27th October 2011 Archive

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  • Super Micro revved up for impending Xeons, Opterons

    Old iron selling like hotcakes

    Servers 27 00:13

  • UK wants our geeky army

    Initiative launched to lure tech Aussies to UK

    Business 27 00:30

  • Consumer Watchdog lambasts Los Angeles over Google Apps

    Unfortunately, the council meeting is next week

    Cloud 27 00:30

  • RIM faces legal action following service outages

    Canucks quick to class action suit

    Mobile 27 01:02

  • ASX down, blames glitch

    Traders curse screens, mark time

    Business 27 01:07

  • Orbitsound T12v3 spatial soundbar

    Flatscreen fortifier

    Hardware 27 06:00

  • Insulin pump hack delivers fatal dosage over the air

    Sugar Blues, James Bond style

    Security 27 06:23

  • Cabinet Office on £2m digital talent hunt

    28 new hires to get the civil service up to speed

    Government 27 07:30

  • Windows XP and iPod: A tale of two birthdays

    Unwanted versus unforgettable

    Operating Systems 27 08:01

  • Credit card companies plan to sell your purchase data to advertisers

    Evil plot may end up buried in the T&Cs ...

    Business 27 08:30

  • Sony and Ericsson divorce

    Sony gets the business, Ericsson the cash ...

    Mobile 27 08:38

  • Vlingo

    Siri-ous competition

    Phones 27 09:00

  • Inside WD's flooded Thai factory

    Hard drive maker is wet wet wet...

    The Channel 27 09:29

  • Samsung gets fast-track appeal on Tab injunction

    Aussie court gives firm expedited hearing on Apple's fondleslab ban

    Law 27 09:45

  • Telecom World tries to shake off its paper-pushing reputation

    UN still caught in Barcelona envy

    Mobile 27 10:04

  • Crypto boffins uncover rogue task risk on Amazon cloud

    AWS drops the SOAP, plugs backdoor quickly though

    Cloud 27 10:19

  • Nokia takes NFC phones to New York subway

    If it ain't American, it ain't happening

    Broadband 27 10:39

  • Sony KDL-40HX723 40in LED 3D TV

    A better class of Bravia

    Hardware 27 11:00

  • Virgin Media touts high-speed signups and TiVO

    Squeezes nearly 2 extra quid a month from users in Q3

    Financial News 27 11:14

  • Mozilla delivers Binged-up Firefox browser

    Seeing the web through Microsoft's eyes

    Developer 27 11:29

  • Price-slashing fails to ignite PlayBook sales

    Channel says fondleslab fever bypassing RIM

    Tablets 27 11:39

  • Google won't face Oracle in court until next year

    Judge proposes three-phase trial to deal with copyright and patent issues

    Law 27 11:50

  • China Central TV comes to Freeview

    It's broadcast, but not as you know it

    Media 27 12:01

  • Groupon will replace 1 in 10 sales staff to ensure growth

    Repeat customers... Who needs 'em?

    Financial News 27 12:16

  • Google Maps API now costs $4 per 1,000 requests

    Devs will have to cough up

    Developer 27 12:29

  • Earth escapes obliteration by comet

    Elenin breaks up into teeny bits and misses planet

    Science 27 12:44

  • Google splurges $1.5bn on acquisitions in nine months

    Not including the $12.5bn it'll spunk on Motorola

    Financial News 27 13:01

  • Privacy warning as cops lean on domain registrars

    Mind-boggling delays lead to hasty fixes in Dakar

    Hosting 27 13:29

  • Crescent Electronics proposes CVA

    East Sussex e-tailer seeks distie support to ease cashflow woes

    The Channel 27 13:29

  • Acer execs play musical chairs

    Who's sitting down with thump?

    The Channel 27 14:01

  • Cops find hackers' phone in NOTW office

    Handset was codenamed 'The Hub'...

    Security 27 14:29

  • Porsche finds top gear with BlackBerry design

    Custom RIM job

    Phones 27 14:45

  • Machine translation cracks 18th century occult cipher

    Secret society members were thrilled by ... eye surgery

    Science 27 15:01

  • Scrambling for spectrum: What to do when we run out

    Snatch it off the military or build more base stations?

    Broadband 27 15:29

  • Google indoor Streetview images go live

    Merchants waggle their tools at innocent Googlers

    Software 27 16:01

  • Respect your BOFH or watch your small biz fail

    Study says hierarchical position of IT important for success of SMEs

    Small Biz 27 16:29

  • Europe is computer biz disaster zone, says Avnet

    Blames EMEA econ woes as numbers crash into wall

    The Channel 27 16:53

  • OpenLogic floats multi-language custom cloud service

    CloudSwing promiscuous with platforms

    Cloud 27 18:16

  • As iPhone 4S battery suckage spreads, fixes appear

    But not from Apple

    Phones 27 19:42

  • Apple sending sun-juiced iPads to rural Zimbabwe

    To replace unused or stolen computers

    Mobile 27 20:07

  • (At least) 4 web authentication authorities breached since June

    SSL security chain as good a broken

    Security 27 20:53

  • Boeing 787 Dreamliner makes first commercial flight

    Airliner makes much-delayed safe landing

    Science 27 20:55

  • AMD beats analysts' bets with profitable quarter

    If only they had been able to bake more chips

    Financial News 27 20:56

  • Datacom, Revera expanding NZ cloud

    Gummint contract spurs data centre builds

    Cloud 27 21:28

  • Friends join Facebook's Open Compute project

    What's not to like about open source hardware?

    Data Centre 27 21:44

  • Southern Cross Cable ramps up network

    Phase H looked after by Ciena

    Broadband 27 22:00

  • HP flip-flops on sale of Personal Systems Group

    We love PCs, after all

    Hardware 27 22:08

  • Fact check clears Czech in botnet case

    Redmond removes dotFREE from defendant list

    Security 27 22:30

  • Facebook triple stuffs Swedish data center

    It's boxy, but good – and very cold

    Cloud 27 23:26

  • Urban legend nips iiNet 'subliminal' campaign

    Free TV punts 'two-frame freebie' ads

    Business 27 23:30

  • AMD CEO vows 'maniacal' chip-baking fix

    Customer trust 'eroded', not 'irreversibly damaged'

    Hardware 27 23:57

  • Google+ opens up to enterprises and apps

    Catching up to Facebook, feature by feature

    Cloud 27 23:58