28th October 2011 Archive

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  • Murdoch’s Oz hacks to get special paywall discount

    Get your News at half price

    Media 28 00:30

  • Catch of the Day on track for $AU250m

    New group buying sites on way

    Media 28 01:00

  • Asia Pac networks filled with entertainment

    Netflix still hogs US bandwidth

    Media 28 01:30

  • Hands on with Canon's EOS-1D X full-frame DSLR

    Shooting star

    Hardware 28 06:00

  • Hackers commandeer US government satellites

    Blame China

    Security 28 07:03

  • LSI snaps up flash controller company

    Big news on the solid state front

    Storage 28 08:01

  • We like zombies… because we are zombies

    Social scientist sees humanity in their glazed, undead eyes

    Bootnotes 28 08:18

  • Details of all internet traffic should be logged – MEP

    Politician claims data records will help ID paedos and predators

    Law 28 08:31

  • Surc universal remote case

    Best way to control your AV kit with your iPhone?

    Hardware 28 09:00

  • HP has another crack at fondleslab market

    Meg strokes Windows 8, unsure about webOS

    Hardware 28 09:29

  • Ingram bemoans tough European retail market

    Operational hitches in Oz don't help Q3 numbers either

    The Channel 28 09:47

  • Samsung making over half its cash from its mobes

    Apple won't be ousting these guys without a serious fight

    Mobile 28 10:02

  • Nokia: The first year of the Elopcalypse

    Timing is everything

    Mobile 28 10:22

  • UK CB radio crowd celebrates three decades of legality

    Thirty years since the bears stopped listening

    Broadband 28 10:39

  • 'Social' TV app Zeebox goes live

    iPlayer guru's next big thing

    Applications 28 10:59

  • Zimbabwean claims prostitute turned into donkey

    Novel excuse for making beast with six legs

    Bootnotes 28 11:14

  • Boss leaves robot in charge of office

    Judge droid

    Hardware 28 11:25

  • 'With great code comes great responsibility'

    Plus: Jobs on acid, 'a million cocks' for El Reg

    Bootnotes 28 11:29

  • Feds nab granny in moon rock sting

    74-year-old who tried to sell husband's pressie arrested

    Law 28 11:44

  • Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

    Third time lucky

    Games 28 12:00

  • Internap joins OpenStack cloud race for 'first'

    Beefier, networkier, more availability

    Cloud 28 12:01

  • Server, disc glitches mar Battlefield 3 launch

    War goes bang

    Games 28 12:12

  • Stallman: Did I say Jobs was evil? I meant really evil

    Macs are pretty digital handcuffs

    Hardware 28 12:15

  • Boffins teach old radios new channel-hopping tricks

    Smart comms for dumb tech

    Broadband 28 12:29

  • CTIA wins battle over cancer labelling on phones

    San Francisco down, but not out

    Mobile 28 12:45

  • Quantum claws its way back to profit

    Gets Standard & Poor upgrade...

    Financial News 28 13:00

  • Steve Jobs: the Exclusive Biography

    A life less ordinary

    Hardware 28 13:02

  • Isilon on its separate scale-out reality

    Why it's different from NetApp ...

    Storage 28 13:29

  • SeeSaw shut down

    Plug pulled

    Hardware 28 13:54

  • Nintendo reiterates plans for 2012 Wii U launch

    No 3DS repeats, insists president

    Games 28 13:54

  • Acer first PC vendor to confirm price hike

    Impact of Thai flooding on disk drives blamed

    The Channel 28 14:01

  • Safe as Windows: Smartphones' security nightmare

    Apple, Android and the PC experience

    Mobile 28 14:19

  • Dell bundles Ubuntu Linux on PCs in China

    Hái méi for Ubuntu on PowerEdge servers

    Servers 28 14:40

  • Demand for Ruby, Hadoop and HTML5 rockets, C devs still best paid

    Silicon Roundabout is hiring

    Developer 28 15:01

  • HP UK PC team baying for rivals' blood

    Vendor back on the attack after landmark decision

    The Channel 28 15:29

  • NetApp scores video benchmark wins

    But it's E-Series... not ONTAP 8.1

    Storage 28 16:01

  • Fancy buying Brocade – again?

    It's in play

    Storage 28 16:29

  • RIM backdoor access for Indian probers

    Mumbai centre up and running since earlier this year

    Broadband 28 17:01

  • ARM specs out first 64-bit RISC chips

    Punching Intel, AMD in the server jewels from below

    Hardware 28 18:16

  • Apple shifts Lossless Audio Codec to open source

    Audiophiles pleased at Cupertino’s belated move

    Media 28 18:36

  • Tesla pre-sells all 2012 Model S output

    Don't worry – there'll be 20,000 more in 2013

    Science 28 19:31

  • Miley Cyrus cracker: 'I'm too short for the slammer!'

    Looking to avoid painful stretch inside

    Security 28 20:52

  • Applied Micro leaps ahead in ARM server race

    ARMed and extremely dangerous – to Intel, AMD

    Servers 28 21:34

  • Google TV receives (much needed) upgrade

    If at first you don't succeed...

    Media 28 22:35

  • Microsoft cuts Azure storage pricing

    Shaves one cent per gigabyte, with volume discounts

    Cloud 28 23:47