2nd November 2011 Archive

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  • Invasion of the radio snatchers

    Spotify, Rdio heading to Australia

    Media 02 01:59

  • NASA funds laser tractor beam research

    Shifting particles, not the Enterprise, using SciFi staple

    Science 02 05:00

  • CloudSigma invites Solaris to frolic on its cloud

    On the heels of US launch

    Cloud 02 06:00

  • HTC Titan WinPho 7.5 smartphone

    Mango at large

    Phones 02 07:00

  • IT pros not lacking for employment, but may need to move

    Inhouse or outsource = same number of BOFHs (or more)

    Policy 02 08:02

  • Koreans get touchless gesture-controlled Android phone

    Ideal if your hands are covered in gunge

    Phones 02 08:33

  • It's time to end the Windows Wait

    End this interminable hourglass purgatory!

    Storage 02 09:00

  • Nokia dips toe in free Wi-Fi waters, again

    Londoners to get free network off the Finns

    Broadband 02 09:19

  • NetApp punches Isilon right in the scaled-out clusters

    No short-stroking necessary to crush low hanging fruit

    Cloud 02 09:38

  • The Olympics mobile network clampdown that wasn't

    London Games to be covered by all operators, actually

    Mobile 02 09:52

  • UK biz: Fax us and explain what this cloud thing is

    Small firms stuck with crap tech, unware of data laws

    Small Biz 02 10:01

  • Assange loses High Court appeal against extradition to Sweden

    Arrest warrant stands, Supreme Court option open

    Law 02 10:15

  • Is Auto-tiering storage really as good as it sounds?

    Imperfect optimisations

    Enterprise Tech 02 10:30

  • Logitech outs Bluetooth boombox

    Rock on

    Hardware 02 10:38

  • UK cops must justify using new mobile interception tech

    Plods' purchase means they don't need telcos' help anymore

    Mobile 02 10:44

  • Buffalo intros Pogoplug-powered personal cloud drive

    DIY Dropbox

    Hardware 02 10:50

  • Motorola to launch 8in Xoom 2 for Xmas

    Stock for stockings

    Tablets 02 10:59

  • Five... great games for the Xperia Play

    Top titles for the 'PlayStation phone'

    Phones 02 11:07

  • Cops cuff London Apple Store 'scooter raiders'

    Teen girl and pals charged for part in 48 robberies

    The Channel 02 11:11

  • Systemax blows £250k on ex-CEO legal probe bills

    Misco parent turns profit despite retail meltdown

    The Channel 02 11:21

  • Is your old hardware made of gold, or just DIRT?

    Why it's not worth much, unless it's really old

    Data Centre 02 11:30

  • Assange brings down British justice system

    Six-fingered WikiLeaker-in-chief sticks it to THE MAN

    Law 02 11:35

  • Palestine fingers Israel for blasting Gaza off the net

    Services wiped out in DDoS attack

    Security 02 11:43

  • Voda to plug not-spots with mini-masts in boozers

    Self-configuring kit to fill mobile blackholes

    Mobile 02 11:52

  • Panasonic DMR-PWT500 3D BD Freeview HD DVR

    A bit of a show-off

    Hardware 02 12:00

  • Experts: Firms need to come clean about cyber attacks

    Dutch counter-terrorism head says gov was last to know on DigiNotar hack

    Security 02 12:11

  • Acquisitive reseller plots 'buy and build' trajectory

    Fragmented Microsoft SME channel in need of consolidation, says m-hance

    The Channel 02 12:11

  • Broadcast television is 75 years old today

    London calling

    Hardware 02 12:13

  • Civil servants cough up more lost BlackBerrys

    Whitehall sofas must be chock-full of smart devices

    Government 02 12:21

  • Three touts dongle-sharing DIY hotspot box

    Immobile broadband

    Mobile 02 12:24

  • Gadget Shop kingpin cuffed in nightclub 'toilet sex' incident

    Gorman OBE and wife 'found in bogs' with another bloke

    Law 02 12:29

  • UK.gov needs fresh law to protect taxpayers' ID

    Offloading data to private biz already racks up £10m bill

    Government 02 12:41

  • India uncloaks new thorium nuke plants

    Won't have to look far for fuel, either

    Science 02 12:52

  • Record flight is step toward HYPERSONIC SPACE AIRSHIP

    Ion-drive dirigibles to orbit from aerial 'Dark Sky' base

    Science 02 13:02

  • The storage boom and bust cycle

    Save cash, manage better

    Storage 02 13:16

  • Hard-up Big Biz's docs lobbed into cheap cloud

    EMC OnDemand forced to go virtual

    Cloud 02 13:31

  • Opera updates Jesus phone, BlackBerry browser versions

    Data counter to help those on stingy data plans

    Mobile 02 13:44

  • Supersleuthing BOFHs could help crack cybercrimes

    MS exec: Sysadmins should gather evidence for the cops

    Security 02 13:45

  • BlackBerry nicks iPhone's UK smartphone crown

    Barely 100,000 units between 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in Q3

