31st October 2011 Archive

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  • Mint Wireless exits channel

    Disto no more

    Business 31 Oct 00:16

  • Halloween Hardware

    Spooks to be had

    Hardware 31 Oct 07:00

  • MPs back more powers for ICO

    Watchdog needs sharper teeth, says committee

    Law 31 Oct 08:01

  • London Underground seeks advice about ICT infrastructure

    Will hold talks with tech suppliers on future tube system

    Government 31 Oct 08:30

  • Facebook's Swedish data centre will be subject to Snoop Law

    It's the law, innit... bitch

    Storage 31 Oct 09:00

  • Personal data blaggers should go to jail, MPs say

    People who 'blag' personal info or sell it on should face prison – committee

    Law 31 Oct 09:29

  • QLogic showers in gravy as parent Emulex hits dry spell

    Spun out as spin-out booms

    Servers 31 Oct 09:44

  • Official: Kindles get heavier as you add e-books

    Don't worry, you won't notice

    Laptops and Tablets 31 Oct 09:48

  • Google-Moto pulls in $228m following settlement with RIM

    Mystery 'company' ponied up $175m in cash alone

    Financial News 31 Oct 10:01

  • GoPro HD Hero 2

    Tough shooter

    Hardware 31 Oct 10:03

  • EU in 4G mobile 'digital dividend' divvy-up proposal

    800MHz band which used to carry telly is good for range

    Mobile 31 Oct 10:13

  • Brits buy 3.1m Freeview HD devices

    Maybe even more if there were more channels?

    Media 31 Oct 10:23

  • Panasonic sniffs doom on the wind in telly market

    Struggles to digest Sanyo, cope with rising yen

    Hardware 31 Oct 10:33

  • Samsung bleats 'bout bendy blowers for 2012

    Twist and spout

    Phones 31 Oct 10:38

  • Canonical: Mobile OEMs are going to love our Linux

    Umbongo will be useful bargaining tool - Shuttleworth

    Operating Systems 31 Oct 10:43

  • BT hires another battalion of troops to speed fibre rollout

    Ex-military types to blow two-thirds of Blighty 'by 2014'

    Data Networking 31 Oct 10:57

  • Nokia celebrates milestone with nostalgic exhibition

    Built from bricks

    Phones 31 Oct 11:05

  • Android 'stands on Microsoft's shoulders', says MS lawyer

    And there is only a modest charge for doing so

    Hardware 31 Oct 11:13

  • 'Ghost hunter' set to become Tory Euro-MP

    'Investigator of the unexplained' headed for Brussels

    Government 31 Oct 11:19

  • Motorola Mobility to sack 800 ahead of Google gobble

    No in-office laundry or massages for you

    Financial News 31 Oct 11:27

  • Anonymous threatens Mexican drug cartel

    Hacktivists wade into bloody narco wars

    Security 31 Oct 11:36

  • Building cloud-optimised networks

    Combining fabric infrastructure, operational nous, and service delivery models

    Data Networking 31 Oct 11:45

  • Solar power boom 'unsustainable', says Gov

    Massive payouts to rooftop panel owners to be slashed

    Small Biz 31 Oct 11:47

  • Minecraft upstages Portal 2 in arty game prize

    Block heads?

    Hardware 31 Oct 11:50

  • Zombify Me

    'Tis the season to be scary

    Phones 31 Oct 12:00

  • Scotland Yard trackers operate fake mobile base stations

    Reports say cops are running secret air wing too

    Security 31 Oct 12:06

  • Top GCHQ spook warns of 'disturbing' levels of cyber-raids

    All of Blighty subject to continual slurping

    Security 31 Oct 12:16

  • Don't let Halloween malware haunt your PC

    Trick or tweet

    Security 31 Oct 12:29

  • HTC foretells 2012 move to 4G in US, 'advanced markets'

    Sees massive bulgening in smartphone sales to mainland

    Financial News 31 Oct 12:43

  • Adventures in Tech: Taking the plunge into IPv6

    Our intrepid reporter does it, but you'll still have to

    Cloud 31 Oct 13:00

  • ASUS: 'We run out of hard disks at the end of the month'

    Good job we make all those Flash-based netbooks

    Storage 31 Oct 13:18

  • Two iPads put a hole through man's wallet stomach

    Halloween fancy dress fans, eat your heart out

    Laptops and Tablets 31 Oct 13:25

  • University students chase cluster victory

    Throw down showdown in Seattle

    SC 2011 31 Oct 13:34

  • Check Point scoffs security dashboard firm

    Will add bells and whistles in a GRC/SIEM stylie

    Security 31 Oct 13:42

  • Public transport 'is bad for commuters' health'

    Long car journeys better for you than short ones, too

    Cloud 31 Oct 13:58

  • Google signs Deepak Chopra and Madonna in TV blitzkrieg

    We're not attacking the telly biz! Oh wait, no, we are

    Cloud 31 Oct 14:19

  • Is your network taking on a life of its own?

