4th November 2011 Archive

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  • Teradata embiggens on big data

    Enough disks to get through the year

    Servers 04 00:04

  • US, Europe throw their very first joint cyber-war party

    More to come, probably

    Security 04 00:14

  • Teradata in Analytics' crosshairs

    Market growth brings new competition

    Data Warehousing 04 00:30

  • Microsoft releases temporary fix for critical Windows bug

    Duqu vulnerability patched – for now

    Security 04 00:55

  • Kiwi national broadband network rolls with Huawei

    Worst kept secret confirmed

    Business 04 06:33

  • Sonic Generations

    Speeding through time

    Games 04 07:00

  • Maude: Open data is UK.gov's 'new way of operating'

    This kimono isn't just untied, it's transparent

    Government 04 08:02

  • Storage industry Hulks up with green efficiency ratings

    A standardised power efficiency metric for storage products

    The Channel 04 08:34

  • Square pushes pay-by-facial recognition

    For when NFC is just too secure

    Small Biz 04 09:04

  • Peat bogs will not cause runaway global warming

    Trials debunk positive feedback fears

    Science 04 09:12

  • Ofcom proposes new rules on advertising deals

    Only due discrimination will be kosher. Take heed!

    Media 04 09:32

  • Cyberspace conference: All talk and no action

    Let's talk about the possibility of talking about what to do

    Security 04 09:50

  • Belkin Chef Stand and Stylus for tablets

    Keep your screen clean when you cook

    Tablets 04 10:00

  • Amazon rethinks Kindle Fire 2 screen size

    Bigger? Smaller? Who knows - do them all

    Tablets 04 10:02

  • Kids! You get back in front of that Xbox right now

    Playing videogames makes kids more creative

    Science 04 10:16

  • Facebook denies malware risk from message bug

    Fixes security bypass flaw anyway

    Security 04 10:32


    Plus: Nude woman in a dead horse

    Bootnotes 04 10:42

  • Nokia CEO talks up Windows 8 tablet 'opportunity'

    Fresh fondleslab in the works?

    Tablets 04 10:58

  • El Reg premieres PARIS: The Motion Picture

    Hot commemorative vid marks spaceplane anniversary

    SPB 04 11:03

  • Duke Nukem Forever dev slams unfair reviews

    Panned game up there with Half-Life, apparently

    Games 04 11:13

  • BOFH: We don't need no stinkin' upgrade

    Bloated, slow and leaky - what version numbers really mean

    BOFH 04 11:16

  • Jawbone instructs with fitness wristband

    Eat, sleep and exercise

    Hardware 04 11:22

  • Groupon snatches a great deal ... on itself

    Coupon site shares jump $2, valued at $13bn in IPO

    Financial News 04 11:29

  • China outraged by US cyberspying fingering

    'Well, I never!' – indignant Chinese official

    Government 04 11:46

  • Samsung Galaxy Note and Nexus rooted

    Gain more control of your Android kit

    Phones 04 11:59

  • Pass the remote control: vPro eases systems management

    Power at your fingertips

    Enterprise Tech 04 12:03

  • PlayStation Network downloads limited to two devices

    Activation restraints

    Hardware 04 12:03

  • Pay-by-mobe app spells doom for impulse buyers

    So many ways to instantly pay, so little money

    Applications 04 12:14

  • Martian simnauts emerge from spaceship outside Moscow

    520-day red planet odyssey complete at last

    Science 04 12:33

  • Phone-hack scandal: Bloke cuffed in cop bung probe

    48-year-old held by Operation Elveden squad

    Law 04 12:43

  • The Great Smartphone OS Shoot-out

    Android vs iOS vs Windows Phone vs BlackBerry

    Phones 04 12:48

  • Are we in the middle of a PATENT BUBBLE?

    Fallout from the IP wars could mutate your smartphone

    Hardware 04 12:58

  • Alien city lights could be detected across interstellar space

    ET hiveplexes easier to pick up than their TV signals

    Science 04 13:08

  • EU to quiz Apple and Samsung on Frand deals

    Some discrimination is more reasonable than other kinds

    Government 04 13:14

  • Whinging Brits reflect on epic Oz road trip

    El Reg hacks versus the mighty Outback

    SPB 04 13:29

  • LinkedIn whips out begging cap, asks for $500m

    Please, sir, can I have some more?

    Financial News 04 13:43

  • The Beeb is broken

    'Technical difficulties' for outage-hit Auntie

    Media 04 13:51

  • Vatican mulls God particle, calls for appointment of antichrist

    US bloggers spot apocalyptical ruse

    Bootnotes 04 13:58

  • Massive PC shortages to hit this Xmas

    Flooded disk drive fabs flush Santa's sack

    The Channel 04 14:13

  • Scale-out virgin Fujitsu pushes out high-performing tool

    Terabyte per second throughput: Out-scales SONAS

    Storage 04 14:29

  • UK.gov digital boss defends ID assurance scheme

    'Days of different logins for every site are numbered'

    Government 04 14:45

  • Gov reduces e-petitions to public spleen-venting exercise

    Just a way of gauging public's mood

    Government 04 15:03

  • EU: Check out our huge JavaScript appendage

    Views sought on version 1 of €10m extension

    Developer 04 15:19

  • Groupon shares soar, adds $2.7bn in two hours

    Price shoots up faster than bosses' champers cork

    Financial News 04 15:26

  • Music biz presses BT to block The Pirate Bay

    Chuck it in the Newzbin2, er, please

    Media 04 15:42

  • Linux Foundation: Will it be your friend or foe?

    Stepping on toes in pursuit of glory

    Developer 04 16:02

  • Modern Warfare 3 flogged on eBay for a grand

    Get rich and try dying

    Games 04 16:06

  • Acer to murder Gateway brand

    Kit re-badged as Acer Business in new year

    The Channel 04 16:14

  • HSBC UK systems major outage

    Customers can't use cards, online banking or ATMs

    Business 04 16:22

  • Disk-over-Ethernet startup trousers another $50m

    VCs pump more dosh into Coraid

    Storage 04 16:31

  • Hackers mistake French rugby site for German stock exchange

    Fans tackled by 'young, spotty Teuton' gang

    Security 04 16:44

  • Watchdog urged to probe Microsoft's cloud claims... again

    Why don't you have another crack at it, ASA?

    Cloud 04 17:01

  • Boffinry summit names 3 new elements

    Ununnilium, unununium and ununbium get official monikers

    Science 04 17:31

  • Profiteers cash in on Steve Jobs' signature glasses

    Saintly relics fly off store shelves

    Bootnotes 04 17:59

  • Siri gets over her huff, returns useful as ever

    OK, I will open the pod-bay doors

    Phones 04 18:02

  • Manufacturers testing wider cars for swingbellies

    Broad in the beam? Get a Beemer

    Bootnotes 04 18:27

  • German website offers custom cow killing

    Abattoir or field killed, sir?

    Bootnotes 04 18:28

  • CIA 'Open Source Center' monitors Facebook, Twitter

    And anything else that anyone can contribute to openly

    Media 04 19:29

  • Feds back down from legalizing government lies

    Freedom of information act rescued by powerful Republican

    Government 04 20:28

  • Google mum on AdSense payments failure fix

    Web publishers facing tough time ahead

    Media 04 22:19

  • Groupon's IPO: don't get too excited about 30% rise

    Tech stock history: excitement followed by yawns

    Financial News 04 23:21

  • SSL authority stops issuing certificates following breach

    Here we go again

    Security 04 23:54