records

    Government 07 Nov 08:01

  • HP to pipe dole queue data into clouds

    DWP system to be punted to rest of UK.gov

    Cloud 07 Nov 08:19

  • OMG - It's raining raw fish in tasty little packages

    YO Sushi! goes into the cloud

    Cloud 07 Nov 08:38

  • iPhone gets NFC tap-cash tech

    Externally, though, in 500-user trial

    Small Biz 07 Nov 08:59

  • Iceberg DEATHMATCH: Berlin vs Manhattan

    Battle for supremacy in measuring big ice

    Science 07 Nov 09:11

  • 'Insatiable' Brits gobble Blu-Ray, deserve reward

    Fox bigwig says HD discs will be key to cloud lockers

    Hardware 07 Nov 09:21

  • Colossal dead black neo-sphere approaching Earth

    Aircraft-carrier size ball to pass inside Moon on Tuesday

    Science 07 Nov 09:29

  • If thine brown eye offend thee, blast it with a laser

    And it will turn blue. And still work, for sure!

    Science 07 Nov 09:41

  • Ex-IBM CEO John Opel dies aged 86

    Ended up managing a much bigger hardware store

    Business 07 Nov 10:02

  • Shale gas: If we've got it, flaunt it

    Energy minister warms to UK fuel

    Science 07 Nov 10:14

  • Kaspersky defends 'unworkable' web passports

    Internet driving licence stuck in first gear

    Security 07 Nov 10:21

  • Doctor Who and the Unsatisfactory Five Hole Tape Punch

    Early world-dominating computers of the series

    Verity Stob 07 Nov 10:30

  • IBM: record web sales by phones, tablets this month

    iPhone, iPad owners keenest to buy

    Mobile 07 Nov 10:41

  • Best Buy to shutter all UK megastores

    Dixons sent 'em packing

    The Channel 07 Nov 10:43

  • Panasonic outs world's smallest 3D camera

    Fresh micro four thirds snapper too

    Hardware 07 Nov 10:55

  • Elgato EyeTV Mobile

    iDevice digital telly on the go

    Hardware 07 Nov 11:00

  • Common brain parasite 'can affect host's actions'

    One-in-five chance your mind is being manipulated

    Science 07 Nov 11:12

  • HTC to release first Ice Cream Sandwich updates 'early 2012'

    First wave of handset upgrades announced

    Phones 07 Nov 11:14

  • Anonymous backs off in clash with Mexican drug cartel

    'Kidnap victim released' claim backpedalling hacktivists

    Security 07 Nov 11:23

  • HTC confirms Ice Cream Sandwich tablet for 2012

    Android 4.0 fondleslab inbound

    Tablets 07 Nov 11:39

  • Boffins spy on iPhone screens from 200ft away

    Shoulder surfing goes high-tech

    Security 07 Nov 11:44

  • Drug cops log Nigerian star's 24 bowel movements

    Law made to look an ass

    Law 07 Nov 11:51

  • HP offers devs £130 32GB TouchPad tablets

    App encouragement, or warehouse clearance attempt?

    Tablets 07 Nov 11:56

  • Sony Alpha SLT-A35 translucent mirror camera

    Great shot

    Hardware 07 Nov 12:02

  • It's time to rethink storage management

    So say the experts

    Storage 07 Nov 12:12

  • Samsung offers Galaxy Nexus pre-orders through Phones4U

    Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone nears release

    Phones 07 Nov 12:17

  • Billions on mobe broadband in Ericsson's dystopian future

    Metropolis now

    Mobile 07 Nov 12:23

  • Adventures in Tech: Dive on in, the IPv6 is lovely

    Blub blub blub, no really it's great

    Small Biz 07 Nov 12:31

  • US.gov: We aren't hiding any space aliens

    We can handle the truth

    Science 07 Nov 12:42

  • Hard disk famine shaping up as predicted after floods

    Would you steal or kill if your family needed storage?

    The Channel 07 Nov 12:53

  • China's web biz bosses crank up gossip crackdown

    Stoke the Great Firewall ... or else

    Networks 07 Nov 13:02

  • Robbers steal £1m worth of Modern Warfare 3 packs

    Call of booty

    Games 07 Nov 13:07

  • Apple faces Germany ban after court no-show

    Did its lawyer get stuck in traffic?

