26th October 2011 Archive

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    Kelvin joins Einstein in has-been corner?

    Science 26 00:05

  • Amazon’s shares slashed as profits drop 73%

    Sales OK, but costs through the roof

    Financial News 26 00:06

  • US gov requests for Google user data grow 29%

    93-percent compliance rate

    Government 26 00:24

  • Obama man: 'Global internet surveillance skyrocketing'

    Think it's bad now? Just wait

    Government 26 00:33

  • Soundfreaq Soundstep Recharge

    Android friendly compact speaker

    Hardware 26 06:00

  • DVLA tosses Virgin Media £6.7m in 3-year phone deal

    Agency will use PSN-compliant network for call handling

    Networks 26 07:29

  • Facebook 'bug' temporarily disappears some .co.uk links

    'Spammy, unsafe' URLs mainly harboured by news outfits, it seems ... bitch

    Media 26 08:01

  • No BBM app for PlayBook soon, admits RIM

    BlackBerry tablet OS 2.0 delayed too

    Tablets 26 08:02

  • Lenovo intros updated all-in-one

    AMD CPU, lots of Ram, er, that's it

    Hardware 26 08:21

  • UN wants two-thirds of the world online by 2015

    Moon-on-a-stick request still pending

    Networks 26 08:31

  • Corning launches can-stand-the-heat Lotus glass for phones

    Sheet hot

    Phones 26 08:43

  • Sunday Mirror must face Kylie's ex-lover in France privacy case

    ECJ: Internet publishers liable wherever material is accessible

    Law 26 09:01

  • Worm wriggles through year-old flaw, builds zombie-net

    'More a business failure than a software security failure'

    Security 26 09:29

  • BioWare Baldur's Gate

    Put down the dice

    Games 26 10:00

  • PowerPivot: a new spin on understanding your business

    Building relationships

    Desktop 26 10:08

  • HP PC biz gets aggressive again

    Reseller rebates overhauled in SME and mid-market growth drive

    The Channel 26 10:20

  • HP hooks up with Calxeda to form server ARMy

    I see no Atom ships

    Servers 26 10:39

  • Nokia launches Windows Phone range

    Free satnav and more

    Phones 26 10:47

  • Google cuts ribbon on Berlin research institute after ponying up €4.5m

    It's not for Google, it's for EVERYONE

    Networks 26 10:58

  • Google report reveals YouTube takedown requests... by country

    UK wants jihadists off, Germany nixes Nazis, US wants to hide cop brutality

    Media 26 11:14

  • ITU sees an internet full of developing youth

    Digital divide splits high-income and low-income countries

    Networks 26 11:29

  • Nokia's Brave New World is (almost) Finn-free

    Things are different around here, now...

    Mobile 26 11:46

  • Nokia to flood emerging markets with budget blowers

    Brimful of Asha

    Phones 26 11:49

  • SUSE previews OpenStack-SLES cloud

    Waiting on Essex release

    Developer 26 12:00

  • WHSmith Kobo Touch wireless e-book reader

    Has the Kindle met its match?

    Tablets 26 12:01

  • BT gets 14 days to block Newzbin2

    Web-blocking begins...

    Law 26 12:14

  • Return of native: HTML5's enterprise battle

    Following the Facebook playbook

    Applications 26 12:29

  • Binned PCs were stuffed with MoD and Sun staffers' privates

    Resold without wiping Rebekah Wade's naughty bits

    Hardware 26 12:46

  • Euro banks unhappy with proposed e-payment rules

    Tighter security and fewer fees would interfere with the 'business model'

    Business 26 13:01

  • Tsunami Trojan: First Mac attack based on Linux crack

    Slips in Mac OS X backdoor, phones home

    Security 26 13:19

  • Job-seeking university bods panic over incriminating online info

    Don't turn into a pumpkin at the Halloween Ball

    Media 26 13:38

  • Fujitsu foresees gloom, blames exchange rates

    Weak biz spending, yen and components

    The Channel 26 14:01

  • Gelsinger pops lid on top-secret EMC Lightning code

    Flash cards reveal some parts of mysterious project

    Storage 26 14:29

  • PC shortages 'inevitable' says Gartner

    Flooding in Thailand set to rock supply chain

    The Channel 26 14:36

  • A rapid first hands-on: Nokia’s Windows phones

    Our man gets a grip on Elop's mangoes

    Phones 26 14:37

  • Swedish password hacking scandal widens

    210,000 login details dumped ...

    Security 26 15:01

  • Man builds smartphone dock into arm

    Bionic handset

    Phones 26 15:27

  • Cloudy tech start-up Twilio jumps the pond

    US telephony API firm targets Europe from new UK office

    Cloud 26 15:29

  • Process, not just product, will save your IT department

    RTFM is not enough

    Compliance 26 16:04

  • Pure challenges Spotify with cloud-based music service

    Get tuned in

    Media 26 16:14

  • Avira anti-virus labels itself as spyware

    Auto-immune confusion

    Security 26 16:29

  • Arrow Electronics sales and profits up in Q3

    Distie behemoth claims share from rivals, plans expansion

    The Channel 26 16:33

  • Hitachi unveils roadmap for cloudy offerings

    Layers upon virtualised layers

    Cloud 26 17:12

  • Apple plans big solar farm to clean dirty datacenter

    Project Dolphin – how green can you get?

    Data Centre 26 20:40

  • Rosat dropped over the Bay of Bengal: DLR

    Unknown how much survived the burn

    Science 26 21:30

  • Citrix snaps up App-DNA for app migration

    Throws kit and caboodle into clouds

    Cloud 26 22:25

  • ‘Want to be more secure? Don’t be stupid’ redux

    SANS Institute violently agrees

    Security 26 22:30

  • Quickflix set to stream from next month

    Finally press play on digital

    Media 26 23:00

  • Why the FBI’s 'new Internet' is a dumb idea

    Behaviour is the disease, insecurity is the symptom

    Security 26 23:30