1st November 2011 Archive

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  • Victorian government moves to mollify IT channel

    Reverses cuts to supplier numbers

    Business 01 Nov 00:30

  • Perth music app developers score $1.1m

    Japan drives international chart toppers

    Applications 01 Nov 01:00

  • Researchers propose simple fix to thwart e-voting attack

    Running hash makes insider fraud easier to detect

    Security 01 Nov 04:00

  • HP systems group honcho bails after Meg flip-flops

    CTO Phil McKinney: 'Not the traditional retirement'

    Business 01 Nov 04:30

  • Pete Townshend condemns Apple as 'digital vampire'

    The Who's windmiller barters own bollocks for musicians' aid

    Media 01 Nov 05:00

  • Boston University

    Can Terriers hit tera-scale?

    SC 2011 01 Nov 06:49

  • University of Colorado

    Can veteran team finally Buffalo the competition?

    SC 2011 01 Nov 06:51

  • Purdue University

    Fifth time the charm for veteran team?

    SC 2011 01 Nov 06:52

  • Nizhny Novgorod State University

    Russian bear returns to student cluster fray

    SC 2011 01 Nov 06:52

  • University of Texas

    Confident? Cocky? Time will tell

    SC 2011 01 Nov 06:54

  • Sony Tablet S

    Wedge hardware

    Laptops and Tablets 01 Nov 07:00

  • Computer 2000 taps Widget UK boss to run retail biz

    Foreman fits the bill

    The Channel 01 Nov 07:29

  • 97% of Three's network traffic is data

    Your country is calling streaming

    Broadband 01 Nov 08:01

  • UK.gov threatens to 'pull plug' on smart meter rollout

    Hard-up punters unimpressed, Whitehall nervous

    Broadband 01 Nov 08:20

  • World heading for massive jobs slump

    We need to employ our way out of economic misery

    Financial News 01 Nov 09:01

  • Return of the SALTY DISK BOFFINS

    Can't resist resistive RAM

    Storage 01 Nov 09:21

  • Wooden Mars ark voyagers set to step out on Earth

    'Nauts to end 520-day simulated interplanetary odyssey

    Science 01 Nov 09:38

  • Airbus brews Scandium smackdown for carbon Dreamliner

    A riveting chapter in Boeing and Airbus' rivalry

    Science 01 Nov 10:02

  • Behold: The Gecko-robot wall-climbing tank!

    Does whatever a spider-pig (lizard) can

    Science 01 Nov 10:14

  • Beeb measures Blighty in doormats

    Auntie's improbable units dept strikes again

    SPB 01 Nov 10:29

  • Asus eyes Android, Windows 8 tablets in 2012

    Can it be the iPad rival it wasn't in 2011?

    Laptops and Tablets 01 Nov 10:30

  • Darth Vader mounts defence of doomed empire

    'We shall double our efforts,' gasp worried Dixons staff

    The Channel 01 Nov 10:43

  • Android voice assistant shootout

    Battle of the Siri substitutes

    Phones 01 Nov 11:00

  • Too many states are crushing net rights, says Foreign Sec

    Hague not vague on need for uncensored web

    Government 01 Nov 11:12

  • Don't lose sleep over cloud crypto hole, says Amazon

    Virtually insignificant

    Cloud 01 Nov 11:21

  • Half of Britain now owns a smartphone

    Android in the hands of a quarter of the population

    Phones 01 Nov 11:33

  • Fasthosts downed by dicky Dell switch

    UK website hosting cluster rocked by outage

    Networks 01 Nov 11:37

  • Canada founded on 'relentless pursuit of beaver'

    Determined pioneers pursued warm and furry prey

    Government 01 Nov 11:44

  • Archiving and the cloud

    SNIA works up some best practices

    Cloud 01 Nov 11:53

  • HTC Sensation XL hip-hops onto UK shelves

    Big Beats for Blighty

    Mobile 01 Nov 11:54

  • Seagate flings twirling terabyte platters at world

    Floods won't halt Barracuda refresh, we're told

    Storage 01 Nov 12:01

  • Flooded fabs to ship 48m fewer disks in Q4

    Camera and car makers also capsized

    The Channel 01 Nov 12:11

  • ITU showcases protoboffins, hands them £6k each

    'Children are the youth of tomorrow'*

    Broadband 01 Nov 12:22

  • Blogger freaks after airport lackey fondles checked-in vibrator

    TSA forced to perform 'removal action' on employee

    Law 01 Nov 12:31

  • Hague: Web risks turning into city of ghettos

    UK seeks net protection pact from biz and govts

    Government 01 Nov 12:41

  • Activists tell gov to shove its net censorship plans

    Hands off our smut and private parts

    Government 01 Nov 12:52

  • The Register Guide on how to stay anonymous (part 1)

    How websites use your browser to sell you for cash

    Security 01 Nov 13:00

  • Battlefield 3

    Bangers and crash

    Hardware 01 Nov 13:03

  • Ofcom tarts up telco report with pretty coverage maps

    All show, but where's the detail?