    Phones 07 Nov 13:11

  • Japan develops powered armour suit for nuke workers

    Motorised limbs allow heavy rad shielding to be worn

    Science 07 Nov 13:22

  • Google: We're not pushing our gear over rivals

    Antitrust probe told everything is a search result

    Networks 07 Nov 13:34

  • Gallery mulls 'damage' after cleaner scrubs modern art

    Mistook rainwater installation for rainwater

    Bootnotes 07 Nov 13:41

  • Drive chip biz warns of flash-disk hybrid boom

    'Most' HDD makers will follow Seagate's lead

    The Channel 07 Nov 13:53

  • Goldeneye 007: Reloaded

    Yesterday never dies

    Games 07 Nov 14:01

  • Greens threaten to sue over solar 'leccy cash slash

    FiT hit leaves FoE in a fit

    Science 07 Nov 14:22

  • Anonymous runs amock in Israel, Finland, Portugal

    Spook sites downed, citizens' data revealed

    Security 07 Nov 14:43

  • Gartner: Eurozone crisis will bash IT spending

    Ahoy, recession, we meet again

    The Channel 07 Nov 15:02

  • Longhorns on top in kid cluster compo

    We look at the odds in computer sport smackdown

    SC 2011 07 Nov 15:22

  • Adidas pulls down sites hit in 'sophisticated' hack

    Gymwear biz given a right shoeing

    Security 07 Nov 15:44

  • Compact Disc death foretold for 2012

    Major record labels to kill format?

    Hardware 07 Nov 15:45

  • B&N fans fondleslab flames following Kindle Fire

    Bookshop chain's Nook Tablet unveiled

    Media 07 Nov 16:01

  • Barnes & Noble launches 7in tablet e-book reader

    Bookseller opens fire on Amazon Kindle

    Hardware 07 Nov 16:03

  • Google's legal boss is fed up with patent warfare

    But who doesn't think the system is broken?

    Law 07 Nov 16:24

  • VIP Computer Centre swallows CMS Computers

    Traditional channel boundaries blur as distie buys PC maker

    The Channel 07 Nov 16:28

  • NASA tells Voyager 2 to save its strength

    Agency wants ship to explore the outer limits for 10 more years

    Science 07 Nov 16:42

  • US IT sector gains jobs

    Unemployment rate inches down

    Small Biz 07 Nov 17:04

  • UK Home Sec: 'I authorised biometric bypass pilot'

    MPs told passport checks 'abandoned on occasion'

    Government 07 Nov 17:23

  • Goodyear introduces new concept of 'Blimpworthiness'

    'Zeppelinworthiness' presumably coming soon

    Science 07 Nov 17:39

  • Fujitsu readies 23 petaflops Sparc FX10 super beast

    16-core Sparc64-IXfx chip on deck

    HPC 07 Nov 17:46

  • AT&T survey: Cloud computing saves cash, planet

    Biz spends 69% less after move to the cloud, says cloud services provider

    Cloud 07 Nov 18:03

  • US pols sack Santa Claus in cost-cutting drive

    'Happy Holidays, now p*ss off', 2,000-year-old worker told

    Government 07 Nov 18:31

  • Router glitch causes widespread net outages

    Level 3, Time Warner, BlackBerry reported to see problems

    Networks 07 Nov 19:01

  • White space database trial points to 2011 launch

    Technology is able, users less so

    Broadband 07 Nov 19:04

  • Google launches Google+ Pages for businesses

    'Hangout' on Monday with Kermit and Ms. Piggy

    Media 07 Nov 19:25

  • Linux Mint moves to Gnome 3, keeps Gnome 2 MATEy

    Lisa goes both ways, with shell to ease transition

    Operating Systems 07 Nov 20:40

  • Apple shovels $400m in stock grants to top execs

    'Stick around, guys, and we'll make it worth your while'

    Financial News 07 Nov 20:40

  • DNS cache poisonings foist malware attacks on Brazilians

    'Desperate cries' from those visiting innocent sites

    Security 07 Nov 21:18

  • Microsoft gives Phone 7 Mango jailbreak its blessing

    If it's good enough for ChevronWP7, it’s good enough for hobbyists

    Mobile 07 Nov 21:32

  • BlackRock takes $NZ250m taste of Telecom NZ

    Bigger bite or placeholder for coming attractions?

    Business 07 Nov 21:48

  • Australia Network tender shut down

    Government afflicted with Joyce Syndrome*

    Business 07 Nov 22:30

  • Internode adds Darwin POP

    Expanded Oz backhaul makes far north feasible

    Business 07 Nov 23:00

  • Can 24/7 porn rescue Google TV?

    'Cheap Trixxx', 'Feet First', and more – all Vivid, all the time

    Media 07 Nov 23:03

  • Killer smart meters torch Aussie homes!

    Three of them, actually

    Bootnotes 07 Nov 23:30

  • Shift to clouds pumps up Rackspace Hosting

    Managed hosting growing, too

    Financial News 07 Nov 23:46