    Meet the complexity challenge

    Network Futures 31 Oct 14:20

  • Desperate RIM in 'buy two PlayBooks, get one free' offer

    Plus leather slab-sleeve for unloved stroker

    The Channel 31 Oct 14:38

  • Farewell then, Sony Ericsson

    The Reg looks back over a rollercoaster decade

    Phones 31 Oct 14:57

  • From Frogger to fluid dynamics

    Exhibits run the gamut

    HPC 31 Oct 15:00

  • Steve Jobs' last words: 'OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.'

    He looked at partner and kids 'and then beyond them'

    Hardware 31 Oct 15:29

  • National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

    2010 Champion returns to defend crown

    SC 2011 31 Oct 15:39

  • BBC iPlayer to require TV licence

    The cost of catch-up

    Hardware 31 Oct 15:57

  • Apple confirmed as buyer of 3D mapping firm

    Plotting split from Google Mapping services?

    Developer 31 Oct 16:01

  • National University of Defense Technology, China

    Team Tianhe looks for Seattle glory

    SC 2011 31 Oct 16:04

  • Argentina stakes online claim on Falklands

    Territorial dispute spills over into cyberspace

    Networks 31 Oct 16:19

  • Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica

    Rainforest Eagles attack clustering

    SC 2011 31 Oct 16:25

  • Biz bosses are catching fondleslab fever, says distie

    Not just for watching cat videos, then

    The Channel 31 Oct 16:40

  • Samsung reveals Ice Cream Sarnie updates for 2012

    Galaxies that get a slice

    Phones 31 Oct 16:43

  • Gloves off in NYSE: Red Hat trading tech face-off

    OpenMAMA pitted against AMQP in finance system battle

    Operating Systems 31 Oct 17:01

  • Sony may break up with Samsung

    Japanese firm considers ending LCD joint venture

    Hardware 31 Oct 17:20

  • LightSquared pulls out all the stops to get FCC approval

    Financial shenanigans, conflicts of interest and a technical solution?

    Broadband 31 Oct 17:40

  • Open-sourcers suggest Linux secure boot block workarounds

    If the boot fits ...

    Operating Systems 31 Oct 18:01

  • Microsoft confirms Kinect SDK for business in 2012

    Let a thousand RSI lawsuits bloom

    Developer 31 Oct 18:21

  • Another reason to jail-break your iPhone 4: You can get Siri

    Fiddly, but possible

    Hardware 31 Oct 18:29

  • China responds to satellite hack charge: 'Nuh-uh!'

    'We oppose all hacking'

    Security 31 Oct 18:42

  • China to take women to heaven and back

    Manned 2012 spaceships could have two female taikonauts

    Science 31 Oct 19:01

  • Ultrabook sales 'falling short of targets'

    'Never buy version 1.0' rule in play

    Laptops and Tablets 31 Oct 19:46

  • Dozens of chemical firms hit in espionage hack attack

    Defense contractors, Fortune 100 companies, too

    Security 31 Oct 19:58

  • Olympus gets government grilling after firing nosy Brit boss

    Japanese prime minister cites multimillion dollar 'irregularities'

    Business 31 Oct 20:00

  • China fires up homegrown petaflops super

    The Sunway Bluelight special

    HPC 31 Oct 21:15

  • Illicit Bitcoin miners steal resources from infected Macs

    Passwords, browsing history also harvested

    Security 31 Oct 21:24

  • Kiwi devs look to export 3D urban-planning tech

    Get first round of funding

    Business 31 Oct 21:37

  • More big boxen for boffins

    CSIRO seeks more metal

    HPC 31 Oct 22:00

  • Optus taps Arianespace for satellite launch

    Number ten to fly in 2013

    Broadband 31 Oct 22:30

  • NEXTDC details rapid rollout

    AGM told electricity shortages will challenge Oz cloud

    Cloud 31 Oct 23:30

  • Boffins' PETMAN robot mimics human gym rats

    Does pushups, walks, squats, and sweats

    Science 31 Oct 23:44