    Broadband 01 Nov 13:12

  • The data boom and bust cycle

    Don't buy more, manage it better

    Storage 01 Nov 13:24

  • Lovely ‘leccy car breaks out of Oz

    Move over Tesla?

    Science 01 Nov 13:28

  • Netflix, Amazon ink video streaming deals with Disney

    Interwebulator Walt beams up 'money for old rope' line

    Hardware 01 Nov 13:34

  • Why can't civil servants keep a grip on their BlackBerrys?

    MPs told mandarins let RIM kit slip

    Government 01 Nov 13:46

  • French nuke biz slapped in mystery cyberattack

    Blame Canada China North Korea oh, who knows

    Security 01 Nov 14:01

  • Cops should help us slay trolls, says Facebook wonk

    But wait, there's a real crime happening over there

    Law 01 Nov 14:16

  • Calyx owner Better Capital stages reseller roll-up

    VC building mid-market Microsoft and Sage software specialist

    The Channel 01 Nov 14:29

  • £2.8m bank Trojan slurp ringleaders jailed

    Scotland Yard, Feds nab malware-armed raiders

    Security 01 Nov 14:29

  • Google explains 'why' ads target user's Gmail

    How our bots drill into your ONLINE BRAIN

    Security 01 Nov 14:42

  • Facebook, Twitter just tools in Arab Spring

    Yemeni activist: We quite like radio and SMS, actually

    Networks 01 Nov 15:18

  • Yahoo! beds! down! with! cookie! sniffing! Interclick!

    Smell my cheese, er, money

    Business 01 Nov 15:33

  • Hyperscale networks need holistic management

    End-to-end services for virtual machines

    Data Networking 01 Nov 15:44

  • Nokia sets release date for Lumia 800

    Mango here we come

    Phones 01 Nov 15:46

  • Battlefield 3 is EA's fastest selling videogame. Ever

    Server issues continue, though

    Games 01 Nov 15:52

  • Miley Cyrus hacker let off with probation

    TrainReq spared after ratting out former hacking cohorts

    Security 01 Nov 16:03

  • Chip sales shrink a bit in September

    Japan recovering, Thailand an unknown

    The Channel 01 Nov 16:14

  • Cameron loves net freedom – as long as no one's rioting

    'Gov doesn't own, run or shape the internet'

    Cloud 01 Nov 16:29

  • Calxeda hurls EnergyCore ARM at server chip Goliaths

    Another David takes aim at Xeon, Opteron

    Servers 01 Nov 16:45

  • HP Project Moonshot hurls ARM servers into the heavens

    Redstone clusters launch Calxeda chips

    Servers 01 Nov 17:01

  • Open Rights Group denies Netflix is coming to the UK

    Company itself begs to differ with Citizen Jim

    Cloud 01 Nov 17:21

  • Native Gmail app coming to iPhone, iPad?

    Android advantage may soon be undermined

    Mobile 01 Nov 17:27

  • The Silicon Valley mirror-tocracy

    Are these startups relevant to anyone outside the bubble?

    Small Biz 01 Nov 17:41

  • Asian countries dominate global spam deluge

    Dirty Dozen rankings acquire eastern flavour

    Security 01 Nov 17:58

  • Activision banned me from Call of Duty gig, says exotic performer

    'She appears in WHAT kind of films?!?!'

    Games 01 Nov 18:25

  • Biden: The internet ain't broke, let's not fix it

    US rejects calls for 'national barriers on information'

    Cloud 01 Nov 18:29

  • Chinese orbital docking starts long march to space station

    US commie hunt jumpstarted taikonaut takeoff

    Science 01 Nov 18:43

  • Samsung demands iPhone 4S source code in Aussie row

    Yes, but what has France to say?

    Phones 01 Nov 20:05

  • Bill Gates strangled Microsoft's 'tablet for creatives'

    Windows, Office cannibalization concerns killed the Courier

    Hardware 01 Nov 20:10

  • Critical Windows zero-day bug exploited by Duqu

    Trojan used booby-trapped Word file to spread

    Security 01 Nov 20:15

  • AT&T to offer first LTE phones this Sunday

    HTC and Samsung get the nod

    Mobile 01 Nov 21:04

  • Adobe buys Auditude

    Acquisition strategy increasingly Googlesque

    Business 01 Nov 21:27

  • OpenBSD 5.0 reveals MAD-themed release

    What hath Alfred E. Neuman wrought?

    Operating Systems 01 Nov 21:58

  • Curtin Uni inks instrument contract for WA radiotelescope

    Poseidon Scientific to build kit for Murchison array

    Business 01 Nov 22:00

  • NZ ISP piracy law kicks in

    Download notices expose appalling musical tastes

    Law 01 Nov 22:30

  • Canberra ATM cracker refused bail

    Cash machine blagger stays in slammer

    Law 01 Nov 23:00

  • Cray results suffer from AMD delays

    History repeats itself, but won't threepeat

    HPC 01 Nov 23:03

  • Riverbed joins OpenStack gang

    Signs on dotted line

    Cloud 01 Nov 23:30

  • Army of 'socialbots' steal gigabytes of Facebook user data

    Social networks prone to large-scale infiltration

    Security 01 Nov 23:32