    Phones 02 14:02

  • Eggheads use Twitter to work out if it's raining

    Also reveals when flu season begins

    Science 02 14:16

  • Fondleslabs are next on Lenovo chief's hit list

    Juggernaut thunders into second place in PC biz

    The Channel 02 14:29

  • PlayStation 3 sales catch up with Xbox 360 total

    Neck and neck

    Hardware 02 14:44

  • Report: Popular CAPTCHAs easily defeated

    Researchers build CAPTCHA dispatcher Decaptcha ...

    Security 02 14:46

  • What is wrong with the Data Protection Act?

    FOI infraction saga hits the buffers

    Law 02 15:03

  • Catholic Bishops: 'Would you mind not bringing guns to church?'

    Wishy-washy response on Wisconsin's weapons rules

    Bootnotes 02 15:14

  • Fujitsu busts K super through 10 petaflops

    When will this monster machine go commercial?

    HPC 02 15:29

  • Mars probe crippled by buggy SSD successfully jury-rigged

    Ingenious space BOFHs overcome memory fault

    Science 02 15:46

  • Let's build some better HPC benchmarks

    Sustained performance in, Peak out

    HPC 02 16:00

  • Virtualisation turns PCs into personal clouds

    Desktops break free

    Enterprise Tech 02 16:00

  • Grand Theft Auto V trailer drives onto interweb

    Game to be download only?

    Games 02 16:09

  • Minnow Android slab maker BEATS Apple in court

    Spanish biz countersues after year-long ban on sales

    Hardware 02 16:21

  • Appro goes to extremes with new Xtreme-X supers

    Machines? Check. GPUs? Check. New x86 CPUs? Er ... soon.

    HPC 02 16:23

  • Symantec looks steady as biz spends on security

    But services sector let it down in Q2

    The Channel 02 16:40

  • US Navy in new electromagnetic railgun milestone

    New model can fire more than once before destroying self

    Science 02 17:04

  • Steve Jobs named most influential game guy – ever

    Most influential platform? Guess...

    Games 02 17:06

  • All change at top of HP storage biz

    Richard Masterson taking on sales director role for global accounts

    Storage 02 17:16

  • Fujitsu makes biggest Eternus even bigger

    Dual controller array with ambition

    Storage 02 17:21

  • iPad 2 made from T-Rex fossils costs £5m

    Extreme bling

    Tablets 02 17:44

  • Spectra builds MONSTER TRUCK of tape libraries

    Tape-osaurus Rex: Upgraded T-Finity beats 'em all

    Storage 02 18:01

  • Tech Data sues LCD panel makers over price-fixing

    Distie giant seeking damages from cartel

    The Channel 02 18:29

  • Thousands of WordPress sites commandeered by Black Hole

    Webmasters, update TimThumb now!

    Security 02 18:48

  • Anonymous confusion in clash with Mexican drug cartel

    'It's WAR' - Anons far away. 'No it's not' - Mexicans

    Security 02 18:58

  • AOL foresees long-spooned rush to sup with 'Project Devil'

    Web giant covers (some of) its bloggers in gold

    Cloud 02 19:27

  • LightSquared CEO wants industry's 'dumbest' wireless pipe

    You didn’t ask Edison to build toasters

    Mobile 02 19:44

  • Americans to get five-year wireless tax freeze

    New Yorkers already paying more than UK

    Broadband 02 19:57

  • AMD pins exascale vision on Fusion APUs

    The rebirth of vector processing

    HPC 02 21:19

  • Accused Hollywood hacker does about face, pleads not guilty

    Previously apologized for invading celeb's privacy

    Security 02 21:22

  • NSW plods’ bugs jump

    ‘First state’ first in interception

    Law 02 21:42

  • Negroponte plans tablet airdrops to teach kids to read

    Market forces are failing the poor, he warns

    Hardware 02 21:54

  • Telstra wins fixed Indian licences

    Rolling out in seven cities

    Business 02 22:30

  • Dick Smith faces tricky times

    Retailer faces review possible extinction

    The Channel 02 23:00

  • Yahoo! apps! showcase! makes! social! media! moves!

    Provided you own an iPad, that is

    Media 02 23:16

  • Secunia jumps on vuln reward bandwagon

    First, catch your rabbit

    Security 02 23:30

  • Apple admits iPhone battery suckage, promises fix

    Special help on its way to Oz, as well

    Mobile 02 23:39